Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did You Celebrate National Hamburger Day? It's Not Too Late!

Chances are, while you were barbecuing, swimming, hanging out at the lake, fishing, or playing golf this Memorial Day, you missed one of the most important Holidays of the year!!!! 

Did you know that Monday, May 28, (Memorial Day this year!) was National Hamburger Day!!!??? 


Just take a look at what you were missing: 

When I remembered that we missed my hubby's favorite holiday, I knew I had to make it up to him! So, we decided to head to Culver's for a delicious ButterBurger! 

Have  you heard of Culver's? 

What makes Culver's ButterBurger unique and oh-so delicious?
  • We use only 100% Midwest-raised beef that's fresh, never frozen
  • Every ButterBurger is seared on the grill only after it's ordered to lock in juicy flavor and to create perfectly crispy edges
  • Only real Wisconsin cheeses and premium produce top our freshly seared ButterBurgers
  • The word "butter" in ButterBurger refers to the lightly buttered and toasted bun that completes each delectable burger
Oh yummy yum yum!

This is what we had:
The ButterBurger Deluxe!

Ohhh, I can't tell you guys  how good this burger was! 

And if you don't think that Butter Bun is anything special, oh you are wrong!

I am telling you guys, if you have never ate at  Culver's, you are really missing out!

Stop by today, and be sure to try a frozen custard too!

Tell 'em your celebrating a belated National Hamburger Day!

I received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample product was received, all opinons are my own, and I received no monetary compensation.

Who's Watchin' Hatfields & McCoys?

Oh My God, everybody is talking about this show!!!

Are y'all watchin?? 

Tonight is the finale (? Do I call it a finale? ) of the three night mini series "Hatfields & McCoys" on The History Channel. 
I am really into it, and I totally, wholeheartedly suggest it to you guys!

I have always been interested in these families,  especially since I am a Kentucky Girl! 

I am proud of the History Channel for what they have done with this story! 

I am even really loving Kevin Costner, who I usually am not a fan of.. He is actually my favorite character in the show, as "Devil Anse" Hatfield. 

I am also really loving the love story between Roseanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield. What a beautiful girl Lindsay Pulsipher is! 

Anyways, I am really loving this mini-series, although Bill Paxton is a little bit disappointing to me in this show... 

I really recommend you guy watch it! Go DVR it right now so you can watch the whole thing at once!

I'd Have Another Baby To Get To Sleep On A TempurPedic Mattress Again!

Yeah, I said it. I'd go through another pregnancy, labor and childbirth all over again, if it meant I got another night or two in those awesome TempurPedic mattresses that my local hospital has. 

When most people think of the last time they felt relaxed, they probably think of a day at the spa, or a relaxing vacation at the beach. 


I think of when I had the Bean, two years ago. (Today!)

Ahhh, it was such a peaceful time! 

My labor and delivery were easy, over quickly, and I am proud to say I felt fabulous afterwards!

Tater and Daddy were home together, and I was all alone in the hospital with my new Beanie Weenie. 

Most people might think that sounds kind of sad, but not this girl. 

It was lovely.
The mattresses were TempurPedic. Oh so lovely! I slept so well! 

I got to lay in bed and watch "Tori & Dean", all day long. 

I got to order yummy food from the cafeteria restaurant, and I could nap anytime I wanted. 

Whenever I was ready, someone brought me my clean, snuggly, new baby to hold and love, and I could send him back whenever he got fussy!


Just the thought of it is enough to almost make me want another one. 


Maybe I'll just get a new mattress instead. 

This has been a sponsored post for Healthy Back, although all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

They're Everywhere! Semi Trucks For Sale!

Y'all know me as a little bit kooky, and a little bit off the wall. That is how I like it! 

So are you ready to hear what I am going to do when I find the perfect semi trucks for sale? Are you?

I am always coming up with some grand idea, plan, or goal of something I am going to do. Well, usually, I don't go through with it, but I wanna. ... 

Some of my past endeavors include: building a chicken coop and raising chickens and rabbits (to eat and SELL!), raising fish in my hot tub like the guy on Preppers, being a ghost hunter, being a repo-lady, the list goes on... 

