Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Huggable Teddy Bears Has Cute Gifts For Everyone!

Is there anyone that doesn't like teddy bears? 

I mean really? 

Young or old, boys or girls, everyone loves teddy bears! 

I recently discovered Huggable Teddy Bears, and they have some of the cutest gifts ever! 

Whether you are looking for a Mother's Day Gift, Birthday Gift, or Graduation Gift, you can find it at their site! 

Check out my very favorites: 

This one is FIVE FEET TALL! 

We received this one to review: 

He is such a cute little guy! 

Bean is in love with this bear!

I didn't even realize that he didn't have a lovey, until he got ahold of this bear! 

Now they are inseparable, it is so sweet! 

I have a feeling that this little bear is going to need lots of washing! 

If you want to check out some of the cutest teddy bears you have ever seen, click here!

I think everybody, baby or not, should have at least one special teddy bear in their life!

Go get yours today!

disclosure: I received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample was received, all opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation.

A New Chapter In My Life.

Well, it is almost time to open a new door in my life. 

Tomorrow is the day that I go for orientation at my new job. 

(The place shall remain nameless, I don't wanna open up that can of worms!) 

This is a big deal for me. 

I have been at my current waitress job for nine years. 

Since I was sixteen! 

I used to get off the school bus there. 

But, alas, the time has come. 

I am terribly excited to work for a big company. 

I am not all that excited for the work I will be doing in the beginning, but I am pumped to have the possibility to advance, to actually be something when I grow up. 

Am I excited? Yes. 

Am I scared? Out of my freaking mind. 

I feel like I am going to puke. 

But, I am ready for this! 

Wish me luck, bloggy friends! I will let you know how it goes!

My Puppy Is Happy Thanks To Milo's Kitchen! Plus GIVEAWAY

For those of you who haven't already met him, this is my pup. 

Tucker is a very good boy, and works very hard around here. 

On a daily basis, you can find him being ridden like a horse, used as a pillow, (or in some cases blanket), dressed up like an army man/zombie/Batman, occasionally painted with fingerpaints, chasing birds (and breaking out the windows in the process...) taking a bath with the children ( I am not even joking!), among other important duties. 

Sometimes, he deserves a treat! 

Tucker was super excited to be able to try the new Milo's Kitchen Home Style Dog Treats from Del Monte. 

I really liked the concept behind these treats. They are made with the same quality of ingredients and care that us people want our own food to be made!

They are 100% real jerky, sausage slices, and meatballs! Milo's Kitchen dog treats contain no artificial colors or flavors, and only use high quality real meat or chicken. 

I really like the fact that I don't have to worry about what is in these dog treats! Sometimes we pick up some cheap treats for Tucker and I am always a little bit uneasy about what is really in them. I mean, I love him like I love my kids, so I don't want to give him anything that could potentially hurt him! 

Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats come in four delicious (I'm taking Tucker's word for it!) varieties: 
Beef Jerky

100% real beef jerky slow cooked to bring out the beefy flavor and satisfying chewiness!

Chicken Jerky

Real chicken filets slow cooked to create a chewy and delicious treat!

Beef Sausage Slices With Rice

Savory sausage slices bursting with meaty flavor for the great taste dogs crave! 

Chicken Meatballs

Tender, home-style meatballs cooked to bring out the enticing aroma! 

Another thing that I really like about these is that they come in three different sizes, so you can buy a little or a lot depending on your dog's needs! 

I have really grown to trust Del Monte Pet Products over the years. They make many trusted brands including Meow Mix, Kibbles 'n Bits, Snausages, 9 Lives, Pup-Peroni, Milk Bone, Meaty Bone and Pounce. Just by reading that list, you really know that they know what they are doing when it comes to the pet food market! 

Tucker Says:

Surprise, Surprise, Tucker was a huge fan of these treats! He seemed to like the meatballs the best. That doesn't surprise me, since he camps out under the table whenever we have spaghetti, waiting for someone to drop a meatball! I think his second favorite was the beef jerky. He actually didn't gobble it all down in one bite, he surprisingly laid down with it and enjoyed chewing on it for awhile. 

