Friday, January 25, 2013

ford dealerships york pa and fond memories of Fords!

So, when you think of your first car, do you have fond memories? Oh boy, do I! When you think about your first car, do your memories go back to ford dealerships york pa, or to a car lot in your hometown? Was your first car a clunker, or a shiny piece of machinery? Did you drive your first car to high school every day, or on road trips across the country with your friends?

My first car was a Ford, so Ford dealerships always have a special place in my heart. When we drive by, I always look for the updated version of my first car, to go back in time to that special place. I love love love the special memories that I made in my first car died! I hope that I will one day have a car that I loved as much as that one, but I seriously doubt it... I don't think grown ups can have the same connection about their cars as teenagers. It's just that rite of passage, you know?

Sigh. I'm old now. But, anyhow, I would love to hear all of your stories about your first cars! Wanna send me your stories? Do it in the comments so we can all read funny stories about everyone's first car! I loved my gorgeous car, and I hope that one day I can find another car that I can "connect" with as much as I did that first car. I can't wait for my boys to be able to drive (Okay, maybe yes I can.... ) But I can't wait for us to have that experience with them, and for them to be able to find a car that they love just like I did when I was younger!

Leave me a message below and tell me about your first car. I would love to hear your stories!

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