Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tucker Loves Mr. Chewy, and now Orijen Pet Foods!

If you guys have been reading our blog for awhile, you will know that we are big fans of Mr. Chewy.com. They have the biggest and best variety of quality dog food, treats, and pet products that I have ever seen. You might remember an earlier review we did for them here.

Well, we recently got the chance to work with them again on another review! Of course, I was thrilled! 

This time around, we got to try out Orijen Pet Food. 

I was really pumped to try this brand, as I have heard lots of good things about them! 

What's so special about Orijen? Well, for one thing, their pet foods are made with human-quality ingredients. 

No, seriously, their ingredients are probably fresher than the meats and produce that we eat. 

Now, how does that make you feel? LOL!

What kinds of ingredients? 

We're talking things like free-range chicken, freshwater fish, organic kelp, red delicious apples, sweet potato, sun-cured alfalfa.

Now, how does that sound? Better than what I had for dinner last night, for sure!

No grains, either! I was so shocked when I found out how bad rice, corn, grain and other fillers are for pets, and I have been trying to cut them out of Tucker's diet for awhile now. 

So, Orijen was a natural choice for us! 

How did Tucker like it? Like isn't even the word! He LOVED it! 

I was afraid at first that it would be too different from his regular foods, but he was in love!

He gobbled up the whole bowl, every time I put some out! 

That is weird for him, he almost always leaves food in his bowl. 

So, safe to say that Tucker is a fan! 

And most importantly, Mom is a big fan of the 80% meat to 20% fruits and veggie ratio, and I am loving the no grains!

Do you want another reason to try Orijen? They have never had a recall! If you
have ever been through a pet food recall and know how scary they are, you will find that fact quite comforting! 

So, folks, try it today! It's TUCKER APPROVED, and that's a big deal! 

If you are looking for ideas on which pet foods are the very best, and other pet advice, I have a great Pet Forum for you to check out too!

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