Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apple Grove Gang Books are great for kids!

Now that my sweet little Tater has turned into a reader extraordinaire, I am always on the lookout for books that he will enjoy. I try to push him into reading, sometimes maybe a little too much. I would SO much rather have him reading books than playing video games and watching TV. 

When I recently found the Apple Grove Gang book series, I thought these would be perfect for my guy! I don't think he is quite big enough for them yet, but I am going to make sure to save them so I can let him read them when he gets a little bit older. I think it will be perfect for him when he is around 8-12. Don't remind me that it's almost that time! 

The books are great for kids to read on Kindle or other e-reader, which Tater prefers to a regular old book. I think it makes him feel like a cool kid to read a book on the Kindle or iPad. The Apple Grove Gang books are set in 1960, and while I don't remember what life was like in this time frame, it reminds me of what life was like for my parents, and stories they used to tell me. I think the book is the perfect length, not too long and not too short. If books get too long and drawn out, Tater will lose interest and stop reading, so somewhere in between is a good thing! 

I am really looking forward to having Tater read and check out this book, since I want him to know that there are people who lived without cell phones, internet, and iPods.. (Since he doesn't believe this!) I can't wait for him to be old enough to enjoy these books! And, since they are only $.99 on Amazon, they are priced so that everyone can afford to check them out! If you want to check out No Exit, the first book in the Apple Grove Gang series, you can purchase it here!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Razor Burn- Someone HELP!

Okay, so today's urgent question from me: How to get rid of razor burn??? I mean, really... how have I made it to 26 years old and I don't know the answer to this question... But, ladies, let me tell you.. it is time for me to learn... Well, the other day, I ran out of razors. I had ordered some of my regular, nice, fancy razors from Amazon. The problem was, they hadn't arrived yet. And, it was time to shave. Beyond time. My legs were seriously out of control! There was no more waiting, and believe me, I tried!

So, as you guys know, I am a penny pincher extraordinaire! Of course, I did what any budget concious lady with hairy legs would do.. I ran to the dollar store and bought a super cheap, but okay looking, razor that cost $1.00. Worst. Mistake. Ever. Seriously. The razor rusted AS I WAS USING IT! I have never seen anything like it! It literally HURT my legs to shave! I thought if I took a bath and let my hairy legs "soak", it would be better.. Ummm, no. I ended up with the most painful, funky razor burn that I have ever seen! It is just plain scary, let me tell you. I mean, I didn't expect these dollar razors to be awesome, but I expected them to do the trick for at least ONE shave. Right?

Moral of the story? Buy good razors. And don't shave until your nice razors arrive. For real. Now, I am stuck with this crappy razor burn, and trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I tried a quick web search and came up with such wonderful ideas such as sea salt (what the!?!), honey, neosporin, deodorant, vinegar, baby oil, even PEANUT BUTTER! Are you kidding me? Have any of you guys heard of anything like this? Please tell me what you think, and if you have any crazy (or not so crazy) tips and tricks for getting rid of these yucky bumps! Thanks in advance, and I hope my stupid mistake can be a lesson to yall as well!

Disclosure: This has been a sponsored post for The Art Of Shaving, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rock-it-Oil Cleaners make life easier for busy moms!

Okay, we have to clean. We all have to clean, and we can't get around it. The best we can do is try to make it easier, and find products that do the best job possible and make it quicker and easier on us! So, when I heard about Rock-it-Oil Cleaners, I knew that they were going to be something I would want to check out. 

Rock-it-Oil has a whole line of cleaning products available at Home Depot. They have products for stone, cooktops, fabric, stain removal, wood, and more! I am a sucker for good cleaning products, so I knew I had to check these out! I got to check out the Rock-it-Oil Lustre (for stainless steel), and the Rock-it-Oil Cook Top (for..cooktops, obivously). 

Rock-it-Oil's Lustre is a revolutionary stainless steel cleaner that is designed to put the Stainless back in Steel! They promise to clean, shine, polish and condition without streaking! That is my #1 problem with most stainless steel cleaners on the market today, is the insane amount of streaks that they leave everywhere. It's ridiculous! I knew that this problem was different when I saw all the rave reviews. Usually you don't see reviews like this for cleaning products, but I am so glad that these happy customers took the time out of their day to write about Lustre, so other people can learn about how great it is! The really cool thing about Lustre is that it uses Nano Technology to penetrate below the surface where other cleaners can't. Truth be told, I've never seen another cleaner like it! 

