Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cut The Cable Cord and Start Streaming With Google Chromecast #Ad @BestBuy @madebygoogle

It's crazy to think that, when I was growing up, only the "cool kids" had cable TV. I used to love to go visit my best friend's house, because they had cable and sooooo many channels! I loved it! Cable TV was definitely a "status symbol". These days, it's rare to find someone who actually has cable TV, but it's now for a different reason. Families all over are cutting the cable cord and switching to something better, cheaper, faster, and easier. So, what's the thing? Glad you asked! It's our old friend, Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is changing the way that families these days "do" TV. It's all right there, in one easy to use device. If you are like us, your family probably watches all sorts of different things, from YouTube videos to movies, to live TV and photo streams. Up until now, it's been difficult to have access to all of those different forms of entertainment on one device, but Google Chromecast makes it easy! 

When I say easy, I mean, EASY! As in, you plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV, and you instantly have access to all of the media on your cell phone. You can listen to your playlists, which is great for jamming out while you clean the house, or you can sit down with the kids for a family movie night. The best part is you can still use your phone normally while you are streaming from Chromecast. 

If you don't like learning new technology, then Chromecast is perfect for you. You simply plug it in, and then you can use all of your favorite apps, like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. You don't have to learn anything new, because Chromecast utilizes all of your favorite apps that you are already used to. What's not to love about that?!?! Plus, if you already have a Google Home speaker, Chromecast works seamlessly with Google Home. You can simply use voice commands to activate Chromecast, for example, just say "Okay Google, play Stranger Things from Netflix on my living room TV." Can it GET any easier than that? 

Chromecast is so easy to use, it just plugs into your TV and connects to your WiFi in your house! It is also super affordable, which is great. We have been able to get a Chromecast for every TV in our home, so all the kids can watch whatever they want at any time. It really is super convenient, and in our house, has completely changed the way we "do TV". Chromecast is designed to make the most of the apps and entertainment already on your phone. Shows, movies, live TV, YouTube, photos and more. It’s all just a tap away from all of your family’s devices. I don't know about you guys, but Chromecast has made all of the difference in our home! 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Surprising Ways To Balance Work And Family As A Busy Mama

Every working mom faces the struggle of how to balance work and family life, and it can be very
stressful for them trying to handle both. They can get guilt feelings over children and not spending
as much time with them as they would like, and then feel guilty about letting their employer down as
well. It is a vicious circle, but one that many moms are placed in because they need the money.

It’s great if you can find a job that fits in with school times, but not everyone is that lucky. Then the
children have to go to afterschool clubs or be collected by a child miner until you, the mom gets home.
 If you are in this situation, remember it does get easier as the kids get older, but that will not help the
way you are feeling right now.

Look At The Seasons

This is not so much the seasons of weather you need to look at but the season for the work you do.
Most industries have times of year when they are busier than others, and that is when you might
have to dedicate more time to your job. In the off seasons, you can give your children priority and
spend some extra time with them. Kids are very adaptable, and as long as they are happy in the
childcare you have provided for them, they will accept that sometimes you have to work longer than

Resist The Urge For Extravagances

If you notice that one of your kids seems to be a bit down, or their behavior has changed, it could be
because they need a bit more attention. That is what they are craving for, and a hug from you and
some time spent with them will do much more good than spending money on extravagances.

See Where Your Time Goes

Just for one week, keep track of everything you do and how long each thing takes you. You may be
surprised at how many things you could do without, and how many others you could do after the
children are in bed. For instance, if you are working on an online engineering management masters
course, wait until your little darlings are asleep. While they are awake, give them your time, and leave
the studying till later.

Look For Satisfaction, Not Balance

There is no getting away from the fact that your work life and family life are entwined, and which you
are doing you should have a feeling of satisfaction, not guilt. You are working for a purpose,
regardless of whether that is because you need the money or you just love your career.

You love your family as well, and spending time with them is important. Very soon, in just a few years
and before you realize it is happening, the children will be grown and want to be spending their time
with their friends, not their parents. That time comes all too quickly, so give them what quality time
you can while they are young, but not at the expenses of ruining your aspirations in life.

