Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Veggie Tales DVDS! (Review)

My sweet little Bean is just now getting to the point where he is interested in TV. So, I have been trying to find acceptable things for him to watch. I don't want to rot his brain, just yet anyways.. 

So, when we got the chance to review a couple of new Veggie Tales DVD's, I was really excited! I knew that these would be perfect for him! 

I was really excited about the "Larry Learns To Listen" dvd. ANYTHING that can help my Bean be a better listener is welcome in this house! He has a tendency to be very stubborn, so I was hoping at least a little bit of good listening would be absorbed from this DVD! 

Here's a rundown of Larry Learns To Listen: 

When Larry’s new Space Squadron game finally arrives, he’s so anxious to play that he forgets to read the directions. When his friends do their best to tell him, Larry refuses to listen! What happens? His game goes ‘KERPOW!’ That’s when Larry learns a valuable lesson in listening as his friends come to the rescue. Kids will discover, right along with Larry, that God gave friends and family to help us through each day—so when we listen we don’t miss what others have to say!  Also includes two classic shows: “Pistachio” and “Josh and the Big Wall”.

This was a really cute DVD! It was a little over an hour long and actually kept Bean entertained throughout most of it. I think he really liked the Veggies bright colors, and he definitely liked the songs! He was dancing around the whole time!

We also got to review "Bob Lends a Helping Hand!" I knew we would have to wait until Tater was home to watch this one, because I really need him to be more into helping others (especially mommy!). 
Here's a little bit about this one: 
When Joe's mom breaks her big left toe, Bob the Tomato decides to help.  Larry and Joe offer their 'superhero' help, too, but that's not exactly what Bob has in mind.  Kids will discover right along with Larry and Joe that everyone can be a superhero if you lend a helping hand!

Includes two classic shows:
"Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue" and "Lyle the Kindly Viking

This was another super cute one, and it actually held Tater's interest too, much to my surprise! I am glad that both of my boys enjoyed these so much, and it is always nice to have a tv show or dvd to pull out when you want to reinforce a lesson that you are trying to teach them! As always, Veggie Tales knows just what moms need!

disclosure: I received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample was received, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received.

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