Friday, March 30, 2012

Fly It Quiet Activity Packs: Keeping Your Kids Quiet On The Plane!

My kids have never been on a plane. Probably mostly because I fear the way they would act on a plane :)

I can only imagine the terror. The long waits, the tiny seats, the delays, Ahhh!

But, I have to say, if I ever had to take my kids on a plane, I recently found a really cool product that I would most definitely be taking!

Fly It Quiet Activity Packs are printable travel journals for kids, designed specifically for family holiday destinations all around the world.

Yep, that's right. The travel journals actually teach your kids about the place that you are going!
These are so cool! There are two different ones: ones for ages 4-8, and ages 9-13.

You can get them for so many destinations: France, Bali, Japan, Italy, Australia, the UK, and many, many more! You can even request a custom destination and they will let you know when they have it!

These Fly It Quiet Travel Packs are a great idea, and will make a great addition to any trip!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Krill Oil: Have You Ever Thought About It?

Now that I am getting my heart issues taken care of (well, hopefully..) I am starting to think a little more about my health and things that are important to my health. I have been thinking about maybe trying some vitamins, supplements, etc.. to get back to the way I should feel. 

One thing I have been looking into a little further has been Krill Oil. Do you know what it is? Krill is a shrimp-like crustacean-y thing that lives deep in the waters off of Antarctica. And Krill Oil, is, well, the oil from the krill.  Research has proven that Krill Oil can help make your heart stronger (yay for me!), your joints pain-free, your mood better, menstruation easier, and make your overall health better! I know a lot of people that take fish oil, and from everything I have read, Krill Oil is even better than that! If you would like to read more about Krill Oil, click here!

One thing I love about the idea of Krill Oil is that it is even safe for kids six and older. Most of you know that we have been trying to improve Tater's diet and nutrition, and I think that this could really benefit him. 

The Krill Oil from Viva Labs seems to be the best on the market. It is fresh, and has the highest level of Omega-3's in the industry! They also use something called Capliques instead of soft gels. This helps eliminate the fish burps (EW!!!) and bad breath (double EWWW!) that most people associate with Fish Oil products. 

If you would like to check out more about Viva Labs Krill Oil, click here to check out their site! Also, here's a great video review from the wonderful Doctor Oz!

Building a Website in 5 Key Steps

1 - Decide what YOU want your website to be

Using a website builder can help a lot during the formatting, linking, and uploading of your site, but it can't help you decide what your site is. Ask yourself some of these questions before you get started.

  • What is the purpose of my website?
  • Do I need a domain name, what will it be, and is it already taken?
  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • What kind of information, functions, buttons, links, and/or purchase options do I want from my website?
  • How many pages do I want to have, and what separates my pages?
  • What do I want my website to look like? What kinds of colors, graphics, images, and text styles appeal to me and people who will visit my site? Do know someone with a graphic design degree that can help me with this, or should I pursue graphic design myself?

Now many of these things will be revised as you go, but you need to have a good idea of what you're trying to make to create a successful website.

2 - Choose a website builder program and a host

Compare costs and benefits of competing sites and figure out whether you will be using your website builder as a host as well.

Assuming you're using a website builder program, you will be separated into one of two camps:

  1. Your website builder package includes hosting and you will build directly through the host; or
  2. You will build offline using the program, and once you are finished you can upload your site to any hosts with which your end product is compatible.

3 - Build your website using the tools in your website builder program

Most people start by designing the home page and setting it up fully so that when they create additional pages, they can easily link them back to an original source.

The two main things you will need to decide on and create are the content, meaning the writing and information within the site, and the navigation. Both of these should be easy-to-understand and easy to use.

Individual pages often have individual functions but hail back to the original design and layout of the home page. If you're searching for design options and inspiration, check out some design blogs. If you find that the design aspect is of particular interest to you, you might consider a future vocation in that field.

This is also the part of the web building where you figure out how to manage hits, visitors, and maximize the web-users' ability to find you and your site.

