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The Most Family Friendly Travel Destinations In Asia

Asia is a magnificent part of the world that should definitely be part of your family bucket list. It offers
unique experiences, plenty of paradise locations, and fun for the whole family too. Most families are a
little bit cautious about traveling to this part of the world as it’s usually very far away, and they’re
scared that it’s not family-friendly.

On the contrary, there are loads of really family-friendly places to visit in Asia. So, here’s a list of the
best places you and your family should think about traveling to for your next big holiday:

Supertrees in Singapore. Source


If you’re looking for a safe place to travel with your kids, then Singapore is your best pick. The crime
rates here are extremely low, and it’s just the ideal place to take your family. They’ve got a public
transport system that’s very easy to use, as well as being incredibly clean. It’s a country that never
makes you feel on edge, and there are also plenty of things to grab the whole family’s attention too.
If I had to recommend one place to visit, it would be the Gardens by the Bay. This is a magical place
that’s home to some supertrees - which are basically futuristic looking trees that’ll leave your kids
staring open-eyed in awe! Another great thing about Singapore is that it has loads of high-quality
family hotels to stay in. Pretty much all of them have indoor/outdoor pools, and if you really want
to splash the cash, there are some with infinity pools on the top floor too.

Penang, Malaysia. Source


Malaysia is one of the most paradisal places in Asia. I’m not sure that’s actually a word, but you get
the idea; it’s a pure paradise! This country is very safe, and there are loads of accommodation options
if you want to stay in apartments or rent out a condo for a week or so. Admittedly, it doesn’t offer much
by way of mainland attractions, but all the joy lies on the coast and off-shore. One of the best places
to go is up north in a city called Kota Kinabalu. It has a nature park, aquariums, and plenty of
family-friendly beaches. This is the perfect place to spend a few days if you want a little fun with your
kids. Or, for a more relaxed holiday, head to Penang. Here, you get a very authentic Asian experience,
in a city that’s nice and peaceful, without the buzz you usually get in Southeast Asian countries that
are overrun by tourists.
Hong Kong
Some of you may already know why I’ve picked Hong Kong as a family-friendly travel destination,
but for those that don’t, I’ll give you a clue; a famous mouse and his friends live there. If you still
don’t get what I’m trying to say, there’s a Disneyland in Hong Kong! Not only that, but it’s one of the
best ones in the world. Right away, you’ve got days of family fun rolled into one package. You can
stay in Disneyland Hong Kong, or you can set up camp in an apartment or hotel in the central city
areas. I think the second option is the best, purely as it lets you see other parts of the country and
explore the fantastic shopping districts as well! You can always go on day trips to Disneyland, so your
kids will be thoroughly entertained. Much like Singapore, it’s a place that’s very easy to get around
with a family, which is always a massive bonus. Plus, the food here is incredible, and there will always
be something that your kids enjoy.


A country with a very deep and meaningful history, Vietnam has evolved into one of the world’s best
travel destinations. It’s a country of choice for many individuals going on a gap year, but it’s also one
of the top places to take your family in Southeast Asia. Why? Because it’s full of some really great
family-friendly attractions that will keep everyone entertained throughout your vacation. There are
islands like Phu Quoc that provide endless quiet beaches that your family can relax on, along with
loads of other amazing things like nature parks and so on. There’s even a safari and theme park that
lets your kids get up close with nature while also getting to experience a thrill on some brilliant rides.
Then, from your perspective, you get to explore a beautiful country that you’ve probably heard so
much about in history lessons throughout your school years. It’s a fascinating place, and it’s well
worth checking out some museums and tours to do with the Vietnam War while you’re there.

Disneyland in Shanghai. Source


A lot of people worry that China isn’t a fun place to go on holiday, but it really depends on where
you go. For me, Shanghai is an excellent family holiday destination as it has so much to offer.
Compared to other cities in the country, it’s very modern and packed full of home comforts that’ll
make you feel at ease. There’s a zoo, water park, museums (including a wax museum), safaris,
and plenty of brilliant parks as well. Then, you have the main focus of your attention;
another Disneyland! Again, this is one of the biggest and best versions out there, with so many rides,
endless characters, and plenty of things for you to enjoy along with your kids. So, if you’ve always
wanted to visit China, but have been worried about taking your children, then choose Shanghai as
your vacation destination.


Along with China, Japan is one of the most well-known countries in this area of the world. People
don’t often look at it as a holiday place, but there’s actually lots to do here. Tokyo is a very busy city
with a brilliant public transport system that makes it easy to get around. It’s also home to loads of
cool technology, which means staying in your hotel an experience in its own right! Plus, what a lot of
people don’t realize is that there are so many theme parks in this city alone. It’s got more than enough
to keep your children entertained, and you could even travel to another city to get an experience of
the legendary bullet trains.

You can travel to the top of the Tapei 101 skyscraper for amazing views. Source


Lastly, we have a country that hardly anyone talks about when it comes to Southeast Asian vacations.
Even individuals make the mistake of missing it out, but Taiwan has so much to offer. The main source
of your attractions is Tapei; the capital city. Here, you have an abundance of things to whet your
appetite for fun. You’ve got beautiful temples, a massive skyscraper with incredible views, and even
an amusement park for kids. Then, there’s the wildlife - which is an absolute beauty to behold. Get up
close to some pandas and see so many other animals that you’ll never see over here. It’s the type of
place you leave feeling like you’ve gained a lot from the experience, while also having loads of fun too.
For me, it’s the hidden gem on this list.

If you’re planning a family vacation for next year - or even further in the future - then Asia is a great
place to consider. As you can see, there are plenty of family-friendly destinations for you to enjoy
with the kids. Naturally, you have other things to think about when planning your trip, such as
vaccinations and other issues like that. So, I strongly advise you read up on Southeast Asian travel
before you go, just to be on the safe side!

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