Friday, January 25, 2013

what's your favorite mens shaving brush?

Okay guys, I need some advice. What is your favorite mens shaving brush ?What is your favorite ladies razor? What is your favorite shaving cream? I am putting together a list of the best shaving products out there and I need YOUR help! So, if you have any picks for top of the line, best ever, second to none shaving products, I want to know! I am going to list the different products, and then, what I need from you guys is the brand, style, type, whatever, of the very best one on the market. We are putting together the perfect shaving list so hopefully we can get everyone in on the action and let our readers know what they need to pick up for the perfect shave!

Here are a few picks that I have so far:

1. Men's shaving brushes. Men's shaving brushes are a great important part of shaving.
2. Pre Shave Oil. Also an important part of the beginning pre shave process for men everywhere.
3.  Shaving Cream. You gotta have it!
4. Shaving  Soap. Many people don't know how important a good shaving soap can be.
5. After Shave. To make your man smell yummy.
6. Men's Razor
7. Ladies Razor. .. perhaps the most important part of shaving??!?!
8. Best Trimmer/Clippers

Okay guys, there are the categories. Tell me what you think should be the best product for each category. You can email me your answers or just leave them in the comments below. Either way is good for me! If you have any other products that we should know about, tell me, and I will try to do a review and possibly even a giveaway for you! That's it guys, tell me what you need! Have a great weekend!

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Vernal Utah Real Estate: Some Of The Best In The Nation

I don't know if you have ever checked out Vernal Utah Real Estate, but if you haven't you should. The real estate in Vernal is some of the most beautiful that our great nation has to offer. I love looking at real estate, even if it is in an area that I would never be able to live in, like Utah. It is just too far away from our family, even though I would love to live there.

Have you ever even heard of Vernal? It is a great city in eastern Utah of about 10 thousand people. That is perfect for me, since I love small towns. It is in such a beautiful area, right in the base of the mountains, and it is just so gorgeous there. I would love to have the chance to live in a place like this. Even though Vernal looks a little bit cold to me, I think I could get used to living there rather nicely!

I like the look of the houses there, they have kind of that "desert" feel like Arizona houses do, and that is my favorite style of home. They are also super affordable, and I think we could find something in our budget, not a problem. Especially if we were to get a short sale property or a bank foreclosed property then we could save even more money!

Even if we couldn't buy a home just from looking at the rental listings in Vernal, I think we could afford to rent a great home for awhile. What about you guys? Where is somewhere that you would like to move if you had the chance? I would love to hear! Leave a message for me below in the comments!

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Why Is corporate wellness So Important?

I absolutely love that companies are taking a new stance on corporate wellness .Companies are trying to take a new stance on their employee's health and wellness. I love that companies are taking on this tough topic, and helping their employees meet their health and wellness goals. Companies are doing more than just inspiring their employees to lose weight and get healthy, but they are beginning to think out of the box, and get creative with their corporate wellness programs.

Companies are taking part in health fairs, health care screenings, health care coaching, personal training, on and off site fitness facilities, allowing employees to have time for exercise and working out, and more. Some large companies have even hired on site caterers or professional chefs to cook healthy meals for their employees. Some companies are even holding important meetings outside, or during yoga classes or walks. Even other companies are offering healthy food vending machines, and rewards and incentives for employees who lose weight, ala The Biggest Loser. Some companies offer 24 hour fitness center programs, dietary or nutrition counseling. They also use smoking cessation programs, and other ideas to keep employees healthy.

Corporate wellness programs help employees to feel better, be more productive and take less time off of work due to sick days. But, they also help the companies themselves, by having more employees off of work than out sick. They can also help reduce health care spending which is a very large cost to all employers. These great programs make me want to work for a big company so I can take advantage of this sort of things! Do any of you have corporate wellness programs where you work? Tell us about it in the comments!

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ford dealerships york pa and fond memories of Fords!