4 - Test and take your site live

5 - Continue to update and manage your site

Continuously updating your website will keep it fresh and current and help you maintain a competitive edge rather than fading into obscurity.


Web Analytics Definitions

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hey, Blog. It's Me, Mama.

Dear Blog, 

My sweet and wonderful little blog. How I haved missed you. I am writing this post on what is normally the last day of my work week. If I were not at home, I would not be writing this post. Instead, I would be scrubbing fryers and floors, cooking chicken and cutting meat. Yay. But, alas, I am here with you, spending some *much needed* quality time. 

I have neglected you as of late, sweet bloggy. But, I can't help it. Life has been so crazy lately. I know we all say that, but for realz. 

Why am I not at work? Because I have a week off! Yay (or nay.)! Yay for a week at home, but nay for other reasons. . . 

As many of you know, I have been suffering from some very aggravating and serious health issues since around October or November. I was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White syndrome, a heart condition that basically makes my heart work twice as hard as most people's. I have an extra circuit in my heart, and it sucks. 

I also have no health insurance. I have always been one of the ones without health insurance, but it has never fully affected me to this extent. I have been fighting, and I mean, literally fighting, to find a way to get the procedure I need to fix my heart, since I found out what it was. Problem is, the surgery is around  $30,000+, and that ain't happenin' around here. 

Luckily, after rounds and rounds of horrible fighting, and literally crying after leaving various offices, I have been approved for financial assistance through the great and allmighty University of Kentucky hospital. I will finally get my procedure done on Tuesday. 

I am absolutely scared shitless, but I know what has to be done. Let's face the facts. First and foremost, we are poor. If I don't get this procedure done, I will have to (no ifs ands or buts) take medication for the rest of my life. This medication costs upwards of $100 per month, and the side effects make me feel like shit. The constant fear and anxiety of wondering when my chest is going to decide to hurt is too much for me to handle. (You see, the medication doesn't stop the episodes of my heart acting crazy, it just keeps them from happening so often. So you know it's coming, you just don't know when.)

I hate the feeling that I get when I have an "episode". Dizzy, lightheaded, my heart beats so hard I can literally see it moving through my shirt. I don't know what a heart attack feels like, but I would think it is something like this. I am so tired, fatigued and run down that I can't even play with my kids. I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. (Thus, blog slacking as of late.) I have gained almost 20 lbs because I can't exercise without starting an episode. 

So tomorrow, they will call, and tell me the time to be there on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I will go to have a catheter ablation done. They will cut my groin on both sides, and my neck. They will insert a catheter up to my heart, and then they will check stuff out. They will do a 3D mapping of my heart and find out where the "bad circuit" is located. I will be awake, but sedated. (Let's hope VERY sedated.) Then, they will either burn or freeze the extra pathway off, depending on what my electrophysiologist  decides is best.

I hear that I will be able to feel the actual "burning" of the pathway. I know that afterwards I will have to lay flat for 4-6 hours to make sure everything clots as normal. I hear that after the procedure, my symptoms can feel the same, worse even, as my heart heals. I hear that my heart can be swollen and actually hurt worse for a while, since it is irritated by the catheter. I have read that it can take up to six months to know for sure if the procedure was a success or not. The extra pathway also "regrows" itself in 5-10% of patients, and I will have to have another ablation done if that happens. If the doctor cuts the wrong circuit, I can have to have a pacemaker installed. If the circuit is in a "bad" place, he says he will just stop and do nothing. 

I really like my surgeon. He is nice, friendly, and honest. I trust him. He has said since the very beginning that I am only 26 years old and I should not have to take medication and live in fear for the rest of my life. I agree with that. He says that my kids need a mom that can run and play with them. I agree with that. He says my safety and comfort is his first priority, and if he has to stop the procedure and leave me the way I am, then he will if that is the best option. I like that. I am not excited at all for the complications that could arise, or what will happen if the surgery is not successful. But, I guess I really don't have a choice now. Like my doctor said, I had to go through hell to get this financial assistance, so we better get this over with before they take it away again. 

