Friday, January 25, 2013

what's your favorite mens shaving brush?

Okay guys, I need some advice. What is your favorite mens shaving brush ?What is your favorite ladies razor? What is your favorite shaving cream? I am putting together a list of the best shaving products out there and I need YOUR help! So, if you have any picks for top of the line, best ever, second to none shaving products, I want to know! I am going to list the different products, and then, what I need from you guys is the brand, style, type, whatever, of the very best one on the market. We are putting together the perfect shaving list so hopefully we can get everyone in on the action and let our readers know what they need to pick up for the perfect shave!

Here are a few picks that I have so far:

1. Men's shaving brushes. Men's shaving brushes are a great important part of shaving.
2. Pre Shave Oil. Also an important part of the beginning pre shave process for men everywhere.
3.  Shaving Cream. You gotta have it!
4. Shaving  Soap. Many people don't know how important a good shaving soap can be.
5. After Shave. To make your man smell yummy.
6. Men's Razor
7. Ladies Razor. .. perhaps the most important part of shaving??!?!
8. Best Trimmer/Clippers

Okay guys, there are the categories. Tell me what you think should be the best product for each category. You can email me your answers or just leave them in the comments below. Either way is good for me! If you have any other products that we should know about, tell me, and I will try to do a review and possibly even a giveaway for you! That's it guys, tell me what you need! Have a great weekend!

this has been a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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