Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Interview With World Famous Designer Patricia Moore!

I was so excited when we recently got the chance to send in some questions to interview world famous designer Patricia Moore! She is such an amazing lady! If you don't know much about Patricia, she has been a world famous industrial designer for many years. Her focus is especially on making homes and businesses accessible to elderly people and people with disabilities. But, the best part is, that Patricia makes things accessible without making them look "cold" or "institutional". She really can make any space look inviting, while also making it safe for everyone. This is a great feat to be able to accomplish all of these things!

Take a look at our interview with Patricia! It is definitely worth watching and you will be sure to learn a lot!

And be sure to check back soon, we are going to be lucky enough to be offering a giveaway for a LOWE'S gift card, so you can take the suggestions that Patricia has made in the video, and make some real changes around your home!

disclosure: I received a sample product and/or promotional products in conjunction with this post. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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