Hmm, look at this face?? Do you think he enjoyed them? 

He's ready for more!

Now, your turn!!

One lucky Flip Out Mama reader will win some Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats of their own to try with their pooch! 

**Mandatory Entry**
What is your dog's favorite treat?

I know I've been bogging you guys down with the extra entries lately, so let's leave this one with just one simple entry!

Contest will end on 7/20/2011 at approx 11:59 pm. Winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification or an alternate winner will be chosen. USA residents only, please. Sponsoring company will be responsible for fulfillment of prize shipment. Good luck! 

Disclosure: I received a sample of the above mentioned product in order to provide a thorough review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was given.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Best Family Destinations Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have always liked to learn. Ever since I was little, I have been a "geek".

I loved school, and I remember reading the World Book Encyclopedias when I was younger. 

(This was way before Google!)

So, when I got the chance to do a review for The Complete Idiot's Guide Book Series, I was really excited! There is so much for me to learn! 

The Complete Idiot's Guide Books cover just about any topic you can think of! I mean really!

Here are some of my favorites: 

I was so excited to receive The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Best Travel Destinations! We have never been on a "real" family vacation, but that doesn't stop me from planning them anyways. I am always on Trip Advisor, planning what we are going to do on our hypothetical getaway! 

This book is great! 

It has different chapters for the different regions of the USA, so you can plan your trip based on what region you're going to. It covers destinations in just about every state, so no matter where you're going, there's something fun for you right around the corner! 

It covers lots of different types of attractions, from historical to theme parks, to natural beauty! No matter what your family is into, this book will be able to help you plan! 

I plan on keeping this book handy for when we really do get that long awaited family vacay! 

One Lucky Flip Out Mama reader will win a copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Best Family Destinations"!!

Mandatory Entry: 
**If you could choose any destination to take your family, where would it be?**

Contest will end on 7/20/2011 at 11:59pm. Open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification or an alternate winner will be chosen. Sponsor is responsible of fulfillment and shipment of prizes. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tonka Trucks from Funrise Toys = A Boy's Best Friend! (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)

When you hear the name "Funrise Toys", you may not think that you know this company very well. 

But, if you have kids, ESPECIALLY boys, you know Funrise Toys very well! 

Hmm, have you ever heard of

Yep, that's right! Funrise Toys is the company that makes those wonderful Tonka toys that fill up every boy's toy box! 

I was surprised at how many other brands of toys Funrise Toys makes that we have in our home! 

Not only are they the company that manufactures Tonka trucks, they also produce Gazillion Bubbles products, Shelcore toys (one of my favorite brands for my little Bean!) and Sassy Stables, not to mention many, many more! 

I was thrilled to find out that I really already knew this company, without even knowing that I did!

You should have seen my Tater's face when this arrived at our doorstep: 

He seriously thought it was his birthday! He kept saying "Is this my birthday present?!?!" 

This Road Crew truck is so awesome! It has a flashing light directional sign, that uses Hyper Glow LED technology! 

It is a really cool little truck! I have never seen anything quite like this, and neither had Tater. He was so excited to see it in action! 

And once he saw it light up, that was it! He played with that thing in the dark hallway for about two hours! He kept saying "Mom, it lights up!!" 

It was so good to see a toy that wasn't a video game keep my big guy's attention for more than five minutes! 

Tonka really has a hit with this one!
After playing with his truck, we had to go online and see what other kind of cool trucks Tonka has! 

Check out all the awesome ones we found: 

Of course, all of these made our Christmas list! (Yes, my son has a Christmas list in June.He's weird.) 

While we were on the Funrise Toys site, we browsed around and looked for what other cool toys they had! 

We found these cuties for Bean: 
And more, of course, for Tater: 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Funrise Toys for filling up our Christmas list! 

If you wanna check out the awesome toys that Funrise Toys makes, just click here

Oh wait! That's not all! 

One lucky Flip Out Mama reader will win a Tonka Road Crew truck just like the one we received!! 