Well, this time, I am thinking bigger and better! 

I am thinking I can find a used semi truck for sale, and convert it into the ultimate bug out/ escape vehicle. For what? The end of the world, duh! 

I am so into the whole "prepping" lifestyle, I think this, for me, would be so much fun to do! 

Have you seen the episode of Doomsday Preppers where the guy buys the old army truck and uses it for his get the hell out vehicle? 

That one was pretty awesome, since it ran on used motor oil.... I could probably not find something like that, but I am open to any kind of cool, weird ideas! 

I know there has to be people who have done this before, or converted a semi into an RV type thingy.. That is what I am going for.. 

Any ideas, guys, I would love to hear what crazy things I could do with a semi truck! 

Infant Car Seat Covers are Functional, Fashionable and oh so Fun!

Infant Car Seat Covers are Functional, Fashionable and oh so Fun!

Are you tired of the worn out, plain and simple designs of most infant car seats on the market? If so, a car seat cover for your infant car seat could make all the difference between boring and beautiful. Little Love Muffin offers a wide variety of different infant car seat covers that will be sure to cater towards any style needs or wants for both boys and girls.

Infant car seat covers not only stylize and add a fun flair to any car seat, but they are also super comfy and cozy with most styles featuring ultra-touchable soft minky fabrics. Each car seat cover also features the easy on / easy off system which ensures that it will take you less than a minute to either put on or take off your car seat cover, simple as that. Furthermore, each car seat cover also features a handy little pacifier pocket on the side to hold any of baby’s must have items. Each car seat cover is super durable and will retain its beauty effortlessly though multiple washings.

Check out a few of the most popular styles of infant car seat covers! For girls, some top choices are the Damask Hot Pink Infant Car Seat Cover and the Little Black Dress Infant Car Seat Cover. For boys, some favorites are the Zoology Infant Car Seat Cover and the Rockin Baby Silver Infant Car Seat Cover. Whether you are looking for flowers, guitars, 3D roses, polka-dots, damask prints or zoo animals Little Love Muffin has the perfect car seat cover to create a comfortable, yet totally stylish ride for your little sweetheart.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tucker Loves Mr. Chewy, and now Orijen Pet Foods!

If you guys have been reading our blog for awhile, you will know that we are big fans of Mr. They have the biggest and best variety of quality dog food, treats, and pet products that I have ever seen. You might remember an earlier review we did for them here.

Well, we recently got the chance to work with them again on another review! Of course, I was thrilled! 

This time around, we got to try out Orijen Pet Food. 

I was really pumped to try this brand, as I have heard lots of good things about them! 

What's so special about Orijen? Well, for one thing, their pet foods are made with human-quality ingredients. 

No, seriously, their ingredients are probably fresher than the meats and produce that we eat. 

Now, how does that make you feel? LOL!

What kinds of ingredients? 

We're talking things like free-range chicken, freshwater fish, organic kelp, red delicious apples, sweet potato, sun-cured alfalfa.

Now, how does that sound? Better than what I had for dinner last night, for sure!

No grains, either! I was so shocked when I found out how bad rice, corn, grain and other fillers are for pets, and I have been trying to cut them out of Tucker's diet for awhile now. 

So, Orijen was a natural choice for us! 

How did Tucker like it? Like isn't even the word! He LOVED it! 

I was afraid at first that it would be too different from his regular foods, but he was in love!

He gobbled up the whole bowl, every time I put some out! 

That is weird for him, he almost always leaves food in his bowl. 

So, safe to say that Tucker is a fan! 

And most importantly, Mom is a big fan of the 80% meat to 20% fruits and veggie ratio, and I am loving the no grains!

Do you want another reason to try Orijen? They have never had a recall! If you
have ever been through a pet food recall and know how scary they are, you will find that fact quite comforting! 

So, folks, try it today! It's TUCKER APPROVED, and that's a big deal! 

If you are looking for ideas on which pet foods are the very best, and other pet advice, I have a great Pet Forum for you to check out too!

Best Zombie Quote Ever

The way I feel, each and every day. And the best zombie quote ever.

