Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'd Have Another Baby To Get To Sleep On A TempurPedic Mattress Again!

Yeah, I said it. I'd go through another pregnancy, labor and childbirth all over again, if it meant I got another night or two in those awesome TempurPedic mattresses that my local hospital has. 

When most people think of the last time they felt relaxed, they probably think of a day at the spa, or a relaxing vacation at the beach. 


I think of when I had the Bean, two years ago. (Today!)

Ahhh, it was such a peaceful time! 

My labor and delivery were easy, over quickly, and I am proud to say I felt fabulous afterwards!

Tater and Daddy were home together, and I was all alone in the hospital with my new Beanie Weenie. 

Most people might think that sounds kind of sad, but not this girl. 

It was lovely.
The mattresses were TempurPedic. Oh so lovely! I slept so well! 

I got to lay in bed and watch "Tori & Dean", all day long. 

I got to order yummy food from the cafeteria restaurant, and I could nap anytime I wanted. 

Whenever I was ready, someone brought me my clean, snuggly, new baby to hold and love, and I could send him back whenever he got fussy!


Just the thought of it is enough to almost make me want another one. 


Maybe I'll just get a new mattress instead. 

This has been a sponsored post for Healthy Back, although all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

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