Best IQ Tests For Children: What You Need To Know

IQ tests can be of tremendous value to parents who feel that their kids may be gifted, and need to know how
best to help them harness these gifts to the fullest. It is no secret that our schooling system does gifted children
no justice. In the current education system, the "talented" or "gifted" label is only given to the students that are
traditionally "bright" and perform well in specific classes. However, several recent studies have shown that
there are many different ways a child can be gifted, and often times the truly gifted children may actually not be
good at "normal" schooling. This is where IQ tests come in.
Through the help of specialized IQ tests, it is now possible for parents to know exactly where their children fall
and what type of intelligence they have. Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist and author of Frames
of Mind- The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, beautifully elaborates on the nine different types of intelligence
in his book. There is logical-mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence and musical intelligence, which
are perhaps the most well-known types. There is also intra-personal intelligence, which is understanding the
self, feelings and wants; interpersonal intelligence, which is understanding other people's feelings and motives;
and existential intelligence, which allows you to tackle deep questions of life and death and their meanings.
There is also bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, which allows you to coordinate the mind and the body, spatial
intelligence; which allows you to visualize the world in 3D, and naturalist intelligence, which allows you to
understand the world, its living things, and to read nature.
As you can see, no one is good at everything. One child might be a math whiz while another may be "people
smart". All the different types of intelligence have their own associated strengths and weaknesses. The most
effective way of finding out exactly which areas your child is best at is by taking an IQ test. Only then can you
determine what areas you need to work on to ensure that they have everything they need to tackle life head-on
and win. The following is a detailed review of all the best IQ tests for children.
This is one of the best online IQ tests specifically designed for kids. The Kids IQ Test is a remarkably high-quality
IQ test that you can take online at https://www.testkidsiq.com in the convenience of your home. It also goes a
step further and outlines a series of follow up steps that you can take to best develop your child's abilities. Since
children's brains have a high level of plasticity, the results of their IQ test can improve significantly with a little
effort and time.
The Kids IQ Test takes a unique approach to IQ testing. With no age limits and no time limits, the designers of
this test understand the underlying principles of child development. The age is not as important as the purpose
of the test. Why are you undertaking the test? Generally, IQ tests are perfect for determining what the child's
strengths and weaknesses are. Using this information can help you tailor their overall learning experience to
suit their needs.
2. MENSA IQ Test
MENSA is a celebrated high IQ professional organization based in Luxembourg. The Mensa IQ Test is one of the
most trusted and respected IQ tests anyone can take. It is however very expensive, and application and
selection processes are very lengthy and strict.
Luckily, there is a convenient alternative. They offer a sample online IQ test version on their website. It is called
the Mensa Workout, and it is a free test offered for the primary purpose of determining whether you can
potentially pass the actual Mensa IQ test and qualify for a Mensa membership. The test is a series of 30
questions that take 20 minutes to complete with no age restrictions and instant results.
3. IQ-test.dk
This is a popular online IQ test. It is largely culture fair and unbiased and relies mostly on logical thinking to
determine one's general intelligence. The IQ tests at this website are great because they provide a precise
and personalized look at a child's abilities. Parents can then take appropriate actions based on these results
to create the best development path for their children, making sure that they maximize their individual
IQ-test.dk has no age limit, so anyone can attempt to answer their 39 questions within 40 minutes or less.
IQ test results are instant.
4. IQTest.com
This is another popular online IQ test platform. However, the results are a little skewed in favor of native English
speakers. If English is not your first language, you may end up getting lower result figures. The tests on the site
try to quantify the child's ability to analyze new problems, identify patterns and determine cause and effect
relationships. In the end, this newfound knowledge helps place the child's position in relation to his or her
peers when it comes to scientific, technical and mathematical problems. This test is therefore good for
determination of potential mainstream education performance.