A Change of Heart Re: Birthday Parties

This past weekend, we had a party for my boys' birthday. The original plan was to celebrate with our great zombie party supplies from Shindigz, and have an awesome birthday party outside at my sister's house. However, as all of my plans normally do, they fell apart. I hate birthdays, seriously. I usually need like months of planning and mom to mom advice to pull them off.

The temperature on Sunday, party day? 94 degrees, baby. Humidity? 100%. What a great outdoor party. Also, our Shindigz order was not here yet, and I really didn't want to go out and buy party supplies when I knew all that cool stuff was coming!

So, what did we do? We had a spur of the moment party at Gattitown, a local pizza buffet/games place. The boys had no idea where we were going. They were so surprised when we got there!  And, even more surprised when their Nanny (really their aunt, my sister) was there too! Still more surprises followed, when there was a cake and gifts too!

So, we had a good time, eating, opening gifts, and then playing all the games. Then, the boys thought it was time to go. Little did they know, we still had one more surprise for them. Instead of coming home, we went back to their Nanny's house, where they opened the door to find a brand new big boy bike (Tater) and a cozy coupe (Bean). They were thrilled! After a couple more hours of playing on their new toys at Nanny's, it was finally time to go.

The boys had a great time and I have to say, I really liked the smaller party vibe. This  year was the first that I have not spent $500 at least on their party(ies). This was the first year that I hadn't provided food, drinks, cake, paid for playing, and gave out gift bags to everyone. Guess how many showed up in the previous years? 30+. And this year? My sister, brother in law, niece and nephew. Wow. This was the first time that I have ever really seen first hand, that people don't give a shit about my kids. I mean, I always kind of had a feeling, but come on...

I know I had a couple of people that simply couldn't be there, and would have been if the situation was different, and I completely understand that. But there are others who simply don't care enough. Which is fine by me, because, honestly, besides my sister, I don't really care that much about any of my family either. I just think that if my parents were alive, they would be so disappointed to see how much my family has fallen apart.

But, really, it's fine.

I will no longer throw big, extravagant birthday parties for my children. Tater actually started crying this year, because he was so happy. The surprises, and being with the family that loves him, was more than enough. And, if I do throw a big, extravagant birthday for my boys, I will know who to invite. Because, some of you, just aren't worth the stamp. If you knew how my little boy cries and cries for the grandparents that he will never know, how he yearns for a real, true family unit, you would be ashamed of yourselves. To not even try to give my kids someone to lean on.

But, seriously, I am done now.

My boys have a mommy and a daddy that love them very much. They have a Nanny that more than makes up for what they lack.

And I am building a new family. My own.

I am raising my boys differently. They will know what family is about.

I will keep them out of the dysfunction.

The drama, the gossip, the drugs, the mess.

They deserve better than that.

So, here's to small birthday parties, and REAL, TRUE, family.

Review: The Walking Dead Episode One by TellTale Games!

Okay, so this might not be your typical mom blog review, but this is not your typical mom blog. 

In this house, we heart zombies, and we ESPECIALLY heart The Walking Dead! 

We love the show, the comic books, anything!

So, when we heard that TellTale Games was coming out with a Walking Dead video game, we HAD to review it! 

The folks at TellTale Games were kind enough to give us a review code, and we have had a great time reviewing this game! We absolutely loved The Walking Dead Episode One!

This game is unlike any video game I have ever played before. It is an episodic video game, and I have never played a game like it before. The first game in the series is "Episode One", and then each month, (or around there...) a new Episode will be released, continuing the gameplay experience. I wasn't really sure how I would like the episodic gameplay, but I was excited to find out! 

I mean really, what better type of game to play by episode, than a game based on a TV show (with EPISODES!) and a comic book (EVEN MORE EPISODES!)!?!?

The game starts out with you playing as Lee Everett, who is on his way to prison. On his trip in the police car, things go awry and it quickly becomes clear that the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! 

If you are used to the TV show, be aware that you are playing in the same "general area" as the TV show gang, but not exactly. I think the video game is taking place right at the onset of the ZA, probably when Rick was still in a coma. You will run into Hershel and Glenn during the course of the game, and I can only predict seeing more familiar faces in the episodes to come!