I am not a religious person. (understatement). I put my faith in the technologies of modern science and medicine, and in the skill and abilities of a man I barely know. I don't really have a choice. I am doing this for my kids, and in order to be there for them longer than my parents were here for me. 

So,on Tuesday, everybody wish me luck and think happy thoughts for mama! I have been waiting a long time for this and I am ready to get it done!

So, while Mama is recovering, if you would like to check out another great blog, SuperMom Wannabe has a great blog! 

KQC X Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts= Hair LOVE!

Okay, guys.. If you know me, you know all about my hair dilemmas. The frizz, the poofiness, the fly-aways. I hate, hate HATE my hair, and I always have. However, since I have discovered the power of a good flat iron, let's just say that I haven't hated my hair *as much*!

Flat Iron Experts was designed for girls like me, who have, shall we say, hair "issues". They sell nothing but the best in the world of flat irons and they offer an extremely impressing variety!

Today I am going to tell you a little about the X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron by KQC. KQC Flat Irons have long been acknowledged as one of the best on the market, and this one is no exception!In fact, I have heard that this flat iron is the #1 seller on Flat Iron Experts website!

This flat iron is definitely a winner!  Okay, first of all, it heats up to 410 degrees in less than 30 seconds! Seriously! I love this aspect, since my old flat iron can take up to 10 minutes to heat up all the way! With the KQC X-Heat, I can be completely *DONE* styling my hair in 10 minutes!

I love the ceramic plates on this flat iron. They turn a dark red color when the iron is warmed up, and the one inch wide plates are just the right size. The tourmaline/ceramic technology makes sure that the heat is distributed evenly, which is super important in preventing hot spots. I mean, come on, how many of us are used to straightening our hair to the wonderful smell of, well.. burnt hair?? I know I am! But not with this baby! This is also the technology that preserves moisture within the hair shaft, eliminates frizz, and causes less damage.

The Negative Ion Technology that this flat iron incorporates is great, too. The negative ions can stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, etc at the scalp level. This leads to healthier, and prettier, hair! The negative ion technology can also help with making hair more voluminous, and can close the hair cuticle, making the hair look much healthier!

This flat iron is a real winner! If you have been "fixing" your hair with a cheap drugstore or department store flat iron, you really need to take a step up. After you treat your hair to what a "real" flat iron can do, you will never go back! You will not be sorry when shopping with Flat Iron Experts! Shipping is free over $50, and they are always offering some kind of great freebie with your order! I'm telling you, ladies, it's time to give your hair what it really deserves! And Flat Iron Experts is here to help you with that! Just click here to check out this awesome flat iron some more!!

Wedding Insurance? Have you ever considered it?

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. And like it or not, there are so many things that can go wrong. No one likes to think about it, but it's the truth. As a woman approaching your wedding day, sometimes it can seem like focusing on all the "what if's?" can take away from a day that is supposed to be wonderful. Wedding Insurance can help you get some peace of mind. 

There are so many different types of wedding insurance, and each one is different. You will have to do your research to decide which one is right for you.  There are tons of different things that can be covered under wedding insurance. 

Some examples are: 

  • cancellation and expenses associated if you must cancel the wedding due to death, illness, extreme weather, etc.. 
  • coverage if one of your wedding suppliers goes bankrupt
  • re-taking of photos, videos, etc in the event that there is a problem with those
  • alternative transport if something happens with your transportation
  • coverage for wedding apparel in regards to loss or irreparable damage
  • coverage for loss or damage of cake/flowers
  • wedding rings for a short period before/after the wedding
  • presents for a short period before/after the wedding
  • public liability for bride/groom, and sometimes all guests
If you are getting married, you might want to consider wedding insurance as an option. Hopefully, you will not need it, but at the very least, it can give you a little bit of piece of mind anyways! Visit this site today to learn more!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The absolute coolest toys ever!

I believe that every kid should have a rocking horse! When I was little, I had a tiny, plain, wooden rocking horse that I loved more than anything in the world! It was chewed on by dogs, drawn on with markers, and completely desecrated, but I loved it so much! 