Truth be told, I was most excited about the Cooktop cleaner. I have tried every cleaner out their on my flat top stove, and nothing works. It just does not come clean. It really sucks, because my stove is only a couple of years old, so it really should not look like this. I love that the Rock-it-Oil Cooktop cleaner uses that Nano Technology as well, since that helps it to penetrate below the surface and get all the dirt off. I love that the cooktop cleaner can penetrate to get burnt on food off without scrubbing. It is both food safe and safe for ground water, which is a great thing. I also love the fact that it won't scratch the surface and I don't have to worry about tearing up my stove just to get it clean! 

All in all, I defnitely recommend checking out the Rock-it-Oil product line the next time you are at your local Home Depot! If you would like more information, just visit their site here!

Snazzy Lites Colorful Hair Extensions Gives Back!

Wanted to stop in real quick on this beautiful Saturday afternoon to tell you guys about a great promotion that my friends over at Snazzy Lites hair extensions are going to be running starting Monday, September 24. Starting on September 24, Snazzy Lites will be kicking off their "Pink Care For Breast Care" campaign. This campaign is supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which we all know is a wonderful and worthy cause. The fine folks at Snazzy Lites will be donating $2.00 for every purchase of Playful Pink Snazzy Lites to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This is a wonderful cause, and a great chance to try out some awesome Snazzy Lites for yourself! 

I love how great this model looks with her Snazzy Lites hair extensions! 

If you have never head of Snazzy Lites, they are a great way to try out hair color without making a commitment. Snazzy Lites are clip in color hair extensions, and they come in a variety of colors, including, blues, reds, pinks, purples, and greens! They are a fun way to change up your look, and you can order them to match your team colors, or a special color scheme! They are a super fun way to add attitude and pizzazz to your look, without making a big commitment! 

If you are interested in learning more about Snazzy Lights or their "Pink Hair For Breast Hair Campaign", click here to visit their site!And don't forget, their breast cancer awareness campaign will only be running through October 31, so make sure to get your pink hair extensions ASAP!

Our Interview With World Famous Designer Patricia Moore!

I was so excited when we recently got the chance to send in some questions to interview world famous designer Patricia Moore! She is such an amazing lady! If you don't know much about Patricia, she has been a world famous industrial designer for many years. Her focus is especially on making homes and businesses accessible to elderly people and people with disabilities. But, the best part is, that Patricia makes things accessible without making them look "cold" or "institutional". She really can make any space look inviting, while also making it safe for everyone. This is a great feat to be able to accomplish all of these things!

Take a look at our interview with Patricia! It is definitely worth watching and you will be sure to learn a lot!

And be sure to check back soon, we are going to be lucky enough to be offering a giveaway for a LOWE'S gift card, so you can take the suggestions that Patricia has made in the video, and make some real changes around your home!

disclosure: I received a sample product and/or promotional products in conjunction with this post. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

My Experience With #Progressive Snapshot PLUS Giveaway!

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Progressive.

We had a great time recently when we got to participate in the Snapshot Test Drive Program from Progressive. We were sent a gas card to fill up our tank, and give the Snapshot program a test drive! It was a lot of fun, and it was really nice to get out of the house and take the kids out for a day of fun!

First of all if you have been considering trying out the Progressive Snapshot program, let me tell you that it is super easy! The device just plugs into your car, and you are good to go, you don't even know that it is there! You don't have to switch your insurance provider to find out if you can save with Snapshot, you can try it out first and then decide.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Progressive.

 We had a great day, taking the kids to the park and out to lunch! I completely forgot that the Snapshot device was even still in our car, it is so easy to install and you forget about it once it is there! Plus, we were sent an awesome Flo Swag Bag with some great stuff! I am even planning to go as Flo for Halloween now, since I have all this great swag! 

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Progressive.

