Wednesday, May 30, 2012

They're Everywhere! Semi Trucks For Sale!

Y'all know me as a little bit kooky, and a little bit off the wall. That is how I like it! 

So are you ready to hear what I am going to do when I find the perfect semi trucks for sale? Are you?

I am always coming up with some grand idea, plan, or goal of something I am going to do. Well, usually, I don't go through with it, but I wanna. ... 

Some of my past endeavors include: building a chicken coop and raising chickens and rabbits (to eat and SELL!), raising fish in my hot tub like the guy on Preppers, being a ghost hunter, being a repo-lady, the list goes on... 

Well, this time, I am thinking bigger and better! 

I am thinking I can find a used semi truck for sale, and convert it into the ultimate bug out/ escape vehicle. For what? The end of the world, duh! 

I am so into the whole "prepping" lifestyle, I think this, for me, would be so much fun to do! 

Have you seen the episode of Doomsday Preppers where the guy buys the old army truck and uses it for his get the hell out vehicle? 

That one was pretty awesome, since it ran on used motor oil.... I could probably not find something like that, but I am open to any kind of cool, weird ideas! 

I know there has to be people who have done this before, or converted a semi into an RV type thingy.. That is what I am going for.. 

Any ideas, guys, I would love to hear what crazy things I could do with a semi truck! 

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