**Mandatory Entry**
Tell me a memory you have of Tonka trucks! 

Extra Entries: 
+1 follow Flip Out Mama on Google Friend Connect (right sidebar!)

+follow Flip Out Mama on Networked blogs (right sidebar)

+1 follow Flip Out Mama on Facebook 

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+2 extra entries PER DAY!! tweet about/blog about/facebook this giveaway! Make sure to leave a direct link back to this giveaway, then leave two comments telling me that you did! You can do this one every single day! 

This giveaway will end on 7/15/2011 at approx 11:59 pm. Winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification or an alternate winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for shipment of prizes, that is handled by the sponsoring company. Open to US residents only. 
Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product in order to conduct a fair and honest review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was recieved.

You already know I love me some Chilis!

But Come ON! I could not resist telling you guys about this great deal that Chili's is going to have starting tomorrow June 27 and running through Wednesday June 29! 

They are having this awesome MargarEATathon deal that is only $35 and includes an appetizer, two entrees, a dessert, and my personal favorite part, two margaritas for only $35! What a smokin' deal! 

Too bad I am broke this week! But maybe some of you guys can enjoy this deal for me! Hurry, it's only three days! 

disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just love me some Chili's!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mom Needs Advice: Too Lazy To Walk?

Last month, my sweet little Bean turned one. 

He has absolutely ZERO interest in walking. 

Is this normal? 

Tater was walking well before his first birthday, so I am not sure....

Bean can stand up, while holding on to something, and occasionally lets go.... 
He cruises around as long as he has something to hold onto... 

But he just doesn't want to walk. 

If I hold his hands and try to "help" him walk, he screams and pulls his legs up, refusing to stand up. 

He seems to have no interest in learning... 

What do you guys think?

Should I be concerned? 

His little knees are so bruised up from being on them all the time... 

I just really wish he would TRY... 

He is so close, but seems not to care if he ever walks on his own... 

What do you guys think???

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Motherhood: Something to Laugh about and an AWESOME Car Seat Giveaway!

As much as we all want to pretend that life with babies and kids is peachy and perfect, us moms know better!

Have you ever had an experience with your little ones that, after it was over, you thought to yourself, "Damn, I should get an award for that!!!!"

Well, don't wait for someone else to give you one, now, thanks to The First Years, you can give yourself an award!

The First Years just introduced The Brag Badge, a fun and unique way for moms to share all the important FIRSTS that are a way of life for us!

Not only is The Brag Badge a great way to celebrate milestones, it's also a way to laugh at those all too common, not-so-perfect mommy moments, and remember that we are all in this together! ("Oh, her kid just peed in the closet too?? Shew, what a relief!!")

Here's my brag badge:

This is the official "I'm The Idiot That Took Two Kids Camping In The Rain" badge!!

Would you like to create your own and share with your friends?

Just go here to fix one up!

Oh, yeah, almost forgot!!!

Who's ready for an awesome giveaway!?!?!

Yeah, that's right!

One lucky Flip Out Mama winner will win a True Fit Recline Convertible Car Seat from The First Years! 

This isn't just any car seat, you see! This is the C650, the big daddy of car seats! 

This car seat has been awarded a five star ease-of-use rating from the NHTSA.... You know what that means?? EASY!!! 

This car seat is designed for babies as small as 5 pounds, and up to 65 pounds. Yep, that's the ENTIRE time your kid will need a five point harness!!!

Repeat this with me: "ONE CAR SEAT. ONE CAR SEAT." Are there any sweeter words in the world of car seats? 

Here's a full list of the True Fit Recline C650 features:

  • Removable headrest for better rear-facing installation, can be used rear facing with headrest for infants up to 35lbs.

  • Easy-to-read center angle indicator with two position settings

  • Easy adjust, no rethread harness for use to 65lbs

  • Multi-position crotch strap adjustment

  • Easy-off pad, snaps on and off with out rethreading harness

  • Color-coded belt paths for easy installation

  • Built-in lock offs for both rear- and forward-facing installation, external LATCH storage

  • Two-position recline for better installation

  • Deep side wings, side-impact tested to international standards

  • For use with children 5-65lbs and up to 50' tall

  • Weight: 19lbs. 