The only  bad part? My thirty day trial is up, and my Snapshot test drive determined that we would not save anything by switching to Progressive. That really sucks, since I was really wanting to switch and I had a great time using the device and participating in the program. I know that we drive a lot more than the average family, though, since we only have one car and my husband works two jobs.. But, that is okay, at least I know that I am getting the best rate that I can right now! 

If you are wanting to try out the Snapshot program from Progressive, I say go for it!  It is super easy quick and painless! And, even if you don't want to switch, or try out the Snapshot program, go ahead and enter my giveaway below to be entered to win your own Flo Swag Bag!! 

All you have to do is answer the question below: 


Leave your answer in the comments below, and I will draw for a winner on 9/30/2012 at approx 11pm. Make sure that you also leave your email address in the comments so I can contact you if you win! 

disclosure: We were provided with promotional products as well as gift cards in exchange for sharing our experiences. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Butter Bumpkins Wax Melts Put The Competition To Shame!

Continuing on today's trend of showing some small business love, I am now going to knock your socks off when I tell you about Butter Bumpkin scented wax melts. First of all, I am lovin' the name of this adorable company! Butter Bumpkin is a small company that creates some of the best scented wax melts that you will ever find! If you guys know me, you know I love candles and tarts and all of that lovely stuff, but I hate the high prices of most of the other companies. That is why I love, love, LOVE this company! Their prices are so affordable, I am able to get two or three times as many products as I would be if I was ordering from the competition! My money goes MUCH further here!

Another thing that I really love about this company is that your wax melts are hand poured to order! How is that for customer service? It just makes it so much more special to me than just picking something up off a shelf or ordering something online, to know that an actual person is busy making it for me. You guys know how much I love small businesses (since I kinda AM one LOL), so I am really loving what these folks at Butter Bumpkin are doing! 

Here is what I am digging from Butter Bumpkin right now: 
Pop Pop's Apple Orchard


Spiced Pumpkin Butter!!! 

Can you tell I am ready for Fall? I am so there! You wanna hear the best part about these wax melts? They cost.. wait for it.. $2.50 and you get THREE tarts with each one! I seriously don't think I have ever found such a good deal! So, y'all go check them out! You can find their wonderful scented wax melts at

Yoder's Candies= Yummy Amish Made Goodness!

Okay guys, you all know that I am always a sucker for anything chocolate, and for anything handmade or homemade! So, when I found Yoder's Candies, and their wonderful Amish made candies and goodies, you can only imagine how excited I was! All of my favorite things rolled into one! 

Okay, so first of all, you might be wondering how the Amish can sell candy online if they don't use the internet? Well that is where the story gets interesting! Mike is the owner of Yoder's Candies, and he is sort of a "go between", working between the Amish and the website. This enables the world to experience these wonderful candies without having to compromise the Amish beliefs and values. I really like this approach, it is very unique and I like that it allows the Amish to be successful and grow their businesses without compromising their faith. 

Now, let's talk candy!
First of all, wipe the droll off of your mouth and let me tell you what these are. This is Chocolate Covered Cashew Toffee. Doesn't it just sound delicious? 
And, my all time favorites.. buckeyes! Yum!
I must say that I am also very intrigued by these butterscotch peanut clusters too.. They look awesome! 

I am going to be ordering some of this candy for gifts for the holidays and also for ME! It is really affordable and I am so excited to try it! I am also thinking about trying to pass it off as my own homemade candy, but I am pretty sure that no one would believe it! 

If you are interested in checking out Yoder's Candies, just click here to go directly to the site and get some yummy goodies for yourself! And, you better order a lot, because you are NOT going to want to share! 


Plumbing and Other Random Issues

I don't know about you guys, but in my house, there is always some kind of issue with plumbing. Whether it be a toilet leaking, sink clogging up, shower drain clogged, I swear, if my husband was a plumber, it would save me a ton of money. I used to think it was this old house that we live in, but now, I am not so sure. I think this family of mine could move into a brand new house and they would still find a way to tear something up. These kids of mine are like magnets for disaster.

