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Great Father's Day Gifts from NOMAD! #Nomad #FathersDay #GiftGuide #Dads

I am so excited to share another great company to get your perfect Father's Day gifts from! I recently got the chance to try out some amazing products from Nomad! This is an amazing company that makes some really unique and interesting products, and they are perfect for Father's Day! Nomad makes a ton of different really cool, minimalistic products such as phone cases, charging products, cables, wallets, straps for iWatches and more. The products that Nomad makes are not only really minimalistic and cool, but strong and made with really high quality as well. 

We received a great variety of products to check out for our Father's Day gift guide! I am so excited to tell you guys about them! 

The Universal Charging cable is absolutely amazing, and I can't believe I have never had one of these before! These charging cables are amazing, first of all they are super strong, made with a braided ballistic nylon cord. The best part about the universal cable is that, well, it's universal! I LOVE that we can charge any kind of device. This is especially great when we are traveling. I can have just one cord, and I can charge anything that I need to. With four kids, plus my hubby and me, with two devices each, there is ALWAYS something to be charged! I love this Universal Cable, and it seems like something that can stand up to the kids! Definitely a great Father's Day gift and it's super to give my man a gift that he will be using every single day! 

Another great product that we got to check out as a part of our Father's Day gift guide was an awesome leather Iphone X case. It's called the Rugged Case, and I have to say, it's actually really beautiful. The leather is Horween leather from the USA, and it is actually designed to look better with time, as it gets more wear and tear over time. This case is designed with 10 foot drop protection, and it really is a super nice looking case. My man got the iPhone X right after Christmas, and it's his baby for sure. He takes such good care of it and he is so funny about which cases he wants to use on his phone. However, he instantly fell in love with this case, and I am actually excited to see how it wears over time, I think it will just look even cooler as it gets used more and more! 
The other product that we got to try out is the Wireless Travel Stand. This was one of the things I was most excited about when it came to getting the iPhone X, the wireless charging option! It's so cool that we can do that with this phone. It has a kickstand that folds out so that you can have it folded flat for storage, and the base is made of rubber, so it's really super sturdy. We have tried many of the flat "disc type" chargers since the iPhone came out, and we don't like them too much. However, this stand up charger is amazing, and we have really enjoyed having it. 

Wireless charging is really useful, besides the fact that it just looks really cool. I love the fact that if you are using wireless charging, you can reach over and grab your phone when your alarm goes off or if you get a text message while your phone is charging. This is super great when you are half asleep and your phone goes off! I love that! 

I am super excited with all of the great Nomad products that we received for our Father's Day gift guide! They have a ton of other products as well, from beautiful leather straps for your iWatch, to gorgeous wallets and more. One of the really cool products that they have and I want to try is the charging hub. It can charge several products at once, and what mom of four does not need that!?!? I am super happy with the products that we got to try from Nomad! Definitely check them out if you are looking for any super unique and cool products! Also, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with what they have going on! 

Complete Baby Shower/ Party Menu for UNDER $100!! #CheapBabyShower #CheapParty #CheapBirthday #DIYparty #BudgetPartyFood #OnABudget #DaveRamsey

Okay, guys, don't get me wrong, I love throwing baby showers for my friends. I love planning parties, decorating, making food, and all the crap that goes along with it. 

That being said, whenever someone drops a hint about me hosting their baby shower, my first thought is always the same. How much is this shit going to cost me? 

Does that make me a bad friend? No. I think it makes me a realist. 

I don't know about you, but in my real every day life, we are not spending $1K+ on food for a baby shower. I am not that fancy, none of my friends are that fancy, and quite frankly, I think Dave Ramsey would hunt me down and kick my ass if I ever spent anywhere near that much on food for a party. You have probably already learned that from my post on How To Have An Awesome Baby Shower (For Cheap). 

However, that doesn't mean that your party has to be full of $5 Hot And Ready's from LC. There are so many amazing things that you can make that can still be really inexpensive. Now, I am not a Pinterest-worthy food blogger. If you came here for that, you are going to be sorely disappointed. 

Instead, I'm going to show you some real life things that you can put together with a quick trip to Walmart and Aldi, and throw together in an hour or two to guarantee a fun, relaxing, stress free baby shower or party. Seriously, I am all about enjoying my time with my family and friends, not spending hours in the kitchen or blowing my entire paycheck to feed these folks. If that's what you are here for, then keep on reading, because I am going to share some of my favorite ideas for baby shower/party foods! 