So, when you think of your first car, do you have fond memories? Oh boy, do I! When you think about your first car, do your memories go back to ford dealerships york pa, or to a car lot in your hometown? Was your first car a clunker, or a shiny piece of machinery? Did you drive your first car to high school every day, or on road trips across the country with your friends?

My first car was a Ford, so Ford dealerships always have a special place in my heart. When we drive by, I always look for the updated version of my first car, to go back in time to that special place. I love love love the special memories that I made in my first car died! I hope that I will one day have a car that I loved as much as that one, but I seriously doubt it... I don't think grown ups can have the same connection about their cars as teenagers. It's just that rite of passage, you know?

Sigh. I'm old now. But, anyhow, I would love to hear all of your stories about your first cars! Wanna send me your stories? Do it in the comments so we can all read funny stories about everyone's first car! I loved my gorgeous car, and I hope that one day I can find another car that I can "connect" with as much as I did that first car. I can't wait for my boys to be able to drive (Okay, maybe yes I can.... ) But I can't wait for us to have that experience with them, and for them to be able to find a car that they love just like I did when I was younger!

Leave me a message below and tell me about your first car. I would love to hear your stories!

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AC Repair Oklahoma City, AC Repair Everywhere!

Hey everybody! Is everybody hanging in there today? Here at home it is cold, icy and extremely yucky! Right now, the heat is working overtime and trying as hard as it can to keep up, but it is just impossible. If you are looking for AC Repair Oklahoma City, AC Repair here in Kentucky, or AC Repair anywhere for that matter, you probably know how hard it is to find a repairman, especially when the weather is as cold as it is. Most of the heating and repair guys are backed up for days, weeks even! If you have an emergency in the cold right now, chances are, you are gonna have to stand in line!

We have been taking some extra precautions to try to keep things warm and cozy at our home, even though it is so hard when it is this cold. Sometimes you just can't warm it up enough, but at least we can try! I have been spending these extra cold days with the oven on, baking up some delicious brownies, cookies, cakes and bread, and cooking some veggie soup and chili on top of the stove. We bought a couple of extra space heaters and have been using them in the living room and in the boys' room, where it stays the coldest. We bought some of the plastic sheeting window cover stuff to cover up our windows and try to block the drafts. I have some draft guards at the bottom of the doors too, to try to keep as much cold winter wind out of here as I possibly can.

While all of these things help a lot, taking care of our furnace is really what I think is the most important thing to do. We clean the coils of our heater as much as possible, and we change the furnace filter quite often. However, I am always looking for new tips and tricks to help keep our house warm and toasty during the winter months. If you have any extra tips that I haven't talked about today, let me know in the comments so I can start doing them too! Stay warm everybody!

This has been a sponsored post. Although it was a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Anyone fighting a dui salt lake city?

Is anyone fighting a dui salt lake city? If you have ever had a DUI ticket, you probably already know how hard they can be to fight. However, having a good lawyer on your side can make all of the difference in a DUI case. All sorts of people end up with a DUI ticket that they need to fight, and it can happen to any of us. The important thing is to make sure that you have a good lawyer on your side.

Most people don't even know that the fine print on a DUI citation says that you only have ten days to request a hearing or that your license can even be revoked for ninety days. Having a good lawyer on your side can really make a difference. If you have a good lawyer, and especially if this is your first offense, you can usually work on some sort of a deal so you don't have to spend any time in jail.

DUI offenses can be really tough for everyone to deal with. There is no reason for a DUI offense to  have to affect you for the rest of your life however. If you get a good lawyer to help you through this difficult time, you can deal with it, and move on with your life. It can be very tough to have to deal with this, especially if you are on your own. You need someone on your side that knows what is  going on and can help you deal with your issues, someone who has been there before.

The bottom line? Get a lawyer. A good lawyer, who knows what they are doing. Get in touch with a lawyer ASAP to ensure that you don't end up having to spend time in jail or that you don't lose your license. If you have ever been through the DUI offense process, leave a comment below and tell us what you learned, and offer some advice for others going through the same thing!

this has been a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Do You Relieve Stress?