Not to mention injuries. These kids, omg. I have never seen anything like it. Their legs, both of them, are covered in bruises, scratches, bug bites, and just general boo boos. Shew, I am so glad that we never go anywhere... People would certainly stare at these two.. Tater is not that bad, just general six year old boo boos, but Bean. Oh. My. God. The kid has a "teardrop" scar under one of his eyes from falling on a nail when he was like 18 months old. Just yesterday he bit through his lip. Walked into a tree today on the way to the bus stop and scratched the whole side of his face. Bruises everywhere, even his butt. I swear, the kid is a mess. He just has no caution inside of him at all. No carefulness, nothing. He just does whatever he wants to do without a care in the world. You should see him go down stairs. He just goes. Doesn't look, doesn't step, just hurls himself down the stairs. He just doesn't care.

Shew, can you tell they are wearing me out lately? Halloween is coming up, and the school fall festival is in just a couple weeks. Followed by, gasp! Christmas! Christmas is probably the single most stressful event of the year! I am already worried about it! Sigh.

Alas, I am rambling on again.. I just got online to tell you guys that my kids managed to break yet another toilet, but now I have wasted enough of your time, and mine. So now, it's back to cleaning up messes!

This has been a sponsored post for Rotorooter, however all thoughts and opinons are 100% my own.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awesome New Contest From Sports Illustrated For Kids!

Hey guys, just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a great contest from Sports Illustrated For Kids. They are hosting a contest to name the first ever "SportsParent of The Year", and this sounds like a really exciting contest! 

The SportsParent of the Year is a parent who embodies all the great qualities of sportsmanship and sets a great example for all the kids they come into contact with. The SportsParent of the Year is an awesome role model! Does this sound like you or someone you know? 

Nominating someone for this award is so easy! 

Just go to: to fill out the short form to nominate someone and enter them to win the contest! The winner will receive a $1000 VISA gift card to be used for supporting their children and community's sports needs! What a great prize! The winner may also be featured in an upcoming issue of SI for Kids! How cool is that?!? 

IF you are thinking about entering, here are the details: 
1.)  Decide who to submit for the award, whether it is yourself, your spouse or another parent
2.)  Simply go to
 and follow instructions to submit your nomination
3.)  Remember there is (1) nomination per person or email account.
4.)  “Like” the Sports Illustrated Kids Facebook page
5.)  Share your entry with all of your friends and followers via social media (Twitter Hashtag: #SPOTY2012)

This is such a cool contest and can really make a difference in a community! Plus, you can even get the September tablet issue of SI for Kids completely free! All you have to do is download the SI for kids app, and enter these credentials to get the free issue: 

•           Password: september2012
If you or your kids enjoy the sample issue, you can subscribe for a whole year for only  $19.95 by going here!

About SI For Kids: 

SI Kids is THE magazine for boys and girls who love sports. It presents sports the way kids want to read about them: with great action photos, easy-to-read stories about star athletes, helpful instructional tips from the pros, and humor, comics, and activities. SI Kids is a great way to encourage kids to read, and it has won highest honors from the Association of Educational Publishers and the Parents' Choice Award.

For more information go to:

Like us on Facebook:

Disclosure: We received a one year subscription, promotional merchandise and information from SI for kids in conjunction with this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Site For Moms With Bored Kiddos!

I am so tired of my kids telling me how bored they are ... Oh my goodness, they have been driving me nuts lately. So, I have been trying to find some new, fun, and cool things that we can do with them to keep them occupied. Well, a few days ago, I found a great site called Masketeers where you can find a ton of printable masks for your kids! The site is super easy to use and the prices are cheap! I love that the different masks are split up into categories so you can choose what your kids are into at any given moment. I think this site would also be a great resource for teachers to integrate into their lessons! There are so many animal masks on this site, it's crazy! It would fit in nicely to an animal lesson theme. I also found a ton of Halloween masks that my boys are wanting now! 

Here are a few of the masks that my boys picked as their favorites.. Of course, Tater went with the pirates and the skull and crossbones, and of course Beanie went straight for the dinos. I have really never seen a kid so obsessed with dinosaurs! Crazy! But, he is in love with them, and now he is in love with these masks! I am really excited about ordering them for him, and I can't wait to see how cute he will be in his dino masks! If you are interested in checking out Maskateers, click here to learn more about them!