The test has no time limit. However, to make you answer as fast as you can, the overall duration you take to
answer the questions is factored into the final results. There are 38 questions to answer with no age
restrictions and instant results.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Caring For A Parent And What You Need To Consider

It can be so difficult to find yourself in aviation where roles are reversed when it comes to care.
As a child, you expect your parents to always be there. To be the strong one, to wipe your tears away
when you don’t feel right, and to always know the answer. But you grow up, and your rely less on
your parents and may even start a family of your own. However, at some point, the roles might be
reversed, and you may find that you are in a situation where you now have to take care of your parent,
because they are ill or unable to manage themselves. So how do you do it? I wanted to share with
you some of the things to consider.

Remind them of the past and just talk

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation where our parents don’t get much time to talk, and it
can be quite lonely for them. So a great idea is to just take some time to reminisce and talk about the
past. Recall some of your childhood memories, ask them about their childhood, getting married or life
before you. You may be surprised to find a few things out and it can be a lovely way to remind your
parent how much they are loved.

Think about care options and what might be best

The next thing to think about would be the sort of care options you may want for your parents. It can be
so difficult to make this decision, especially when you can hear some unnerving in stories in the
press and how people have had to use Gray and White Law's nursing home abuse attorneys for
support in such cases. But, research and seeing different places, will give you the best idea of what
might be best for your parent. Plus in a care environment, they may have the chance to be more

sociable and be cared for better.

Would technology help them

You may be surprised to learn that actually technology could be extremely useful for your parent now
they need some extra care and support. A watch that reminds them to take medication. A clock that
says much more than the time, it could state the date, things to do an appointments. It can be hard to
introduce technology to the older generation, but as long as something does it for them itself, then it
could be extremely useful.

Think of the practical things

It is also a good idea to think about the practical things. It means things like the food, whether they
can cook for themselves, or take care of their personal hygiene. So you may want to honk about
what extra services may be offered in your area if this is something that you can’t commit to yourself
everyday. It would be better for the welfare of your parent.

Seek support yourself

Finally, make sure you get some support yourself. It is extremely hard to understand how you feel
when the roles reverse and you now need to care for a parent. It can be quite a difficult situation to
navigate, and there may be emotions that you are not handling very well. Whether it is a partner, a
friend or a health professional make sure you have an outlet of support and communication.

I hope that this helps you if you find yourself in a situation where you now need to care for a parent.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Baby Items You Can Do Without

Being pregnant is incredibly exciting. Whether you’ve been trying for a baby for a long time, or you’ve
got lucky straight away, it’s fabulous. Your body is changing, and its exceptionally hard work. But,
there’s nothing like it when it comes to excitement.

All pregnancies are different. All expectant mothers have differing experiences. Some have it easy.
Their symptoms are mild, they’re bumps are small, and they glow. Others have a much harder time.
They feel sick all the time. Bits of their bodies swell up. They suffer from heartburn and gas, and their
hormones are all over the place. But, if there is one thing all pregnant women have in common, it’s
their lists.

They have lists of things that they need to learn. They read every book going, talk to other mothers
and learn as much as they can about pregnancy and having a baby. Then, there’s the shopping list.
There are so many baby products on the market. Mom’s will tell you all about the products that they
couldn’t live without. Shops will try to sell you everything, and every baby shop has a list of things that
you need to buy for your new baby. Even looking at this list can hurt your bank balance and
overwhelm your senses. As a pregnant woman, the idea of such massive shopping trips might fill you
with dread.

But, fortunately, you don’t need it all. You definitely need
the complete pregnancy checklist: a month-by-month guide, but there’s a lot of stuff that you
definitely don’t need, and can cross off that giant shopping list.


Babies don’t need shoes. They can’t walk. They spend no time on their feet, and shoes can do more
harm than good. Newborn babies grow very quickly. Their bones are still soft, and they need room to
breathe. Putting tight, restrictive shoes on a baby’s feet can restrict their growth and even hurt their
feet. They might look cute, but they definitely don’t need them. If it’s cold when you take them out,
wrap their legs and feet in blankets, or put in a snowsuit with feet.

