Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are you ready for a Hair Revolution!?

I am really excited to share a new line of hair care products with you guys! I recently got the chance to try a BRAND NEW line of hair care products called Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy! This is a really revolutionary product in the hair care world, because it focuses a lot on taking care of your scalp, which truly is the foundation for healthy hair! I was really surprised to learn that 99% of hair's strength and natural beauty comes from the scalp!

Doesn't it just look like a great product!? And looks don't lie in this case! I really have enjoyed this new hair treatment! We tried out the Total Care, which is for all hair types. It smells great, I can definitely see a difference in my hair, and it just feels better. I really don't know how to explain it. But, I really liked the fact that the conditioner is really creamy, almost like a conditioner you would get with hair color. 

Clear has tons of different varieties of shampoo and conditioner. Whether you need a specific type, for dry, damaged, colored, weak, brittle, lifeless, or dandruff prone hair, they have a variety for you! They also have a men's line, which is 2+1 shampoo and conditioner in one, just for guys! They also have an Ultra Shea line, formulated for African American gals. I really like the fact that they have so many different varieties, that no matter what your needs are, it's like they have a personalized formula just for you! 

And, I am really excited to announce the face of this amazing new brand, the beautiful and talented Heidi Klum! 

I really encourage you guys to try this great new hair care line! Check out their Facebook page for more info on the line!

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