This is a point and click style game, and I really like the ability to make the character's decisions for him. You can decide how you want him to be, a helpful, honest man, an asshole, or somewhere in between the  two. You have a lot of tough decisions in the game, including which lives to save, and which lives to sacrifice, which is never an easy choice! 

The graphics, in my opinion are awesome. It is almost as if you are playing in the comic book. The scenes are dark, a little depressing, but for goodness sake, it's the ZA, so what do you expect? 

All in all, we LOVED the first episode of the game, and have played it through several times. I am really excited to see what the next episodes have in store! We loved making the decisions for Lee, and helping him figure out what to do!

This game is available as a digital copy, for Xbox 360, Playstation, or PC.

I received a review code in order to conduct this review. All opinions are 100% my own and no monetary compensation was received, just some good, clean, zombie fun! 

The Rubbermaid 2 In 1 Recycler Has Changed Our Family!

My family has always been the kind of family that means well. We mean to keep up with recycling, composting, growing our own garden, etc, but we never really get around to doing things. Not without a serious kick in the butt, anyway! So, when we received the Rubbermaid 2 in 1 Recycler to review, I thought it would be just the kick in the butt we needed! I was right!

Here's what Rubbermaid has to say about this great product: 

The 2-in-1 Recycler makes recycling easy! This two-unit bin allows you to either contain trash and recyclables all in one location or sort recyclables. The top unit is perfect for collecting recyclables and has a fold away handle that makes it easy to take out and empty into your recycling bin. The lower bin tilts out for easy access, and holds an 8 gallon trash bag in place with the Liner Lock™ system. Alternatively, you can use the lower bin to sort another type of recyclable and carry it out with the built-in handles.

Isn't it pretty? I love that it is a closed container with lids and all! We currently use a cardboard box in the kitchen floor. We have to throw all the recycling in it, and since we live in the country, drive it to the recycling center, and sort it out ourselves. Honestly, a pain sometimes. But I really want my boys to recycle, so it is important to me to teach them this.

With the Rubbermaid 2 in 1 Recycler, it is so much easier! The bottom tilts out, and you can put a kitchen size garbage bag in there. The top part lifts out, and you can carry it by itself. The bottom lifts out too, and they both have convenient handles.

This really has been a great addition to our household. We are able to just pick up the containers by their handles, and set them in the back of the car when we drive up to the recycling center. Much nicer and easier to handle than our giant cardboard box!

We are really happy with the Rubbermaid 2 in 1 Recycler, and it really has improved our recycling habits! If you are interested in purchasing one, check out where it retails for right around $45.

Also, we are doing a SUPER FAST giveaway (because I completely forgot about this giveaway, I suck!) 

This giveaway will be live for only 24  HOURS, so HURRY!!

To enter to win one of these great Rubbermaid 2 in 1 Recyclers, leave a comment below telling me why you want to win! Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win! 

Contest will end at 9 am on 5/30/2012, and winner will be chosen via! 

Good luck, and Happy Recyling! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Polish Translator= Cool Job.

I don't really know what has been up with me lately. Maybe it was quitting my (dreadful, hated) job, or realizing that I am 26 years old and still NOWHERE near where I thought I would be in my life, or what. But, I am really starting to regret the fact that I don't have a "real" job. I am trying so, so hard to make a go of being a mommy blogger and  a stay at home mom, but I really don't know if I am going to be able to make it work.
There are so many really cool, unique jobs out there that I wish I had. I mean come on.. Storm Chaser? Food Tester? Polish Translator? Ghost Hunter? These sound super fun and exciting to me!

I don't know. I guess it is time to make some sort of goal. A five year plan maybe.. I have to get on track to doing something. I am so tired of struggling, and making my babies struggle. I really want to be something great, and be able to take care of them the way they deserve.

Anyone have tips for a mom looking for a career? I would love to hear!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review Part 2: Oral B ProfessionalCare Smart Series 5000 with Smart Guide!

Well, guys, we're back, checking in with our Oral B Professional Care Smart Series 5000 Toothbrush! I am happy to report that we are LOVING it! Well, let's be a little more specific: Tater is loving it, Mommy is loving his clean-er teeth LOL! 

