Thursday, September 20, 2012

Butter Bumpkins Wax Melts Put The Competition To Shame!

Continuing on today's trend of showing some small business love, I am now going to knock your socks off when I tell you about Butter Bumpkin scented wax melts. First of all, I am lovin' the name of this adorable company! Butter Bumpkin is a small company that creates some of the best scented wax melts that you will ever find! If you guys know me, you know I love candles and tarts and all of that lovely stuff, but I hate the high prices of most of the other companies. That is why I love, love, LOVE this company! Their prices are so affordable, I am able to get two or three times as many products as I would be if I was ordering from the competition! My money goes MUCH further here!

Another thing that I really love about this company is that your wax melts are hand poured to order! How is that for customer service? It just makes it so much more special to me than just picking something up off a shelf or ordering something online, to know that an actual person is busy making it for me. You guys know how much I love small businesses (since I kinda AM one LOL), so I am really loving what these folks at Butter Bumpkin are doing! 

Here is what I am digging from Butter Bumpkin right now: 
Pop Pop's Apple Orchard


Spiced Pumpkin Butter!!! 

Can you tell I am ready for Fall? I am so there! You wanna hear the best part about these wax melts? They cost.. wait for it.. $2.50 and you get THREE tarts with each one! I seriously don't think I have ever found such a good deal! So, y'all go check them out! You can find their wonderful scented wax melts at

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