Today's rocking horses are much, much different than the one I had growing up! The rocking horses from Stevenson Brothers are unlike anything I have ever seen! They have been making rocking horses for over 30 years now,and they are the best! They know what they are doing! 

They use traditional methods to custom craft each and every rocking horse that they make! They can be personalized and customized in any way you wish! Want your family crest engraved on the horse? Ok! How about a name, saying, etc? That's fine! 

I have literally never seen more beautiful toys than the ones that Stevenson Brothers make. These are truly collectible heirlooms that will stay in your family forever. 

The limited edition Rocking Zebra is unlike anything I have ever seen. It truly is so beautiful! 

But, perhaps the most beautiful and sweetest thing I have ever seen, is the Twins Horse. The idea behind it, is so touching, it actually made me tear up. 

Just take a look at what they have to say about the Twins Horse: 

"Being twins ourselves we designed the twins horse with the knowledge of the importance that twins play together. With these horses they can be in the same race side by side, no one wins no one loses.... Each twin has their own horse, and as they grow older and eventually move apart to start a family of their own they can take their horse with them. "

Have you ever heard something so sweet!?? I wish my boys were closer together in age so that I could get one of these for them!Here's a way to  find out more about  Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guest Post: Raising a Hyper Child

How I Turned My Hyper Stepson into a Totally Relaxed and Respectful Kid
When I met my stepson, he was nine years old and out of control. To say he had trouble behaving would be an understatement. He was a hyper kid, but not just the usual “fidgety” kind of hyper. It was beyond that, as though he was purposely being defiant with both household and school rules. I eventually realized that it wasn’t simply that he wouldn’t sit still at dinner or in the classroom. The fact was that he couldn’t.
I remember playing a board game with him one night and watching him uncontrollably jump up and down, yelling random phrases of songs he liked while waiting for his turn. His school work was abysmal, he was always being disciplined for “acting out,” and he couldn’t concentrate on one thing for longer than it took to flip a TV channel.
Three months later, he was as calm a kid as I have ever seen. His behavior improved tremendously, he no longer argued with his mother, and his grades began a slow but steady improvement. What happened? Drugs? Behavioral therapy? Punishment? None of the above.
How Diet Changes Altered His Behavior
Here is what I did that caused this dramatic change without medication and without losing my mind.
When it came to his diet, this is what his day looked like:
·    Sugary cereal or some kind of toaster pastry for breakfast.
·    Then he went to school where he got another snack, usually a doughnut.
·    For lunch, it was the standard school fare void of any real nutrition.
·    After school, another snack to “hold him over” until dinner.
·    For dinner, usually something healthy, like fish, vegetables, and the like.
·    Then, another snack.
·    To drink, soda was the standard and he got almost no water.
No wonder he couldn’t sit still! He was being drowned in sugar and processed foods.
The first thing I did was only allow him snacks and sugar if he ate something healthy first. If he wanted a cookie, he had to first eat an apple. If he wanted a soda, he had to drink 8 ounces of water. Many times he ended up opting for nothing at all, but when he really wanted ice cream, the banana got eaten first.
After a while I starting reducing the size of the snacks slowly, giving him smaller and smaller portions over time.  In a few months, he wasn’t giving me any trouble about eating anything healthy. He got used to it. His entire diet was changed little by little and he didn’t even notice it. Now, he opts for the fruits and veggies instead of candy and chips. He still eats them, but much less often.
How Stress Affects Behavior and Attitude
Be aware that stress is a huge part of a child’s life these days and can affect their behavior.
·    Peer pressure.
·    Hours of homework.
·    Parents struggling in today’s economy.
·    Most kids have two homes they are constantly bouncing between.
·    Report cards.
·    Coaches and parents demanding their best.
When a kid is under any kind of stress, whether mental, physical, or chemical (from drugs, toxic food, etc), the body will dump stress hormones like adrenalin into the bloodstream as part of the “fight or flight” response. Stress hormones inhibit factual learning, memory, and the ability to focus (sound like ADHD?).
If stress becomes chronic, this will be an ongoing problem.