We have really enjoyed using this toothbrush, and I have really enjoyed watching Tater learn better oral care habits, and become more proactive about keeping his teeth clean! (He actually WANTS to brush them now!) I am really happy that a toothbrush can have this sort of effect on him!It was so easy for him to use, and we really liked how it helped him out along the way. Telling him when to switch to another part of his mouth was great, it was like I was right there telling him what to do!

Here is our video, please don't be too harsh, LOL and keep in mind, this is our first VIDEO review EVER! Go easy on us!

Bahahaa! Now that you are done laughing, (did you SEE that wink at the end!?!?!?), get yourself over to the Oral B website and order one of these bad boys! They are having a $10 mail in rebate offer right now, so that should get you motivated!!!

Be sure to check out the Oral B Facebook and Twitter pages for great new updates and deals! And, if you are in the market for a new power toothbrush, check this baby out!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Oral-B and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Travel Privacy Screens Make Traveling More Enjoyable!

As most of you guys know, we are getting ready to embark on our family vacation! Yay! We are really excited about it, and know that we will have a great time. The only thing I am concerned about, however, is what we will do with The Bean. I do not think he is big enough to sleep in a regular bed with us, (he is still in his crib at home), but I don't think he will calm down enough to chill out in his pack and play if we are all in the hotel room together. 

I think I may have found a very unique solution though! 

I recently found a site that sells Travel Privacy Screens. These screens are created by a dad, who, after his son was born, realized that traveling with a baby was NOT easy! They quickly realized that their little guy would not chill out and go to sleep in his crib in the hotel room, if he could see them. (Exactly what I am concerned about as well!) They had to stay completely still while he was falling asleep, and even after he was asleep, they had to be totally silent, walking on eggshells the whole time he slept! 

Boy, do I know that feeling! 

So, this dad set out to find a screen, or some type of device that would create some privacy for mom and dad, and create a peaceful spot for baby. However, there were none to be found! 

So, he did what all awesome dads do... he created one!

He made an inexpensive and easy solution! A screen that you can make yourself to go around your baby's crib or pack n play! It actually creates a little "room" for your baby to chill out in! What a great idea!

The picture above is an actual iPhone photo from the dad who created the Travel Privacy Screen. 

When you close the screen, it looks like this: 

In the picture above, you can see it open and closed both! 

If you are interested in getting one of these, you can either purchase the DIY instructions, or the pre-cut kit to make the screen here! 

This is a great idea!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It Works! Body Wrap Systems: I Wanna Try This!

I have been seeing people posting all over Facebook about "wrap parties". What the hell is that? I kept wondering about what I was missing out on, until I finally found out! I am really excited to share these amazing body wraps with you guys! 

Everybody is looking to get healthier, get in shape, and lose weight. But sometimes, it can be hard to get motivated, and we could all use a push in the right direction. That is where I think these body wraps come in. They are like a little extra motivator, to show you what you can achieve with the proper diet and exercise regimen.

Body wraps are really gaining in popularity right now. I mean, they tighten, tone and firm the body with pretty much NO work being done by you! They are a great alternative to pricey and dangerous cosmetic procedures, and they are all natural! What's not to love?

I can't wait to have the chance to try one of these for myself! I know that it isn't a "miracle treatment",and using this treatment won't take away the 50 (ish) pounds that I need to lose, but I am confident that it could give me a little extra motivation and make me feel good about myself!

If you would like to check them out for yourself, click here! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Four Reasons I Am Thankful For Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery!

Yeah, Yeah I know! Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery as a topic for a post? Again? I am sure that you guys are getting tired of hearing about my heart issues and my procedure that I had done, but I have to say, I am just so happy! There was a long period of time that I thought I was stuck with the pain and worry of my heart condition, but I am so glad that I had the option of getting it fixed! 

So, here are the reasons I am thankfully that minimally invasive heart surgery exists!


I was so lucky to only have to stay in the hospital for one night following my catheter ablation. My electrophysiologist told me that around ten years ago, the procedure I had done would have been more than a week's stay in the hospital, possibly two! So, I am very grateful that I only had to be away from my babies for one night!