  • ARV: $199.99

  • Ahhh, I am so excited to have the opportunity to do a giveaway for this car seat! We received one of the same car seats last week, and my little Bean is on Cloud Nine when he is riding in the car now! He had been in a cheap and funky hand-me-down seat from Tater, but not anymore!!!

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the First Years for the opportunity to give one of these to one of you!

    Now, here's how to enter!

    **Mandatory Entry**

    Tell me what YOU need a parenting Brag Badge for! Get creative, this should be fun!

    **Extra Entries**
    You do not have to do these entries to be entered to win, but they do improve your chance of winning! 

    +1 Extra Entry: Follow Flip Out Mama through Google Friend Connect. This is located in the right sidebar. Leave a comment on this post telling me you are a follower. 

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    +1 Extra Entry: Follow Flip Out Mama on Facebook. Click here to go to my page. Then leave a comment on this post telling me you are a follower. 

    +2 extra entries: "Like" The First Years on Facebook and tell them Flip Out Mama sent you! Click here to go to that page. Then leave a comment on this post telling me you are a follower.

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    Leave a comment on this post telling me you follow. 

    +1 Extra Entry: 
    Follow Flip Out Mama on Twitter 
    Leave a comment on this post telling me you follow. 



    Good luck to everyone and a big thank you to The First Years for allowing me the chance to host such a wonderful giveaway for my readers! 

    Please tell your friends! I would love to have a ton of entries for such a wonderful prize! 

    Here are the "rules" etc. 

    This contest is open to USA only, because the car seat is not available in Canada. Contest will end on 7/10/2011 at approx 11:59 pm. Winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification or an alternate winner will have to be chosen. I am not responsible for prize fulfillment, that is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring company. If you have any questions about how to enter, please email me at I would be happy to help you! 

    Good Luck Everybody! 

    Simple Garden Winner and Upcoming Stuff!

    Okay, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I thought everyone would like to see a cute fat baby playing with pans! 

    Our Simple Garden Giveaway has ended and I am excited to announce the winners! 

    Grand Prize Winner: 
    #13, Peaceful Wishing! 

    Two First Prize Winners: 
    #24, dcmnjc@...
    #9, Charity! 

    I have just sent you guys an email with instructions on how to claim your prize!!! 

    Now onto some really exciting stuff we have coming up in the next few days! 

    We are lucky enough to be hosting a ton of great giveaways! Here are just a few of the things you will be able to win: 

    Sports Fan Care Package From Gourmet Gift Baskets!

    $200 Convertible Car Seat from The First Years! This Car Seat can be used from 5-65 lbs! 

    Sun Protection Hat (winner's choice!) from iplay babywear 

    Dog Treats from Milo's Kitchen! 

    Plus, many more still in the works that I can't announce yet!

    We will also have some reviews up for some awesome products!

    I am really excited to tell you about the HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola Xoom for Verizon Wireless!

    If you guys know me, you know how excited I am to be working with Verizon, it's all I've been talking about and I have SO much cool stuff to share with you!

    I also can't wait to tell you guys about the wonderful Strongback chair that I got to take camping!

    And just wait til you see what did with this photo of my boys!!!

    As you can see, lots of big happenings on the blog this upcoming week, so get ready!

    Also, if you ever have any questions on how to enter a giveaway, please feel free to contact me anytime at I would be more than happy to walk you through the process! Please don't miss out on entering because you are nervous about how to do it!

    Well, going to get to work on a few things, and I will be "seeing" you guys again soon!

    Mama :)

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Father's Day 2011: Simple Green Outdoor Cleaning Kit Review PLUS GIVEAWAY!

    I love Simple Green's cleaning products for my home. Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen counters, nasty spills on my tile, it works. And it works good. 

    But when I was planning on including Simple Green in my Father's Day Gift Guide? I was a bit hesitant. 
    Even though Simple Green was sending me an Outdoor Cleaning Kit.. I kept thinking.. 