To offset his stress levels, we made sure he was getting enough sleep, had time to be a kid and have fun, got him on some good supplements, and got him involved in some active hobbies.
These simple changes eliminated my stepson’s hyperactivity and behavioral problems completely. It wasn’t necessarily easy, and he resisted the changes as you would expect, but I was persistent knowing that his diet and stress levels were an obvious problem.
Incorporate these things into your child’s life and you’ll see amazing changes.
Dr. Mark is a chiropractor and wellness expert educating parents on how to raise healthy families. His most popular eBook, Curing Type 2 Diabetes, is being sold nationwide. You can visit his blog at The Innate Truth.
Catch Me If You Know How
This book teaches basic computer forensics to any level computer user. You do not need to be an intermediate or advanced computer user to understand this book or to know how to implement any of the procedures. It's very easy to navigate, with clear screenshots as examples.
Stop Cyberbullying
Catch Your Spouse Cheating
Stop Pornography Addiction
Save Your Teen from Suicide
Save Your Child from a Pedophile
Stop a Compulsive Online Gambler
Prevent Mass Murders or Terrorism
Discover Who’s Wasting Company Time
“Wow!!! This is a must read for everyone. Education, Education, Education. I can’t stress it enough. There is information in this book I would never even think of, that is happening all over the world. Help your children, friends and loved ones by becoming knowledgeable about the World Wide Web.”
Denise Brown
Victim Advocate
“In clear, concise and easy-to-understand language, Travis Morgan provides guidance about the use and misuse of computers and helps us all protect kids (and the rest of us!) from being exposed to often harmful materials on-line. Let him walk you through these basics -- we’ll all be better off for it.”
Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH
Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.
“This book is an exceptionally clear and helpful computer forensics tool for the common layperson. As a pathologist in law enforcement, an educator, and a computer hobbyist, I cannot overstate the value of what this author is offering you.”
Edward R. Friedlander M.D.
“I would recommend this book for anyone who owns a computer. This is an easy-to-read and helpful resource to help keep our families safe online.”
Jo Marsden
“I feel that Travis Morgan has created a book that is simple to read with a purpose and focus that is beneficial to all. I feel this book is an excellent resource for parents of any aged children. It shows how to actively monitor computer usage as well as tips for discussing certain issues/behaviors with a child. Additionally, the book encourages an open communication between spouses regarding on-line behaviors. It is a particularly good read for anybody who is not computer savvy.
As an educator and a parent, I would recommend this book as a great resource for anybody wanting to learn how to monitor internet and on-line activity of your child.”
Kevin E. Smisek
High School Administrator & Former Head Coach
“A must read for all parents on how to keep your children safe on the internet. The How-to’s will give you the knowledge to investigate activity and websites that have been viewed on any computer and teach you how to block inappropriate sites. By doing a little research and monitoring your computer, you will ultimately keep your children and family safe on the internet.”
Darlene Tarnoski
Women Against Child Trafficking

Quick Message To My Readers From Mark!

Hey guys, wanted to share a quick message with you guys from a guy named Mark, who is looking to sell his product!

"tired of those same old answering machine messages .then I have one for you I came up with it myself and I must say it is pretty good I will be sending it to you photo copied so you can use your own voice. the price is $10.00 + sase money order only no refunds but trust me you will like it send to Mark copeland P.O. Box 255 Conneautville,Pa. 16406-0255"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

How To Unclog A Drain Fast: The Drain Claw!

Do you have a slow bath drain? We do, and I sadly know why. It's my fault. My hair is everywhere in the drain, all the time. I hate it! 

I am here today to tell you guys about a great product for unclogging drains. This product is called The Drain Claw, and it really works! 

It's a really cool product, kind of like a hose type object, but the end has over 100 tiny hooks to grab hairs and get them out of your drain once and for all! Now you can do it yourself, no more googling "How To Unclog A Drain"!

It's cheap (only about $7.00!), its simple and easy to use, and it works! 

I love that it is an alternative to using harmful chemical drain cleaners! 