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please visit to get your own copy of Far Cry 3, today's Gold Box Deal of the Day! I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

I don't know about you guys, but I constantly feel like I am at the end of my rope. I am constantly stressing, constantly worrying, and never able to fully relax. Between working from home, taking care of two boys, keeping a house clean and running smoothly, and all the other things on my plate, I feel so overwhelmed, most of the time! I am always looking for ways to decompress after a long day. What do you guys do when you feel stressed? My hubs plays video games, but that really isn't something I am into.

I like to take bubble baths, or a long hot shower, but come on! I have two little boys, there is no peace and quiet in the bathroom! If we didn't live way out in the middle of nowhere, I would go for a walk to de-stress. I wish I could say that I exercise to relieve stress, but... alas, I do not.. I should.. but I do not!
Look at 'em... They look like little angels, don't they.. Oh boy, they are not. Not at all. They can push my buttons like no other! I think I might go with my husband's plan of playing video games to relieve stress. If you like to play video games to relieve stress, here is a great deal for you! I might start trying out some games of my own and see if I can find something I like to play after the boys go to bed. Anything that can help keep me sane!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We Can't Wait To Visit: Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show!

Want to know how to get to our hearts? For the boys, give 'em an animal. Dogs, especially. For the hubs, give him food. Good food. For me, give me a hunky lumberjack and there you have it. One, big happy family! That is why I think that the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show was made for us!

We are so excited for this one! We have never been to a dinner show, so we are pumped about this one! I really think it will be a great treat for all of us! From all the things I have heard, the live action never stops with Lumberjack Feud, and it keeps the whole family entertained! Plus, yummy food, and hunky guys for us ladies! What more could you ask for? The boys are going to LOVE the dogs in the show, they are champion competitor dogs, so they are sure to impress! 


I seriously can't wait to check out this dinner show! We have no experience with this type of stuff, so hopefully we will find a new and fun thing to do together! Don't worry, you guys will be the first to hear all about it! We can't wait to get back and share all of our pics and everything with you guys! Maybe we'll even get to meet the lumberjacks too! Who knows? If you can't wait to check out Lumberjack Feud, here's their website! If you want to keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook, click away to do that too! See you when we get back!

We Can't Wait To Visit: Titanic Pigeon Forge!

Almost a week left til we leave for our trip! We are so excited, and we can't wait to get started on all of our fun adventures! One of the places that we are super excited to visit is the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge!
One thing that I really love is having the opportunity to show my boys things that are not only fun and entertaining, but educational as well. That is the part about the Titanic Museum Attraction that really entices me, is that they will be learning something while also exploring and having fun! 

I have read a lot about the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, and I am really excited to be able to check it out with our boys! The museum in Pigeon Forge is the world's largest Titanic Museum Attraction! I can't wait to check it out! This museum is more than just a museum, it gives you a real look and feel of what it was like to be a passenger on the Titanic. You even get a boarding pass when you enter, with the name of a real life passenger from the Titanic. Then, you get to go to the Memorial Room where you learn the fate of "your" passenger. What a great way to keep these brave folks' memories alive! 
We are so excited to check out the Titanic Museum Attraction! I am really looking forward to spending a day exploring the history of the Titanic! And, don't worry, when we come home, we will be sure to share all of our experiences with you too! If you just can't wait to learn more about Titanic Pigeon Forge, click here to visit their website!

We Can't Wait To Visit: Ripley's 3D Moving Theater!

I know, I know! Another Ripley's attraction! Don't blame me! I can't help it that Ripley's has so many great attractions in the Smoky Mountains! Our next awesome attraction that we are going to check out while we are in Gatlinburg is the Ripley's Moving Theater! Now, this one is one for daddy and the big guy, since the little man is too small for this one. (You have to be 40 inches to ride.)
Now, first of all.. how cool does this place look? I can not wait to take some pictures of our own outside of this cool theater! If you are wondering what the Ripley's Moving Theater actually is, let me give you a little bit of an idea. The Ripley's Moving Theater is a motion simulator. It is a movie experience, but it is so much more than that! The movies are in REAL D, and it is so much more than just watching a movie!