Idea #1: Sub Sandwiches
If you have ever seen those super awesome "6 Foot" sandwiches from Subway, you already know where I'm going with this. Unfortunately, most people can't afford $100 for a sandwich. This is a great way to get the same effect, for much cheaper! Here's how I do it! Walmart sells those loaves of french bread in the bakery section for $1.00. I usually use about three of these. Next, just layer your sandwiches with your choice of lunchmeat, cheese, and veggies. My favorite thing is to make a Club sandwich. I layer ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo. Then add in a little bit of microwave bacon, and that really makes it super yummy! Then you just cut them into small slices and arrange them on a plate. It's the same effect as something much, much more expensive! Plus, if you have leftovers, you can wrap them up and have lunch for a week! 

Idea #2: Finger Sandwiches
Yeah, I know, finger sandwiches sound so SUPER FANCCCCCCYYYYY, don't they? We are going to talk about the super cheap version here, that are so yummy! Just grab a couple of loaves of bread, even the super cheap Aldi ones will do just fine. I like to make these sandwiches with pimento cheese and chicken salad. You can get huge tubs of these for pretty cheap at Sam's Club, but you can also get good ones at Aldi and Walmart as well. Really, this couldn't be easier. Make the sandwiches, cut them into fourths. This is one of my favorite things to do, then stack them on a plate. This is also one of the only ways I can get my kids to eat pimento cheese or chicken salad. 

Idea #3: Dips and Such

I absolutely love dips and cheese balls, etc for parties and showers. They are super cheap options that are easy to throw together and make a LOT! Chips and dip, and chips and salsa are definitely classics that everybody loves. Another one of my go to's is a cheese ball made with cream cheese, green onions, and chopped ham. Another great one is cream cheese, cocktail sauce, cooked shrimp and green onions. These are both great served with crackers! I always make these for just about every single occasion, and they are my faves! 

Idea #4: Punch! 

Punch is a classic at any party or shower, and I love making punch! My go to punch is a simple, cheap, and super tasty version that you can make for just a few bucks! If you don't have a punch bowl and scoop, you can pick one up for just a few bucks at Walmart, or even at the Dollar Tree if you are really on a budget. I love making "duck punch" for showers, which is basically, just regular punch with rubber ducks in it to make it cuter for a baby shower. Here are the ingredients: 

One large jug Hawaiian Punch Fruit Drink (Any color!) 
One 2 liter bottle Sprite or 7up
One Half Gallon Vanilla Ice Cream
Rubber Ducks

Pour the Hawaiian Punch and the Sprite into your punch bowl. Slowly add scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream. As much or as little as you want. The ice cream will make "clouds" in the punch, which makes it super cute, and sort of like a bubble bath. Add your rubber ducks in for a cute touch! We love this punch and it is super yummy! 

Idea #5: Cupcakes! 
I know it's not the norm these days, and that every birthday party or baby shower MUST have a $100+ layered, fondant covered, super decorated cake, but I am going to take just a minute to scream the praises of cupcakes. I am a huge cupcake fan,whether it be for birthday parties or baby showers, or any celebration in general. First of all, cupcakes are cheap. Second of all, they are easy to obtain. All you have to do is call the week of your event to your local grocery store bakery and order your cupcakes in whatever colors you are needing. Instead of a themed cake, you can order cupcake picks to match your theme or you can even order from Etsy and print your own. Amazingly easy! Plus, once you stack cupcakes on a cupcake stand, they look adorable and can make a great centerpiece as well! 

Idea #6: Healthy Options 
You know you just gotta have some healthy(ish) options at your party or shower as well, but the good news is, these don't have to cost out the ass either! First of all, forget everything you know about buying a fruit or veggie tray from your local grocery. The mark up on that stuff is crazy! Instead, hit up your local Aldi, take $20 or so and just stock up on all the best fruits and veggies. Yes, you will have to wash, cut, peel and arrange them on your own trays or platters, but you can enlist the help of a friend or even one of your older children if you are lucky enough to have free child labor like I do! Again, grab your trays at the Dollar Tree to save even more money, or you can talk to your grocery store deli about buying their empty trays for just a few bucks to save you money as well. 

Fruit trays are another great idea, but consider doing fruit kabobs or fruit on a stick as well. You can see a little bit of these in our top photo on this post. Simply grab the wooden skewers from the Dollar Tree, and get to cutting up your fruit. You will have to wait until right before the party to assemble these, since bananas and apples, etc can lose their color if they are cut too early. (Also, a plastic knife can help with this as well!). For our "fruit on a stick", we used green grapes, banana slices, strawberries and apple slices, but really, the options are endless when it comes to this, and it's a super cute display as well! 