If you are tired of trying everything to unclog a drain, it's time to get The Drain Claw!

Great New Couponing Resource!

Hey guys, today I am going to share a great new couponing resource with you that I just discovered.

It's a great E-book by Nadine Brown, called "Coupon Millionaire". It tells you how to save money and make money (!) with the art of couponing!

This is a perfect resource for beginning couponers! The advice shared is simple and straight to the point, without a lot of fluff!

Nadine explains everything to you step by step, and helps you to learn the ropes of couponing easily!

Sometimes the world of couponing can be overwhelming, and it's nice to have a strong, simple foundation on which to grow!

If you would like to check out this book, click here! 

Great Kids Books, Written By A Kid!

My little Tater is turning into quite the budding reader lately, and I am all for that! 

I love to read, and did even more when I was younger, so it is important to me to be able to capture that passion! 

I recently discovered a great book, written by A 4TH GRADER! Seriously, how great is that!!

Jack Quattro writes books for other kids, with the help of his mom, Jacquelyn. His books are in his school library, and many local libraries.

His most popular books is a book titled "Jack's Smelly Noodles", and it looks adorable!

Here's a description:

"Jack is a peculiar kid. He likes to have the same smelly noodles for lunch every day! Jack even wants to bring his smelly noodles to school for lunch. Jack's mother is worried that the kids in Jack's class will laugh at Jack and hold their noses. Jack is determined to bring his smelly noodles to school for lunch!"

How cute is that! I have got to get this book for Tater! He will love it!

I love the idea of a book written by kids, for kids, and I know that my kids will too! Jack's book is available for immediate download on all devices! Get it here from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Babies and Their Poop.

Ohh, babies and their poop. It's sometimes quite shocking for a new mom to see exactly how, well.. gross, baby poop can actually be! 

Baby and kid poop colors can be all over the place! It's like a nasty rainbow! 

I remember calling my sister when Tater was a baby and asking "why does he have green poop?!?"

I was convinced he must be sick, or possessed at the very least! 

Now that I am more of a diaper changing professional, I know not to worry when what you see in the diaper is a little, scary!

Bottom line? Don't freak out, new moms! In this crazy time of your life, anything, even fluorescent poops, can be normal!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well, it's that time again! If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you will remember the awesome baby shower bash that we threw for my best friend Crystal, when her little angel Sadie was born! Now, I am excited to announce that my niece Kimberly is expecting her first baby! So, you guys get ready, 'cause we are throwing another baby shower!

This time around, I am a lot busier, and I am pretty sure I am going to be needing some help! I recently found this site called The Babbling Baby, and I am convinced that they are going to be the ones to help me through this baby shower headache fun! They have baby shower invitations, theme ideas, favors, and so much more!

I was totally pumped when I found out that they even offer a FREE baby shower planning guide! Seriously? These people want to be my new best friends!

I am starting really early this time, and I am actually getting kind of excited about it! I mean, I had such a hard time the last time around, finding everything that I wanted on all sorts of different sites. I would constantly have like 15 tabs open on my computer, comparing prices and seeing if the colors matched just right. I am REALLY excited to have found a site that offers everything I will need for the shower, start to finish, all in one place! LOVE IT! If you are planning a shower, or any special event for that matter, just head on over the The Babbling Baby, they have your back!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Didn't I Have A Cool Bed?

Growing up, this is the bed I had: 

It's not a bad bed. Just a regular, old bed. 

But, these days? This kind of bed is unheard of!! 

I was recently browsing around the bedstar store site, and you would not believe the awesome kid's beds that I found! 

I am sooo jealous! 

Either one of my boys would LOVE this bed! 

And look at this one! 

This one is pretty cool too! 

And, come on, I would like this one now! LOL! 

I am really loving these awesome beds! I wish that I would have had one of these when I was younger! 

So, tell me guys, do your kids have a cool bed? Or just a regular one? I am really curious to know how many people buy these for their kids! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Online Kids Games and Safety.