I am excited for my two big guys to get to try this one out! I don't really like 3D movies or any roller coaster type attraction really, for that matter, so I am okay with sitting this one out with the little guy! Seems like a great chance for the big boys to have some "guy bonding" LOL! I can't wait to share their experiences with you guys as soon as we get home! Keep checking back, and we will post as soon as we get home! If you want more info about Ripley's Moving Theater, you can check it out right here!

We Can't Wait To Visit: Ripley's Marvelous Mirror Maze and Candy Factory!

Can you guys tell that we are on a Ripley's kick these days? There are so many great Ripley's attractions in the Smoky Mountians, we knew that there was no way in the world that we could visit and not check them out! One of the attractions that we are really excited about is Ripley's Marvelous Mirror Maze and Candy Factory! The moment that I heard about this place, I knew that it would be perfect for my boys! 

First of all, my guys have a real sweet tooth! I used to have to take them to the candy shop here in town every week because they were so obsessed with "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory"! They just really enjoy treats, and trying new things.. I can't wait for them to check out this awesome candy shop! They (Tater especially) is really into any sort of puzzle, maze, challenge, etc.. type thing, so I know that the mirror maze will be right up his alley!

I am actually really excited to check this one out myself! It looks like so much fun, and hopefully we will get to go at night when it is all lit up and cool like it is in the pictures! If you want to see how much fun we have, just hang tight! We will be posting tons of pics and our review as soon as we get home! If you just can't wait, and want to check out the mirror maze right now, here's the website!

We Can't Wait To Visit: Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium!

Santa started it. That's who I am blaming it on. Santa brought Tater two of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not books for Christmas. Ever since then, he has been obsessed! All he talks about is Ripley's, every day it is Ripley's fact after fact! So, when we started discussing going to the Smoky Mountains, I knew that we couldn't pass up Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium

I couldn't believe when I read that the Ripley's Museum in Gatlinburg has been in business for over NINETY years! This museum looks like so much fun, and we can't wait to visit! The building itself is three stories tall and there are over 500 artifacts there! I know that this is going to be one of the best attractions that we visit! It is looking like rain at least a couple of the days that we are going to be in town, so I know that this museum will be something fun that we can do that will keep us warm, dry and busy! 

Doesn't this place just look super cool? I can't wait to check it out, and I know the boys are going to have a great time! If you have never been, and are interested to know what it's all about, check back soon to see our review and pictures! If you just can't wait that long, you can check out more information about the Ripley's Odditorium here!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

We Can't Wait To Visit: Ripley's Aquarium Of The Smokies!

If I had to pick one single thing that my boys are excited about on our TN vacation, I would have to say that it is Ripley's Aquarium Of The Smokies! It is ALL they have been talking about, and I have to agree, I am getting a little bit pumped myself! Did you guys know that Ripley's Aquarium of The Smokies was voted #1 Aquarium in the USA by TripAdvisor? That is a huge achievement! So, I am pretty excited to check this place out! 
First of all, this place just looks cool! I hope that we get to go when it's all lit up like that so I can get some great pictures! 
Tater can not wait to visit this Shark exhibit! He is crazy about sharks these days, so I am sure that he is going to really enjoy this one! I can already see me having to drag him away from this one when we are through!

If I had to pick an area that I want to visit the most, it would be the Tropical Rainforest exhibit. It looks so beautiful, and you get to see awesome things there like stingrays, dart frogs, and piranhas! I have a feeling that this will be my very favorite part!

I already know that Beanie is going to be in love with the penguins, that is all that he is talking about! He loves Penguins as it is, so I know he is going to really enjoy this exhibit! I am honestly just really excited for our family to have a chance to visit Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies! I have heard so many good things about this place, and we can not wait to find out for ourselves! This will be a great chance for our family to reconnect, and just spend some great quality time together!