Stuff To Remember: 
As you can see, following this list above will give you a pretty good spread when it comes to party or baby shower food, without spending a lot of money. Of course, you can use this as a guide, and add or take away food ideas depending on what you like or don't like. However, you can probably get everything on this list, enough for an entire party, for less than $100, if you shop sales and stores like Aldi, and don't go too crazy or overboard. That's another important thing to remember, is that you don't have to fill everyone's bellies beyond belief. This doesn't have to be a four course meal here. Simply give everyone some yummy stuff to snack on, and don't worry too much beyond that. I've said it before and I will say it again, worry more about enjoying your time with your guests and your friends, and less time about making everything perfect. It's what hosting parties is all about! 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide: Lucky Tackle Box! #Dads #FathersDay #LuckyTackleBox #giftguide

I can't believe that Father's Day is almost here! I know it's super cliche', but this year is really flying by! I am so excited to share some great Father's Day gifts with you guys this year. I know that buying gifts for dads is usually, at least for me, pretty difficult, so I am really pumped to have some new and fresh ideas. 

Ok, so I don't know about you guys, but I love, love, LOVE subscription boxes! I am always looking for new ones, and I really feel like they are a great way to just make our busy lives a bit easier. I love having really cool things just delivered to my door, without having to go shopping, or put a whole bunch of stuff together. This newest subscription box I just found is for dads who love to fish, and I love it so much! It really does make the perfect gift for the guy you just don't know what to buy for! 

Lucky Tackle Box is the subscription box for men who love to fish! It's so simple and easy, just one low monthly fee, and every month, some of the best fishing tackle, lures, bait, hooks and more are sent directly to your door! If you have a guy who is super into fishing and is always looking for cool new gear, this is definitely the subscription box you need! The great part is that shipping is free and there are any contracts. This means if you change your mind at any time, you can cancel and there is no problem. 

There are several different subscription boxes to choose from. The most common and most popular box is the XL box, and this is the one that we received to sample. It was amazing! The XL box comes with approximately $40 worth of product, and you can choose either a Bass XL box, a Walleye XL box, a Fly XL box, a Saltwater XL box or a Multi-species XL box, depending on what kind of fishing your guy likes to do! 

There are other boxes to choose from as well. The Regular box is a less expensive version, starting at around $15.99 per month, and still includes some really great stuff! There is also a Tournament box, which is for those "real deal" pro fishermen out there! This box contains TONS of stuff, and is an amazing value if you want to "go big or go home"! 

My man got to try out the Bass XL box from Lucky Tackle Box, just in time for his first fishing trip of the season! He got SO much great stuff in his box, and he was so excited to try it out! One of the greatest parts of trying Lucky Tackle Box was that even the bait and tackle in the box that we weren't sure how to use properly, we could check out videos in LTB's library on just exactly what to do. This made me feel like an expert, and I loved knowing that it wasn't game over even if we didn't know exactly what we were doing at first! 

We have been super impressed with Lucky Tackle Box! It is such a cool idea, and I love that LTB can provide the dad in our life with such awesome and useful products that he can use over and over again. It's so great and it's really fun for him to continue to get stuff every month to add to his collection. Lucky Tackle Box makes a great gift, and if you have a dad in your life that loves to fish, you NEED to hook him up with this! 

You can subscribe to Lucky Tackle Box here, and be sure to enter in FREEBAIT at checkout to receive a free lure! You can also be sure to follow Lucky Tackle Box on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too to make sure you stay up to date on everything that is going on! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Get your FREE OREO candy bar at Walmart! #ad #OREOChocolate #Walmart #CollectiveBias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OREOChocolate #CollectiveBias

Did you know that OREO has a special flavored candy bar made with crunchy bits of OREO + mint creme filling + rich Milka chocolate candy? YUM! These OREO Mint Chocolate Candy Bars have delicious bits of OREO Cookie mixed in smooth, mint flavored creme filling and are coated in European Milka chocolate candy. You will want to be sure to stop by Walmart and pick a few of these OREO Chocolate King Size Bars while they are on Rollback for only $1!

While you are in store at Walmart picking up your $1 Rollback OREO chocolate candy bars, be sure to look and see if your store has the demo going on for the 1 Million Sample giveaway. During Easter weekend* participating Walmart stores are giving away these bars while supplies last. *March 29 - April 1

Check the demo locator below to see if your local Walmart is participating!

+Limited to one sample per customer.
++Limited supply available.
+++All times/events are subject to change.

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Hatfield And McCoy Dinner Feud Pigeon Forge TN!! #Smokies #TravelBlogger #PF #PigeonForge #Gatlinburg #Vacay #TravelBlogger

Are you looking for something fun to do with your family in the Smoky Mountains? I'm getting ready to tell y'all about something to do for the WHOLE family that everyone is going to enjoy. I'm serious, so you better pay attention! 

We just got back from our Spring Break trip to Pigeon Forge, TN. As most of you know, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee are about 3 hours away from our house, and are also the most beautiful and wonderful and amazing place on the face of the Earth (look it up, it's true!). It might also just happen to be my favorite place in the whole entire world. So, you can trust me when I tell you I am pretty well versed in things to do in the area. 