If your kids are anything like mine, they are crazy about playing online kids games. For Tater, he is still pretty young so he mostly wants to play things like PBS Kids and and stuff, so I am pretty confident, for the most part, that he is safe. 

I recently found a great article for reminding us all of how to keep our kids safe while playing online games, and about safety of gamers in general. Here are a few really important points to remember, both about kids online games and gamer safety in general. 

  • When downloading free kids games or applications, watch for small tick boxes (check boxes) that need to be deselected in order to prevent additional spyware files being downloaded to your PC.
  • Supervise your kids when they are playing online games that have chat facilities. Kids can be duped into downloading files from people they believe to be friendly gamers.
  • Don’t ever give out personal details during an online conversation, and educate your kids to do the same. Even simply supplying your full name can be enough for scammers to piece together other information and infect your PC with online spyware.
  • Before installing new games, whether downloaded or bought in a retail store, check the requirements. Some games require an internet connection to check the validity of the game, but will also share your e-mail address with a third party unless to explicitly deny this option. Take your time installing games and carefully read all the pop up dialogues to avoid online spyware from game installations.
  • Don’t become complacent about installing games, software, or chatting online. Even reputable websites like Yahoo Games, MSN Games, or Xbox Live carry risks as they all allow text chatting with other gamers. Never divulge information to or download files from other gamers you do not personally know.

I really had no idea that KIDS games would be a such a source of danger on the internet! These are all really important points to remember and I hope that you guys will keep them in mind as well! 

Ready For Summer!

I don't know about you guys, but I am so ready for Summer! I am ready to get outside and hang out with the boys. Fix up the pool, have a cookout, etc.. I can't wait!

I really need to get a few things to outfit the yard for the warmer months..

Maybe a garden bench like this one:
Or maybe a sun lounger like this one:

I would also really like to get some garden fencing to go around my garden, to try to keep the critters out. I repeat, TRY, since I never can fully succeed!

I wish here in the USA, we had a great place to shop for these kinds of things like they do over in the UK. Hayes Garden World is a one stop shop for all things garden, outdoors, and well, Summery! I love it!

For all of my UK readers, this is definitely a site to check out! They also have tons of great info on this site to that is valuable to all readers, not just in the UK! Check 'em out today!

Today, A Message For You From YouAppi!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I know that girls are supposed to dream about wedding dresses or something. But I am the girl who dreams about kitchens. Seriously. Weird? Maybe, but true.

I recently discovered a kitchen design company called AKD (Artistic Kitchen Designs), and they have some kitchen designs that seriously made me drool...

Take a look at these:

I mean, they have designs for all types of kitchens. 

I would have to say that my favorite type of kitchen design is the transitional kitchen, which combines design aspects of old and new. Traditional, yet modern. I really love the fact that you can take any kind of stance that you want with a transitional kitchen. There really aren't many rules.

Another great type of kitchen design options that they have are green kitchens. Everyone is eco friendly these days, and I for one would love to be able to have a "green" kitchen and incorporate some cork or bamboo flooring. How cool!

So, if you are looking for a green kitchen design, an art deco kitchen design, or even something really traditional or modern, I encourage you guys to check out this site, you will really love it!

So, it's the dye?

As most of you know, we have been having some serious behavior issues with our oldest, Tater. Never before have I been so frustrated at this fun little adventure called parenting. It seems like sometimes he can just flip a switch, and go from my lovable, sweet, good-hearted boy to an effing demon. Really, I have been hearing it all, from "I hate you", to "I wish you were dead", to "You are a really bad mommy." Throw in a little bit of kicking and punching walls, and being mean to his little brother, and I have a regular little devil here. What I just dont GET is the way it can come and go so suddenly, like the flip of a switch. 

Recently, I have been going back and forth entertaining the idea that perhaps his diet is to blame. He has never been a good eater, but has always been tall and skinny. However, in the last month or two, he has gained about 10 pounds, and he looks, well.. bloated. Plus the horrible attitude and behavior.. 