While you are browsing around you want to make sure to check out some great baby gear reviews as well! It can really help to read some great reviews before you buy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ringling Brothers Fully Charged In Lexington THIS WEEKEND!!! (Review!)

Okay, guys! I haven't been this excited to do a review in a long time! I just woke up and I am still on my "circus high" from last night! We were lucky enough to get a chance to attend the opening night of Ringling Brothers Fully Charged at Rupp Arena last night, and, oh my gosh, we had a blast! I was really excited to take the boys to the circus since none of them ( My hubs included!) had ever been, but really, honestly, I was surprised at just how much fun my family had! 
The boys had no idea where we were going, I had planned to surprise them, and surprise them I did... Even after we walked through the lobby of Rupp with all of the vendors set up for the circus, neither one of them had any clue what was going on. It wasn't until we went outside for the Animal Open House that Tater finally saw the elephants and asked: "Are you taking us to the circus!?!?!" I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on his face when we told him, yes, we were going to the circus! He was thrilled! 

The Animal Open house starts 90 minutes before the show, and takes place outside in the parking lot. It is a really fun time, where you get to walk around and see all of the animals, learn about them, and talk to the people who care for them every day. Tater really, REALLY enjoyed this, and talked one of the girl's head off, asking her question after question about the elephants. She was so super sweet though, and took the time to answer every single one of them, and explain everything about the elephants to him, from what they ate to where they slept, to how they got to the circus in the first place! He was so happy after that we could have just left and he would have been fine! :) 

But, no, the fun was only just getting started! We stayed outside at the Animal Open House for about 30 minutes, and then we went inside to wait to get into the show. This is where the real fun (for me at least!) began! It was time for the All Access Pre Show! This was so much fun! An hour before the show starts, you get to actually go down onto the arena floor and hang out with the performers! There were clowns, and acrobats, and even an elephant that did a painting, that was raffled off later! This was one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to experience, and they gave the kids free circus tattoos and free clown noses, which was great! There was even a wardrobe station where you could try on performer clothes! 

We loved the Pre-Show! It was so much fun, and the boys really enjoyed being able to get up close and personal with the performers. It was something that they will really remember forever! 

As the pre show began to wrap up, we went to our seats, which were wonderful and perfect! We were right in the middle of the action, and I was so thrilled that we got seats where I wouldn't have to worry about little Bean being able to see! I got some really cute pictures of them right as the show was starting, but then my phone died, of course! 

Funniest part of the whole show? Hubs got chosen by a clown to help him with his act, and it was hilarious! It was so funny and embarrassing (for him!) I am going to try to upload the video and share it with you guys in a few minutes, but please know, it was good times! Tater, had a lot of fun, but Bean.. oh my God. . I don't even know how to put it into words... Can babies have a calling? If babies can have a calling, I think Bean's is the circus... seriously. I have never seen him so happy in his entire life, not on Christmas, not Trick or Treating, not his birthday, EVER... I kept looking around at other kids his age to see if they were acting the same way, but they weren't... I mean, they were acting happy and excited and all.. but, my Bean... He was absolutely ecstatic! He screamed and yelled and cheered and jumped and clapped like I have never seen. Fact: his tiny little hands are blood red this morning from clapping so much and so hard last night. It seriously brings tears to my eyes to think about how much JOY that he got out of the circus. I really didn't know it was possible for a baby to love something so much.. We carried him to the car last night at around 11pm, he was so tired he couldn't walk, and he was almost asleep, but he said "Mommy, I love the circus. I had... fun... at... that.. circus!" It was so cute to see him try so hard to put his words together like that! 

The show itself was, simply amazing. I felt like a little kid again, all I was thinking the whole time was just "Wow!" It was wonderful! I feel so bad for not bringing my kids sooner, but I honestly didn't think our family would enjoy it so much! The show that is in Lexington right now is Fully Charged, and it was so exciting! They really know how to keep your interest the whole time, it doesn't ever get "boring" at all! My favorite part was of course, the tigers, but I will admit that I did thoroughly enjoy their very handsome trainer as well! 

My sweet little Bean was obsessed with the animal parts, especially the elephants, and he is playing with his zoo animals right now, pretending they are at the circus! Tater loved all the action parts, but, without a doubt, The Human Fuse was his favorite! They seriously light this guy on fire and shoot him across the arena. 