I'm also going to be the first to tell you that I love a dinner show. There's something about getting all dressed up and going out with the whole family at night. The kids love dinner shows too, we have been to several on our various trips to the area. I really like dinner shows because, as the mom, it takes care of both the entertainment, and the dinner. And come on, especially when you are on vacation, the last thing you want to do is worry about dinner! 

Anyways, the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud is located in Seiverville, just north of Pigeon Forge. If you are coming into town, it's right between the "upside down house" (Wonderworks!) and the "giant boat" (Titanic Museum). It is SUCH a fun atmosphere, just look at the outside of the building! The whole thing is fun, it starts right when you pull up! I mean, there is a petting zoo outside for crying out loud! 

I'm going to tell you right now, this show is over the top. Everything, the food, the performers, the music, all of it! That's the fun of it, and there really is nothing better! This is the one dinner show in the area that has been able to hold the attention of my ENTIRE family, small kids to teenagers to husbands! My whole family agreed that this show was definitely the highlight of our trip! 

It's so much fun! You get your pictures taken, you get to hang out and browse around the gift shop, which is full of cool, unique "redneck" items, and then you go in and are seated at your table, where you are served an AMAZING, family style, all you can eat meal! It's sooo good! 

Look At This Food!!
This is the most fun our whole family has had in a long time, especially all of us hanging out and doing things together! Like I mentioned earlier, when I asked the whole family after our trip, this was all agreed to be the most fun part of our trip!

We really did have an amazing time! This was by far the highlight of our trip! I highly highly recommend this show, and I'd love to check out the Christmas show the next time that we are in town! It's such a fun, family friendly atmosphere that's hard to find anywhere else, and it was something that we will all remember forever! Loved it! If you want to find out more about the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud, check out their website here! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Combating AI With TENA Overnight Pads- Now At Walmart! #ChooseTENAOvernight #CollectiveBias #ad

AI. Also known as Adult Incontinence. Yes, my friends, that is what we are talking about today. I know, it might not sound pretty or glamorous, but come on, this is real life y'all! My husband has a wonderful aunt who is beginning to suffer from AI. She has been facing a plethora of health issues for the last few years, and is now living full time with my in laws, and my mother in law is her full time caregiver. One of her main issues in the last year or so has been her struggle with AI. 

It is a really hard thing to watch someone you care about go through health struggles, especially with things like AI, which, let's face it, can be a little bit embarrassing. That's why I am so glad that I recently got to share TENA® Overnight Pads with my mother in law, and we were both really excited to have another great product to use to assist my aunt with her issues. I never want her to feel bad about her health issues and I always want her to be able to go and do all the fun things that our family wants to go and do, without any limitations because of her AI. 

TENA® Overnight Pads are available at Walmart, which is super convenient! I know that these are going to be a great help for my aunt, so I am really excited that my mother in law is going to be able to pick them up when she does her weekly grocery shopping. I actually was really impressed with the TENA® Overnight Pads- They really do protect against leaks, even at nighttime! I know, I know, all companies say that, but with TENA, it's actually true! I know this is a big deal for my aunt, because she really values her independence, and she doesn't want to feel bad about her health issues. 

TENA® Overnight Pads can be found at the bottom of this shelf! We got the last pack at our local Walmart, but this is where they usually are! 
Another really great thing about TENA® Overnight Pads is that it is especially designed for nighttime use, meaning it helps to prevent leaks when laying down and getting up both. These pads also help to prevent against moisture, odor, and and leaks, which is a huge deal. 

I know that my aunt really is very self conscious about her AI, and it really is important that TENA® allows her to be her true self, and live her life without compromising based on her medical issues. I never want her to feel left out or that she is not able to do the same things as the rest of the family just because of her issues, and with TENA® she doesn't have to! If you are struggling with issues related to AI, please, please, please, don't be ashamed! There are so many great products out there that can really help to control this issue and take care of any problems that might come along with AI. TENA® has an entire line of products designed to help with any issues, no matter how big or how small! I am actually really excited about their new line of TENA Intimates™ Overnight Pads , which are coming soon to Walmart, and will feature the same great technology as the TENA Intimates™ Overnight Pads that my aunt is currently using. I am excited for her to get a chance to try these as well, and I think they might be good for situations where she feels a little anxious or nervous and wants to be 100% confident that she will have the right level of protection. 

Want even more reasons to use TENA®?? This Sunday, March 4, there will be an AMAZING coupon in the paper this week where you can save $5.00 off of Any One (1)  TENA® Overnight Underwear Product. The offer expires 3/18/2018, so you only have two weeks to redeem! This offer can only be redeemed in-store. Please make sure to check your local paper, because you are not going to want to miss out on this coupon! 

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