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Mastering Bedtime: How To Get Your Kids To Sleep Better

Mastering Bedtime: How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Better

Getting children to appreciate just how great sleep is can sometimes be a challenge! However, not only is it
really important for their wellbeing that they get enough sleep, but it can also often be important for your
own sanity as a parent to know you can get them settled and have some quiet time of your own in the evening.
All children and families are different, so finding what works when it comes to the right bedtime and night time
routine for you and your child may take some trial and error. However, here are some tips to help you master

Make Their Bedroom Relaxing

Kids can find it hard to sleep when there are lots of things to distract them in their rooms. If there are lots of
toys and games out or their rooms are overstimulating rather than calming, then they can feel tempted to stay
awake, wanting to play even when they are tired! Make sure their room is as tidy as possible before bedtime
and their bed is comfortable and welcoming. You should also ensure they aren’t too hot or cold at night, as this
can make it hard for anyone to sleep. Look for soft, breathable quilt covers for kids in designs they like, and
consider changing their duvet or sheets for lighter or heavier ones to match the season.

Stick To A Routine

Kids tend to respond well to routines, so establishing one that they can go through each evening to prepare
them for bed can allow them to feel like they know what to expect each night. This can stop them trying to
push things when it comes to staying up later, and also means it is clear to them that it is a special occasion
if you do let them stay up later sometimes, for example, at weekends, rather than a new precedent! A good
routine for younger kids could be getting them washed and into their pyjamas after dinner, then allowing a f
ixed amount of time for things like TV or reading before it is time for bed. Having an actual ‘tucking in’ routine
every night can also help kids form good sleeping habits.

Avoid Too Much Excitement in the Evening!

The last hour or two before you want your children to go to bed is best spent doing calming things that can help
them begin to relax ready for sleep. Exciting activities that get them hyped up, such as sports or playing
particularly thrilling video games, are best done earlier in the evening so your child isn’t expected to switch
gear from running around or being excited to falling asleep in an instant! Reading, watching a familiar film or
cartoon, or playing calmly can all help your child begin to feel ready for bed.

Comfortable Sleepwear

Another good way to help children to sleep better is to make sure they have sleepwear that they love and find
comfortable. Some kids find a nightshirt or nightdress more comfortable than pyjamas. Most kids, however,
are much happier about getting ready for bed when they find their sleep clothes appealing, for instance, items
with their favourite characters on them. As with bedding, it is important to make sure they have nightwear
that is suitable for the temperature in their room.
Try different relaxing things to do in the evenings, until you can develop a routine that your child enjoys. By
making bedtime comfortable, predictable, and calming, your child should soon begin to resist less when it is
time for them to go to sleep!

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