I am so happy that I have no scars from my procedure! I had two small "pinholes" on either side of my groin, and they used radiofrequency to "burn" the bad parts off of my heart. No one ever even got close to my chest (from the outside anyways!) I can't even see those insertion spots anymore! My doctor says that once again, around ten years ago, this procedure would have been a real Open Heart Surgery, and left me with a horrible scar! 

Seriously, for a "heart procedure", this was a piece of cake for me! I took a nap, while they fixed my heart! No complications at all! No infections, hardly any pain to deal with, and just a tiny (TINY!) bit of bleeding around my insertion sites! Ahhh, and I was so worried! 

I guess, technically, this should be reason #1, huh? LOL! I am so happy that my symptoms are gone, and my Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome is now *CURED*, baby! No more chest pain, dizziness, headaches, being so tired I literally couldn't walk, it's all gone now! I can't tell you guys how weird and great it is to be able to breathe normally, and just have the peace of mind that no matter what I am doing, that I am not going to have "an episode", and I don't have to be scared all the time anymore! 

There you have it folks! Yet another shrine by me to Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery! And, I am completely unapologetic! As long as my heart stays "fixed", I will keep singing the praises!

This is a sponsored post for NYC Cardiac and Vascular Institute, however, all thoughts, opinions and views are 100% my own. 

Anyone Know A Nashville Sedation Dentist?

Okay guys, I am seriously thinking about finding me a Nashville Sedation Dentist. I am so sick of my mouth and teeth hurting all the time, no to mention how horrible they look. If there was ever one single thing I could change about my life, it would be my mouth and teeth. Not more money, not a bigger house, not a nicer car. Just to have my teeth fixed and my mouth to stop hurting would be enough for me. 

I don't know if I will ever see the day that I get to have that dream realized. I don't have dental insurance, and I don't have the money to pay out of pocket to have the things I need done. The only way I seriously see it happening, is if I were to find a dentist that would do the work pro-bono for me, and I don't see that happening. Oh, how grateful I would be, though. I would tattoo that dentist's name and phone number on me! I would put signs all over my car. I would forever be a walking advertisement for the dentist that would be willing to transform my life! 

I don't remember a point in time when my teeth didn't hurt, or cause me emotional problems and anxiety. I don't have a single picture of myself smiling with my teeth showing. Not one. And I probably never will. I would love to have dentures, even though I am only 26. It seems like the only way out of this mess, though.

Maybe someday, I will be able to fix the one real, horrible problem in my life. If you are a dentist who would like to "fix" me, I am all yours! LOL! If you are having problems with your mouth and teeth, know that you are not alone, and I truly do understand what you are going through!

I wrote this post while participating in a campaign for Dental Bliss. All opinions and thoughts are 100% mine.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Horses for 3DS!

And, then.. along came the horses game! When we signed up to review this game, I originally planned on passing it along to my thirteen year old niece to review.. However, as all things do with Tater, he had to try it out first. He has no shame, and even told me he didn't care if it was a "girlie" game, he likes girlie stuff! (This is true, btw..) 

So, Tater really enjoyed this game. It helped that the timing of the delivery of the game coincided perfectly with the Kentucky Derby. It's a BIG deal here, complete with the Kindergarten "Kid-Tucky" Derby at school, where you make your own stick horse and have a giant race! So, Tater was super into horses at this time anyways, so he was all about this game! \

He really loved caring for the horses, and riding them. Even though this game is geared more towards girlies, my little man enjoyed it and will be playing it again! 

Here's some backstory on Horses if you are interested!

Game Details:
As the first authentic horse game for the Nintendo 3DS™ system, Horses 3D allows players to experience the thrill of being a horse stable manager as they care for, ride, and train more than 15 horses for world-class performances. With StreetPass players can swap collectible cards to gain access to new competitions, or unlock a new horse and take it for a ride. Learn more about Horses here.
  • Experience the thrill of being a horse stable manager and rider, all in stunning 3D.
  • Build unique relationships with 16 realistic horses:
  • -Nurture your horses by grooming them, feeding them and cleaning off their hooves.
  • -Give your horses plenty of love while they train to perform their best.
  • -Teach your horses to be well-behaved and gentle with riders.
  • Personalize a unique riding experience with accessories for your horse and avatar.
  • Train your horses through four equestrian disciplines; then compete in races and go on fun rides:
  • -Train your horses with a variety of riding sessions.
  • -Compete in disciplines as varied as stunt riding, to jumping and even dressage.
  • -Ride your horses and embark on fantastic rides, treasure hunts, animal tracking or race with friends.
Available for purchase here.