The place looks huge, and I think it will take us awhile to explore! Plus, they have a restaurant and a gift shop too! So, this will be fun! Make sure to check back soon to see all of our photos and our review! Look out, Ripley's Aquarium Of The Smokies, we're coming for you!

We Can't Wait To Visit: Music Road Inn! (Pigeon Forge)

With our Smoky Mountain vacation less than two weeks away now, we are really starting to get excited! The boys are excited about all of the fun things we are going to do, but for me, the most important part is the hotel. As the mom, it is important for me to make sure that the place we stay is not only "fun", but also clean, comfortable and accessible. That's why, when we were given the opportunity to stay at the Music Road Inn in Pigeon Forge, we jumped at the chance! 
Look at these beautiful pictures from their website!       

First of all, the Music Road Inn is simply gorgeous! I can not wait to see it in person! The boys are a little disappointed in me, since we are going in the dead of Winter. Why, you ask? Just check out this amazing water park that the Music Road Inn has on site:

I have already had to promise that we will come back in the Summer to make sure we get to check out the water park! I am thinking, however, that they are going to be happy, anyways.... That's because the Music Road Inn has a huge indoor pool that is open 24 hours! I am almost certain they will be spending most of their time there! And, my dear sweet hubs is pretty excited about a 24 hour fitness center and whirlpool!

Of course, as the mom, my wants are a little bit different than everyone else's! I am looking forward to clean, spacious rooms, a space to relax and recharge, and free breakfast every morning! If you have kiddos, you know how important this is! No waking up and dragging cranky kids to a restaurant!

 We have had the privilege of visiting a ton of great hotels over the last few years. However, I have to say that our family is probably the most excited about staying at Music Road Inn. A lot of the hotels that we have stayed at have been really beautiful hotels, but not so "family friendly". Maybe more for couples without kids, you know? But, The Music Road Inn seems to really know what families want and need in a hotel and I know that we will feel right at home there!

So, we're loading up the car, and we will be checking in with all of you during our stay! Of course, after we get home we will be posting all the details and pictures of our stay right here, so check back soon! Oh, and if you just can't wait to book your own room at the Music Road Inn, here's where you can do it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Check Out This Great Giveaway! #Zaggora Hooded Body Blazer

Hey everybody! I have a great giveaway that one of my fellow Kentucky Bloggers is hosting that I wanted to share with you! This is an awesome one, and I really shouldn't share it, so I can have a better chance to win! (Just kidding of course, hahaha!) But really, this is a great giveaway! Ann at Ann I Am! is giving away a fabulous #Zaggora hooded body blazer! I absolutely LOVE Zaggora, and I am hoping I get lucky enough to win this giveaway so I can pair this great blazer with my favorite Hot Pants! If you wanna enter, check out Ann's blog, or enter via the Rafflecopter below! Good luck! This one is a great prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

nevada short sale = the way to go!

Now, I am not in the market to buy a house.. Ours is finally almost paid off, and I have no desire to get into debt anytime soon. But, if I were looking to buy a home, a nevada short sale would be the way to go. Short sales are a great choice for buying a home, and if I were looking to buy, I would choose a home that was part of a short sale. There are many reasons that short sales can be a great choice.

In a nutshell, a short sale is when the bank or lender agrees to accept the sale of a home for much less than what is owed on it. By buying a short sale property you can really get a great deal. In this kind of economy, short sales are more common because most people are not able to sell their homes for what is actually owed on them. If you take a short sale purchase, you can really save a lot over the amount owed on a home purchase.

The bank or the lender is the one that has to approve the short sale. They have to be willing to accept less than what is owed on a property. Some lenders will be reluctant to accept short sales, if they feel like they can get more money from the property. Other times, lenders will be okay with accepting short sales. This is especially true if a short sale will prevent a property from going into foreclosure. Foreclosure can mean really big losses for a lender and short sales can help to avoid that, which is nice.