    My hubs is not me. While I enjoy cleaning products, vacumns, bread machines, pots and pans, workout dvds, (all the things you are NOT supposed to buy a wife for a gift!), I had the feeling that he would NOT appreciate cleaning products as much as I do. He loves all things techy, golf, video games, and grilling. 

    It was then that I discovered the goodness that is Simple Green's BBQ and Grill Cleaner! Perfect! 

    My hubby loves his grill as much (if not sometimes more) than he does the three of us, so I knew he would love this stuff! 

    I normally don't like using oven cleaners and stuff like that, I just feel like they are so harsh, not to mention dangerous around my babies. 

    But, Simple Green's BBQ and Grill Cleaner is NON TOXIC, which is a really big deal! 

    I also love the fact that it is biodegradable! 

    You just spray it on, and it is a foam that clings to all the baked-on nasty! You let it set for a couple of minutes, and you're good to go! Wipe away the yuck! 

    You can even use it on range hoods, and nasty cooking utensils! 

    I couldn't believe how well this stuff worked on our nasty grill! (And I couldn't believe we had been eating off of such a nasty grill! haha!)

    Next up on our list of things to try was the Simple Green Stainless Steel One Step Cleaner and Polish! 

    How Perfect! 

    Now that the inside of the nasty grill was done, it was time for the outside! 

    The outside of our grill is always so nasty, covered in fingerprints, smudges and little greasy gunk. 

    I was so happy to give this cleaner a try!

    It is so easy to use, I love that it only takes one step. Really, who has time for more? 

    You spray it on, and then wipe it off! 

    It easily took all of the nastiness off the outside of our grill, and left it looking as smooth and shiny as the day we got it! 

    Impressive, Simple Green. Impressive, Indeed! 

    Next in our wonderful review package was the classic! 

    A bottle of Concentrated Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner! 

    My all time favorite cleaner! 

    What I love about Simple Green is that you can use it on anything! 

    Since we were reviewing the Outdoor Cleaning Kit, I took the Simple Green outdoors! I used it to scrub down the boys' sandbox, and to clean the outside of the pool! 

    Worked like a charm, as usual! 

    I heart Simple Green! 

    We also recieved a bottle of Simple Green's Stone Cleaner, as well as a bottle of Simple Green's Stone Polish to try.

    Alas, the closet thing to stone we have around here is the gravel in the driveway. 

    I'm saving that stuff til we get some stone to polish! ;)

    A big thank you to Simple Green! 

    The Simple Green Outdoor Cleaning Kit turned out to be a huge success as a Father's Day Gift! 

    He loves his grill cleaner, and has now taken to polishing it every time he cooks! 

    Too funny! 

    Now, How About A GIVEAWAY!!!! 

    One lovely Flip Out Mama reader will win a Simple Green Outdoor Cleaning Kit, just like the one I got to review! 


    Here's how to win!!! 

    *Mandatory Entry!*
    What would be the first thing you would clean if you are the winner of this Outdoor Cleaning Kit? (Be honest, we all have dirt!)

    Extra Entries!

    +1 Follow Flip Out Mama via Google Friend Connect (right sidebar)
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    +1 Follow Flip Out Mama on Facebook (here)
    +1 Follow Simple Green on Facebook (here)
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    +1 Follow Simple Green on Twitter (here)

    +1 extra entry PER DAY
    Tweet about this giveaway. Post it on your facebook status. 
    blog about it. whatever it is that you do. 
    do this once per day for an extra entry EACH DAY!
    Make sure to leave a link to this post so other people can enter. 
    Then comment here and show me where you posted! Simple as that! 

    Rules and all that! Winner must be 18+ years of age and must be a US Resident. Must have a physical address, no PO Boxes! Winner will be chosen via Contest will end on 6/30/2011 at 11:59pm. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email notification or an alternate winner will be chosen. Sponsor is responsible for shipment of prize to winner. I am not responsible for prizes that are lost/damaged/otherwise not received. 


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