I came across several great blogs that detail kid's behavior problems caused by food dyes. I really think we are on to something with this. I have slowly been removing them from his diet, only to see his meltdowns slow down as well. The other day, he had a couple of gummy worms, and guess what? Back to horrible again. 

I wish there were some way for me to know FOR SURE that is is the food dye. I am always second guessing myself on any and all subjects, so I don't know whether or not to believe that this easy solution could really solve all of our problems.

My question is, Do any of you have experience with dye related behavior issues? I would love to hear from you!

(BTW, if you are already planning a vacation for this Summer, make sure you check out these really cool printable children's travel guides to help keep your kids occupied (and QUIET!!) on the way! )

Kentucky Storm Victims Need Help.

Even if you don't live here in Kentucky, you probably are well aware of the horrible tornadoes that hit us on Friday of last week. It was a very scary ordeal for my family, even though we were spared from the worst damage in my area. I had to pack a bag for my boys and I, and head to my sister's house. We live in a mobile home, and staying here was not an option. Not when they are saying things like "Massive Tornado Outbreak", and you hear that The Weather Channel and Storm Chasers are in town. Not cool at all. 

But, by now, as we all know, it's over and gone. And the damage has been done. 

My heart is so sad for these people. I know that it could very easily have been my family. 

I have been trying to send clothing, toys, etc to the shelters, but they are now asking people not to send those things, and to only send cash and groceries. So, if anyone would like to donate, I am taking donations at my PayPal address: I will take all donations to buy water, canned goods, etc for the storm victims to make sure they get what they need. If you are interested in helping, just use the PayPal address listed above. Thanks everyone!

(PS. While I have your attention, I would like to take a minute to tell you guys about a great sweepstakes that is running until March 16! 

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Random Rant.

I hate standing in line. Seriously, for a mom with two kids, I am pretty much the most impatient person I know. I show up early everywhere, and then I have to stand in a horrible line. I absolutely hate it, especially when I am with the boys. They are soooo bad at waiting. And another thing? Why all the barricades and velvet rope? I mean, I am all for crowd control, but it so aggravating to have to go through a maze of stanchions to get to the front of the line. Sigh. If you can't tell, I have been standing in line a lot lately, ha ha! I am going to take a nap, and maybe I will wake up more patient! LOL!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grants For Single Mothers!

I dropped out of college after one semester. Right after that, I wound up pregnant with Tater. And then, Bean. And now, here I am, 26 years old, and I have still not gone back to school. The whole process just has seemed to evade me and make me uncomfortable and nervous. Today I would like to share some ideas for moms who are looking to go back to school!

If you are a mom like me, who would like to go back to school, I would like to share with you some tips today about how to make it work! There are tons of grants for single mothers out there! You just have to know where to find them! The whole process can be sort of daunting and confusing, but it doesn't have to be!

You can do this! The first step in getting a grant to be able to go back to school is to fill out the FASFA. The FAFSA is the Free Application For Student Aid. It is a little lengthy, and might seem to be a little scary to fill out. Here is a video on how to fill out a FAFSA Application that might help you! This is the first step to getting any kind of financial aid for college. It doesn't matter if you are a single mother or not, make sure to apply and see what you qualify for!

My biggest advice?? Don't give up! I gave up, and I still regret it to this day! I am in the process of working on going back to school, but it really is true what they say, once you quit, it is so hard to go back! Hang in there ladies, you can make it happen!

Tacoma Criminal Lawyer Cristine Beckwith

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in the Tacoma, Washington area, I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about Cristine Beckwith. She has been a DUI Lawyer and criminal attorney since 2004. She has a very small range of clients she takes, including only criminal, DUI, domestic violence, and juvenile defense. By not taking on a wide range of clients, she is able to stay on the cutting edge of all the law and help provide her clients with the best defense available.

She believes in communicating with her clients to make sure they know exactly what is going on with their cases, and she will keep you in the know with what is going on in yours. Cristine established Beckwith Law Group in 2007, and she has been the lead attorney on THOUSANDS of DUI and Criminal Cases. If you would like to speak with her, you can call her at (253) 238-8273 or visit her website here! 


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