Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Shower Bash: ERGObaby!

Our next Baby Shower Bash sponsor is ERGObaby! I can not tell you guys how excited I am to be working with this company! They are a company I have admired for years, and I am so pumped (and a little jealous!) that my BFF will get such an amazing gift from them! 

ERGObaby makes top-of-the-line baby carriers that can be used in the front, back or hip position, from infant to toddler. 

Baby-wearing, (along with making my own baby food, home birthing, etc) is another one of those things I didn't know I wanted to do until my self proclaimed "hippie mom" self came out. The only problem with this is that my "hippie mom" self didn't come out until after my kids were born. I guess I didn't really realize the benefits until I actually started to research these things a little bit. After learning that babies who are "carried" cry less, sleep better, are calmer, and develop at a faster rate not only mentally, but emotionally and physically as well, I knew it was something I should have at least tried with my little ones. 

I love the fact that ERGObaby was created by a mom with a need. I think the greatest of companies are born this way! Karin Frost created a baby carrier for her son when he was born, and word of mouth has pushed ERGObaby straight to the top! They are now a globally recognized brand, and it all started with one mom's need for a great baby carrier!

This is the beautiful carrier that ERGObaby generously donated for Crystal's shower! I was so pumped when it arrived, I actually tried to stuff the Bean inside it.. Alas, he was not so pumped... so I will just have to wait for little Miss Sadie to come! 

Isn't it beautiful!? It is 100% organic cotton, and super soft! I love the fact that you can use this carrier as a front, back, or hip carrier. It is so versatile! By all the research I have done, everyone raves about how comfortable ERGObaby's carriers are, so I know Crystal will be very happy with aspect! I think my favorite aspect of this carrier is that it is machine washable! All mommies know that this is a must! 

I can not say enough good things about ERGObaby and their wonderful baby carriers! I would like to say a big thank you to them for sponsoring our Baby Shower Bash! 

To learn more about ERGObaby and their awesome products, just click here! 

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