In fact, while you are giving your babies feet freedom, they don’t need socks either. They spend most
of their time lying down, so cold feet can easily be wrapped. Or, they can wear all in ones. Socks and
shoes might look cute, but they serve no real purpose.

Countless Blankets

Many families are now using baby sleeping bags at night. These can be a fantastic alternative to
blankets. They can help a baby to feel safe and secure, while still giving them room to move around in
their cots. It’s easy to change a baby in a sleeping bag, and it’s easy to add layers underneath when
it’s cold.

If you are using a sleeping bag, you only really need one blanket for in the pram on cold days. And,
whether you use a sleeping bag or not, you don’t need millions of blankets in the crib.


Newborn babies can’t play with toys. They won’t be interested in anything for the first few weeks, and
even then, their own feet will be much more exciting than any toy that you could buy them. When
they start to move around more, you might want a few toys, but until then, there’s no need and you
certainly shouldn’t waste your money on expensive toys that will never be played with. If you do want
to buy them something special, find a cuddly toy that’s suitable for newborns.

Baby Towels

Baby towels are very popular. They’ve got hoods, and they are smaller than normal towels. But,
they are just normal towels. Your baby doesn’t need a small towel. You can dry them just as well
with your own adult-sized towels.

You might want to buy new towels for them so that they are nice and soft. But, adult towels will last
them years. Whereas baby towels will be too small within a few weeks.

A Baby Bath

Baby baths can be handy. You can use them in the living room or bedroom. They are easy to
move around. But, they are just another thing that your baby will grow out of in no time at all. You
can easily bathe your baby in your own full-sized bath. Just don’t put as much water in it.
A baby seat for your bath can be useful, as it gives you two hands to wash and play with your baby
while holding them safe. But, this isn’t necessary either.

A Baby Hair Brush

Baby hair brushes are made from soft bristles so that they are gentle on your baby’s scalp. But, they
don’t do a great job of getting rid of tangles in an older child, and babies don’t often have enough hair
to need brushing. If you do want to brush your baby’s hair, use your own brush, and just take care
and be gentle.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is one of those things that parents buy because it’s there in the baby section of shops.
Then, it sits in the bathroom cabinet or in the draw with the nappies and never gets used. A few
drops in your own bath might help ease itchy stretch marks. But, your baby’s skin is soft anyway.
It certainly doesn’t need oil. In fact, many parents have no idea what they are meant to use baby
oil for once they’ve bought it.

Baby Powder

It was once popular to put baby powder on after wiping their bums. To keep your babies bottom
feeling dry and soft. But, modern diapers are great at taking moisture away from the skin. Health
visitors and professionals today advise not using baby powder as it increases friction and makes
nappy rash worse.

Crib Bumpers

Crib bumpers are cute. They make the nursery look great. But, they shouldn’t be used inside the crib.
Your baby’s feet and hands can become tangled in them, and if the bumper falls off during the night,
it can create a hazard and make it hard for your baby to breathe.

A Fancy Stroller

When it comes to buying a stroller, there are many options, and it’s definitely worth shopping
around to find one that you want. You’re going to spend a lot of time pushing it around, and it’s
important that you like it, it keeps your baby safe and comfortable, it easily fits in your car, or it’s
easy to get onto the bus, and its wheels perform well on the kind of terrain you walk on regularly.
But, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune getting a brand name with fancy add-ons.
Chances are as soon as your baby can sit up, you’ll swap it for something lightweight and easy to
fold anyway.

A Video Baby Monitor

You’ll want a baby monitor, especially if you live in a bigger house and you might not always be able
to hear your baby cry. But, they are available today with video, heat sensors, movement sensors
and more. Many parents find that this makes them worry more and panic over every movement.
You’ll be checking your baby all of the time anyway. You certainly don’t need to be able to see
them 24/7.

Expensive Clothes

Baby clothes can be super cute, and you’ll want to buy a few nice outfits. But, most of the time
they’ll be in sleepsuits and covered in sick or milk. Buy plenty of cheap clothes so that you don’t
mind them getting dirty.


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