Friday, June 24, 2011

Mom Needs Advice: Too Lazy To Walk?

Last month, my sweet little Bean turned one. 

He has absolutely ZERO interest in walking. 

Is this normal? 

Tater was walking well before his first birthday, so I am not sure....

Bean can stand up, while holding on to something, and occasionally lets go.... 
He cruises around as long as he has something to hold onto... 

But he just doesn't want to walk. 

If I hold his hands and try to "help" him walk, he screams and pulls his legs up, refusing to stand up. 

He seems to have no interest in learning... 

What do you guys think?

Should I be concerned? 

His little knees are so bruised up from being on them all the time... 

I just really wish he would TRY... 

He is so close, but seems not to care if he ever walks on his own... 

What do you guys think???

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  1. Each childs development is so different. I have 4 kids. All 4 kids walked at completly different times. My oldest (19) walked before a year. My second (12) was a very late walker but I think it had something to do with how chunky he 3rd (4) walked at 16 months. My last who is just over 1 (14 months on July 5) started walking over Mem day weekend. When they are ready they will walk just keep working with him on it. One day he will just take off and watch out world. In the mean time his little knees put some socks on them (cut the soles out of adult sizes) so they slip over his knees kinda like leg warmers. This will at least give him a little cusion. I hated see the little red bruised knees on my kids when they would crawl around. Good luck!


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