Sunday, September 25, 2011

OMFG. Getting Rid of The Pacifier.

So, we have been paci- free in this house for an hour and forty-three minutes. I think I am going to die. Seriously, why in the hell is this so hard? I did this once before, about four years ago.. and the results were MUCH different. When Tater gave up his paci, he was almost one and a half. We took them all outside to these stray kittens that lived in our backyard, (he was obsessed with them lol) and he gave them to them, willingly. And that was that. 

Bean, on the other hand.. another story! He is so obsessed with the thing! He has been screaming hysterically for almost two hours! Ohhh, the tears! He is so pitiful! He just keeps saying "Ohhhh Nooo Baaaa!" (That's what he calls it.) Poor little baby! I am so tired of this.. I just want to give it back lol.. I am not strong anymore... Sigh. 

I know it will be better for him (and us!) once it is gone for good! I hate seeing it stuffed in his mouth, and especially when he talks with it in! This is a big step for him becoming a "big boy" and I will just be very grateful when it is all said and done! 

What about you guys? Any tips for getting your little ones off of the paci?

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