CRAZY! It was awesome, but it made me nervous LOL! My hubs? It's so funny, he is such a "tough guy", and he doesn't get excited about anything, but last night, every time I would look over at him, he was clapping and smiling like a little kid! So, umm, yeah.. our family had a freaking blast at the circus! Honest to God truth? I am thinking seriously about taking them back tonight. That is how much fun we had. More honest to God truth? We are leaving for vacation on Sunday, and this morning the hubs and I were talking.. I seriously doubt that they will have as much fun on our vacation as they had last night at the circus.... 

Bottom Line? If you are reading this, and trying to decide if you should take your kids to the circus, just do it. Go. You won't regret it. This was the most fun my family has had, well...ever.. together, no joke, and I am considering going back for a second night...

You can get tickets for the Lexington Fully Charged Shows by calling the box office at (859) 233-3535 (if you are like me, you have had that number memorized for many years now!), or you can follow this link to go directly to the Ticketmaster page for this show! There is one show tonight (Friday) at 7pm, and there are THREE shows on Saturday, at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. Sunday is when the circus wraps up with a show at 1pm and another show at 5pm. Tickets are super affordable too, so don't be worried about that. Want more info on the show? Check out this video below! And go on, have some fun at the circus!  Finally, A big, giant, humongous thank you to the lovely folks at Feld Entertainment and also the PR company who were kind enough to provide this experience for my family!

 My family received complimentary tickets in order to attend this show and write a fair and honest review. Although complimentary tickets were received, all opinions, like always, are 100% my own and were not affected by any outside source.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mens Shaving Is Not Supposed To Be Like This!

Ok. Mens shaving. Supposed to be uncomplicated, simple,easy. Right? At least that is what I thought. But, oh no, not in my house. Somehow, my husband's shaving routine is more complicated than mine. I mean, seriously, how is that even possible? I am a girl! I shave my legs,. That should take much longer, for sure. Wouldn't you think so, too?

So, the other day, I got in the shower, while my hubs began to shave at the sink. I was in the shower for almost twenty minutes. I shaved my legs and washed my hair, and I even scrubbed the shower walls when I was done. I stood in there until the water turned cold. Seriously, it was probably at least twenty or twenty five minutes. I get out of the shower, and guess what? The hubs is STILL shaving. And, he's only done with like half of his face! I mean, seriously!? Is that normal? Short answer? No, it is not normal, my friends, it is not. What is with the facial hair obsession!

I don't think so..I think my hubs has a seriously weird obsession with his facial hair and shaving. It has to be just so, just perfect, somehow. He doesn't even have that much facial hair, I mean if he had like a ZZ Top beard or something, I could understand the high maintenance issues with the facial hair...Sigh. I will never understand guys, I swear. I could really make this post about two pages long with a list of all of my man's obsessions. And, you want me to add in the boy's freaky habits? That could take a while... LOL.

What about you guys? I know that your guy has to have a weird obsession/ habit that makes no sense. They have to, they all do! Is it shaving? I would love to hear about your guys' crazy obsessions! Leave some love below in the comments section!

This has been a sponsored post for The Art Of Shaving, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pink Pearls Boutique Offers Adorable Accessories for Baby Girls!

As many of you know, I am so jealous of mommies who have baby girls to play dress up with and all that good stuff. I don't get to do anything nearly that fun with my two stinky butt boys, so I always hold a bit of a grudge for moms of girls! But, today I just had to share a great site that I found with you guys, that offers a ton of adorable and affordable clothing and accessories for girls! 

Pink Pearls Boutique is a great resource for moms who are wanting to outfit their little princesses in the cutest stuff around! I found some really cute stuff for my niece Sadie while browsing their site! I like the fact that their shipping is flat rate, that is always nice to know when you are shopping at a new site. I found a ton of stuff that I want to get for my niece for Christmas, and I have already bookmarked this site as a great place to do my holiday shopping (for girls, of course!) I am already making a list of what I want to buy, and since the site is so affordable, I bet I am going to be getting a lot!! If you want to check out Pink Pearls Boutique for the little girl in your life, click here!


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