Check out these games if you are looking for something super entertaining for your little ones! 

 Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #UbiChamps

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kentucky Vacation 2012 Countdown!

It's almost vacation time for us here at Flip Out Mama, and we are so excited! 

We don't usually get to go on vacations, and this year, with my heart surgery and all the issues we have had lately, money is tighter than usual. (I didn't know that was possible LOL!)

This year, we are sticking close to home, and visiting some places right around here in Kentucky. 

I know that a lot of you live near me, and are looking for fun "staycation" ideas too. 

So we are going to try to cover as many fun things as we can! 

Everywhere we go, we will write about, take pictures, and share it with you guys! 

We will let you know what places we recommend, and which ones we suggest you avoid! 

You know you can trust us, we aren't afraid to tell you when we have a crappy time! LOL! 

We are also looking for sponsors for this event! 

If you are an attraction, company, fun thing to do, etc. in the Central Kentucky area and you would be interested in having us visit your place, and then talk all about it on this blog, just email me at burton40444(at)gmail(dot)com and we will work something out!

And, readers, if you have a suggestion of a place we should go or try out, just leave it in the comments and we will see what we can do! 

Lovesies to all of you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are you ready for a Hair Revolution!?

I am really excited to share a new line of hair care products with you guys! I recently got the chance to try a BRAND NEW line of hair care products called Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy! This is a really revolutionary product in the hair care world, because it focuses a lot on taking care of your scalp, which truly is the foundation for healthy hair! I was really surprised to learn that 99% of hair's strength and natural beauty comes from the scalp!

Doesn't it just look like a great product!? And looks don't lie in this case! I really have enjoyed this new hair treatment! We tried out the Total Care, which is for all hair types. It smells great, I can definitely see a difference in my hair, and it just feels better. I really don't know how to explain it. But, I really liked the fact that the conditioner is really creamy, almost like a conditioner you would get with hair color. 

Clear has tons of different varieties of shampoo and conditioner. Whether you need a specific type, for dry, damaged, colored, weak, brittle, lifeless, or dandruff prone hair, they have a variety for you! They also have a men's line, which is 2+1 shampoo and conditioner in one, just for guys! They also have an Ultra Shea line, formulated for African American gals. I really like the fact that they have so many different varieties, that no matter what your needs are, it's like they have a personalized formula just for you! 

And, I am really excited to announce the face of this amazing new brand, the beautiful and talented Heidi Klum! 

I really encourage you guys to try this great new hair care line! Check out their Facebook page for more info on the line!

Joint Savings

My boyfriend and I want to start saving for a vacation. Unfortunately, neither one of us is very disciplined when it comes to saving, and it doesn't help that I think that conversations about money are just stressful and awkward. We spend a lot of time trying to figure a plan that will work for us and I think that we actually finally might have found one. A co-worker was talking about opening a a joint bank account with her fiance and it occurred to me that I could do the same for this purpose. We decided to open a savings account with both of our names on it. We are going to each deposit a designated amount into the account every month. We made an arrangement with the bank that the money cannot be withdrawn without both of us being present. This way we can keep track of how much money total we have saved, we are not tempted to spend the money the way we would if we were just throwing it in a box or envelope, and we both feel like we have to be accountable for putting away the correct amount each month. I don't want this to ever be a source of a fight so I we both agreed to be flexible and understanding if a circumstance arises where one of us can't put in the money one and a while, but we also both agreed to be adults and responsible about it and only let that happen when it is absolutely necessary. We made payment plan and mapped it out. If we stick to the plan it should only take us about 6 months to have the money for the 2 weeks we want to spend on vacation. It is going to involve a few sacrifices here and there but it will obviously be worth it when we are getting to relax together for two whole weeks on a beautiful tropical island. Wow, just thinking about it is plenty of motivation!

