Friday, May 18, 2012

Horses for 3DS!

And, then.. along came the horses game! When we signed up to review this game, I originally planned on passing it along to my thirteen year old niece to review.. However, as all things do with Tater, he had to try it out first. He has no shame, and even told me he didn't care if it was a "girlie" game, he likes girlie stuff! (This is true, btw..) 

So, Tater really enjoyed this game. It helped that the timing of the delivery of the game coincided perfectly with the Kentucky Derby. It's a BIG deal here, complete with the Kindergarten "Kid-Tucky" Derby at school, where you make your own stick horse and have a giant race! So, Tater was super into horses at this time anyways, so he was all about this game! \

He really loved caring for the horses, and riding them. Even though this game is geared more towards girlies, my little man enjoyed it and will be playing it again! 

Here's some backstory on Horses if you are interested!

Game Details:
As the first authentic horse game for the Nintendo 3DS™ system, Horses 3D allows players to experience the thrill of being a horse stable manager as they care for, ride, and train more than 15 horses for world-class performances. With StreetPass players can swap collectible cards to gain access to new competitions, or unlock a new horse and take it for a ride. Learn more about Horses here.
  • Experience the thrill of being a horse stable manager and rider, all in stunning 3D.
  • Build unique relationships with 16 realistic horses:
  • -Nurture your horses by grooming them, feeding them and cleaning off their hooves.
  • -Give your horses plenty of love while they train to perform their best.
  • -Teach your horses to be well-behaved and gentle with riders.
  • Personalize a unique riding experience with accessories for your horse and avatar.
  • Train your horses through four equestrian disciplines; then compete in races and go on fun rides:
  • -Train your horses with a variety of riding sessions.
  • -Compete in disciplines as varied as stunt riding, to jumping and even dressage.
  • -Ride your horses and embark on fantastic rides, treasure hunts, animal tracking or race with friends.
Available for purchase here.

Check out these games if you are looking for something super entertaining for your little ones! 

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