Saturday, March 17, 2012

Great Kids Books, Written By A Kid!

My little Tater is turning into quite the budding reader lately, and I am all for that! 

I love to read, and did even more when I was younger, so it is important to me to be able to capture that passion! 

I recently discovered a great book, written by A 4TH GRADER! Seriously, how great is that!!

Jack Quattro writes books for other kids, with the help of his mom, Jacquelyn. His books are in his school library, and many local libraries.

His most popular books is a book titled "Jack's Smelly Noodles", and it looks adorable!

Here's a description:

"Jack is a peculiar kid. He likes to have the same smelly noodles for lunch every day! Jack even wants to bring his smelly noodles to school for lunch. Jack's mother is worried that the kids in Jack's class will laugh at Jack and hold their noses. Jack is determined to bring his smelly noodles to school for lunch!"

How cute is that! I have got to get this book for Tater! He will love it!

I love the idea of a book written by kids, for kids, and I know that my kids will too! Jack's book is available for immediate download on all devices! Get it here from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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  1. This really is an adorable book! It teaches kids that it's OK to like their favorite foods even if they do seem strange.
    My son's teacher read it to his class. The kids loved it!


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