The only real negative when it comes to short sales is that they are usually a very lengthy process, and they can be very annoying to deal with sometimes. However, I think that the money saved through a short sale is well worth a little bit of red tape and aggravation. You do have to be very patient when you are purchasing a short sale property.

This has been a sponsored post, however, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service- I Needed You!

Recently, I have been thinking about remodeling our bathroom. The whole nine yards.. New shower, new toilet, new counters, everything. I have been thinking about all of the things that we have done to our bathroom already.. And that train of thought was what lead me to thinking about the time I was praying for Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service to come to my rescue.

When my sweet little Tater was three, he flushed a hot wheel down the toilet. Not just any hot wheels car,either, mind you... But, a hot wheels tractor trailer. How lovely! At first, we didn't think it was really that big of a deal. We would just get it out, right? We started out with a metal clothes hanger trying to get it undone. Not working. Then, we moved on to a plumber's snake. Nope, not even close. We just continued on down the line of things to try, calling plumber friends and even enlisting the help of neighbors. Nothing would budge.

We called a local plumber. His idea? Take the toilet up and try to go at the hot wheel from the other side. Oh dear, what a mess! We tried it... and.. it didn't work. Sadly. The only option that we were faced with was to replace the toilet. Not that big of a deal, but for two kids with a baby in your early twenties, $150 for a new toilet was definitely NOT in the budget that day! Fortunatley, we scraped up the money, and were able to get the toilet repaired, but it was not something I would ever like to do myself ever again! Now, in my older, more wiser years, I know that we would have been better off to simply call a real plumber like Roto Rooter to help us out with our issue, and it would have cause many less headaches!

Now, I know when to call a professional, and when you can do things yourself. I have learned that saving money isn't always the most important thing.. Sometimes, you just gotta save your sanity too!

Have you ever had a time when it was just a better idea to call a professional than to do something on your own? Let me know below in the comments! 

This has been a sponsored post, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Camping in Frankfort: Elkhorn Campground!

Two years ago, we took Tater on the best (only) vacation of his life. We went camping at Elkhorn Campground in Frankfort and he probably has asked me to go back at least once a week since.

This is a place that is very near and dear to my heart. My family has been coming to this campground since wayyy before I was born, probably 30+ years. It is one of those places that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling just to think about, so this may be kind of a biased review, but I don't apologize for that! ;)

Elkhorn Campground is in Frankfort, Ky ,on the banks of the (what else?) Elkhorn Creek. It's quiet, peaceful, beautiful. All the things my home is not! (maybe that's what i like about it!) There are only 5-10 or so tent spaces, however there are around 120ish rv sites, and somewhere around 110 of them are paved sites. I think somewhere around 60 of those rv sites have full hook ups, including cable tv.

The campground is open April 1- Oct 31 every year, and you can rent sites by the day, week, or even month! The creek runs right behind sites 6-38, so you can fish right outside your RV. (You must have a Kentucky fishing license to fish.)

The campground has a big focus on family and family activities. There is a wonderful in-ground swimming pool, with layout chairs and picnic tables with umbrellas. There is mini-golf, which if it hasn't changed, only costs $1.00 per person to play! There is a giant playground with swings, monkey bars, slides,and lots of creative play equipment. Also there are horseshoes, a volleyball court, a basketball court, and shuffleboard. Just tons of great stuff to do in the great outdoors!

There is a giant pavilion located near the playground that has a huge fireplace for clubs and meetings and things like that. They have church services there on Sunday mornings, and sometimes have hosted Bingo and things like that there. Inside the pavilion is also a pool table and a few arcade games, and a jukebox. (My favorite thing ever! I heart songs of the early 90's!)

There is a wonderful little general store located at the front of the campground, that sells everything you would ever need in case you forgot anything. Last year we actually bought tent stakes there (oops! ) The highlight of the general store is the ice cream, which is a family tradition and treat to get ice cream before a bed-time walk. There is also a small laundry facility located next to the general store in case you just miss doing laundry too much and need to do it on your vacation too!