Do You Know What Safety Razors Are?

Today I learned what  safety razors are. Do you guys know? I thought the term "safety razor", referred to any disposable razor. But, no,no, no.. I was wrong! 

I really honestly didn't know that there were other types of razors, aside from the cheapo plastic disposables that we all use. I mean, I knew that in the olden days, guys shaved with like a blade and that was it, but I didn't know there was something in between. 

That something is known as the safety razor. I learned that they make razors that are "real", made out of a type of metal, with a removable piece to insert a replaceable blade. I was really surprised to see that these razors were notably heavier than the disposable ones I have been used to!

Using a real razor like this gives guys a much closer shave! My hubs would love a razor like this to get the "real shave" experience! After the initial purchase of the razor itself, safety razors can also be much more affordable than disposables, since all you have to buy are the blades! 

I am seriously thinking about buying one of these for my hubs for Father's Day, to give him that real shaving experience. These are really nice razors and I can't wait to try one for real! 

I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign for Bucks2Blog and I will be compensated for my time. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Three Search Engine Optimization Tips for Newbies!

One thing that I have learned a lot about in my time as a blogger is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is also known as SEO, and that is how we will be referring to it in this post. Today we are going to give you a few tips that will really help when you are just starting out in the scary world of SEO!

1. Title.  Your title is very important, and usually the thing that will lead people to your blog. Think about what people would be searching for to find your post. For example, if your article is about daycare centers, you might want to use a title such as "Pros and Cons of Daycare Centers", or something like that. ALWAYS use the main keyword or topic of your post in the title. 

2. Keywords. Take your topic and develop it into a keyword or keyword phrase (two or three words). Make sure to use your keyword in the title, and then again at least three times in the post. Don't go overboard and make it sound cheesy, but integrate the keyword naturally.

3.Interlinking. Interlinking is one of the greatest ways to build links to your blog. You can do this from other blogs, but also from your own blog! This is easy and can also give your readers info on your topic. For example, if you are talking about your new job, say something like "Remember when I told you about my old job?" and link to that. 

These points are the keys, the first steps to learning about and using SEO! Hope you can make them useful in your daily blogging life!

I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign through Bucks2Blog, and will be compensated for my time. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Oral B Professional Series Power Toothbrush Review Part 1

If there is one thing "physically", that I want to teach my children, I think it would be taking good care of their teeth. That is an area I have definitely failed in over the course of my life so far. I mean, my teeth hurt each and every day, and without dental insurance, there really  isn't much hope for getting them fixed. Honestly, I would jump at the chance to get dentures right now, and I am only 26. I really don't want the same for the boys. 

So, when I got the chance to review the new Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide, I jumped at the chance to show my boys how to really take care of your teeth! Upon receiving this awesome power toothbrush, we decided to let Tater have it! He has just lost his first two teeth, and he is really focusing on taking care of his teeth lately. However, he has a hard time remembering to brush, (especially at night when mommy's not home!) and I thought that maybe this fancy pants toothbrush might be the incentive he needs! 

We are very excited about helping Tater learn about good oral health through the next few weeks as we use this power toothbrush. One thing that I think will really help him is the pressure indicator that lights up when you are brushing too hard. That is one thing that I really have to get onto him about a lot. I love that this toothbrush can remove up to twice the plaque as a regular power toothbrush. That is super!

Another tool that comes with this toothbrush that I think will be helpful in our household, is the wireless timer. Every thirty seconds, there is an alert that tells you to move on to a different quadrant of your mouth. I really think this will help Tater to brush all over, and not just in the front, as he has been known to do! 

If you like the look of this awesome power toothbrush, and are thinking about buying one, keep in mind that Oral-B is offering a $10 mail-in rebate on select power toothbrushes April 29 through June 16, 2012. (Please visit for more information.)Also, make sure to join Oral B on Facebook and Twitter for more information and great deals on oral care products!

Stay tuned as we begin our journey with this awesome Oral B toothbrush, because in a few weeks we are going to have a video with my cute little Tater and his thoughts on the brush! It should be hilarious, so stay tuned! 

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Oral-B and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


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