The road around the campground is a paved circle, and it's a great place for family walks. Tater really enjoyed riding his bike around the circle while we went for a walk, since he never has a level, even, paved place to ride (damn country living!) It would also be a great place to take Bean walking in his stroller.

Each campsite has a picnic table and a fire ring, in addition to your electric and water hookups. You can bring your own firewood, or buy some at the general store, and they will actually deliver it to your campsite so you don't have to carry it! (speaking of delivering to your campsite, pizza guys will also deliver to your campsite, but shhh, I always cook when we're camping! )

There is a bathhouse with potties and showers, so you won't be stinky. The showers have great shower heads with lots of hot water and plenty of water pressure. I'm just throwing that out there because I always worry about taking a shower somewhere new, I don't want it to be crappy!

Elkhorn Campground has been a place my family has been going for a very long time, and I will continue to take my babies there, and hopefully my grandbabies someday. It is a clean, family-friendly atmosphere, which you can not find in many places these days. I love it there, and it makes my heart happy just thinking about it! *Sigh.* I'm ready to go camping! :)

If you would like to make reservations you can call the campground at (502) 695-9154. Office hours are 8am-8pm Sunday-Thursday, and 8am-10pm Friday & Saturday. Or visit their website here.
*Disclosure: Elkhorn Campground did not provide me with anything in exchange for this review, aside from all my wonderful childhood memories! :)

What I DON'T Want.

Sometimes being the Mom is so damn deep. There is so much to think about, so much to worry about. 

I am responsible for making sure that these precious little boys grow up to be good, decent men. 

That's a lot of pressure.

Do people not realize that their job as parents is not just to feed their kids, put clothes on them, make sure they don't die? 

Being a parent is so much more than that. 

I will be the first to admit, there are  a lot of times I don't have a freaking clue what I am doing. 

But I know many things for a fact.

I know pretty much everything that I do NOT want to do, and everything I do NOT want my boys to be. 
My Wonderful Angels

I do NOT want my boys to be angry, bitter adults. 

I do NOT want them to have a sense of entitlement, or think that the world owes them something. 

I do NOT want them to be bullies, or to purposefully hurt anyone in any way. 

I do NOT want them to see people only for the color of their skin, what they look like, who they love. 

I do NOT want them to be afraid to be who they are, whoever that may be. 

I do NOT want them to think that family is only blood related. 

I do NOT want them to ever live a life of dependence on drugs or alcohol. 

I do NOT want them to ever think that it is okay to sit  by in their lives and not make a difference in the world.

I do NOT want them to ever feel that they aren't good enough to do anything. 

I do NOT want them to think it's ever okay to STOP. Learning, Loving, Trying, whatever it may be. You don't just STOP.

Well, that's all I've got for now, but I will have more, I am sure. 

I just want so much for them, I don't even know how to put it into words. 

I'm sure you mommies know what I mean ;)

Family Adventure Day! Old Fort Harrod State Park!

If you guys tuned in last week, we talked a little bit about day trips that are close to home (Central Kentucky)... 

So after that post, how could I not take them somewhere??? 

So we chose a place on the list, and that place was Old Fort Harrod State Park. 

After kicking myself in the ass Google Mapping it, and realizing that it was a whopping 22 minutes from our front door, I was shocked that we had never been before! 

Fort Harrod was settled in 1774, by James Harrod, and was the first permanent settlement west of the Alleghenies. 
Tater absolutely loved it!
He was really interested in the "cowboy houses", as he called them! 

We will definitely have to come back when the actors are there so he can see them too! 

(It is also impossible to get a decent picture of our family lol) 

Aside from The Bean being exceptionally heavy, it was fun! 

Well I am out of words for this post, So have some more pics! 

It was much fun for our first family adventure day! 

If you are interested in checking out even more great pictures of the awesome Osage Orange Tree at Old Fort Harrod, (and I know you are!) check out this great post from Sharon over at Hobbies On A Budget!

Have you ever been here with your family? Leave a comment below! I would love to see just how many families enjoy things close to us!


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