Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Shower Bash: Dapple!

It's something about becoming a mom. For the first time. 

I remember when we were awaiting Tater's arrival, almost five years ago, and I would sit in his little room, and clean and scrub, and sanitize and shine, everything in site.

It just had to be perfect for him. 

Suddenly, things that were clean, were not clean enough. 

Dapple understands. 
Dapple is a line of naturally based cleaning products made specifically for households with young children. 

There are so many cleaning challenges that come along with motherhood.. Crusty bottles and sippy cups, dried milk stains, that funky film that ends up on all baby dishes... drooly, nasty toys.. it's never ending. 

So what, exactly, is the answer to cleaning that yuckiness? Is it bleach or some other chemical cleaner? Yes, that might get everything clean, but what about when your precious little angel puts their mouth right back on those toys, or plates, or cups? 

Not exactly the greatest thing ever. 

Dapple takes this problem and solves it better than anyone else! 

Their products are natural, made with stuff that won't hurt your babies, but also strong enough to take on the unique challenges that motherhood brings to the table! 

The folks at Dapple were sweet enough to donate the Dapple Clean Up Kit for Crystal and our Baby Shower Bash! 

The Clean Up Kit is a perfect baby shower gift, and it is the perfect intro for new moms to the wonderful Dapple line. 

The kit includes Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid, Toy and Surface Cleaner Spray, Toy and Surface Cleaner Wipes and travel pack, and even a free cleaning cloth! 

This is Dapple's famous Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid. It specially targets milk residue and contains baking soda to combat nasty baby bottle odors. It rinses fast, and contains natural based ingredients. It is even fragranced with pure lavender essential oils. And of course, like all Dapple products it is biodegradable and never tested on animals! 

This is Dapple's Toy Cleaner Spray. You can use it on pretty much anything that little hands touch: countertops, tables, highchairs, toys, the list goes on and on.. Dapple's toy cleaner is NOT antibacterial, it acts just like a thorough soap and water wash. This allows your baby to continue to develop a strong immune system. The toy cleaner spray was such a hit, Dapple even came out with an on-the-go version: 
These are the Toy Cleaner Wipes. They are also available in a travel size version. These are great to stick in the diaper bag or even your purse, because you never know what kind of funky mess your baby will get into. And I speak from experience. :) 

I would like to give a big giant thanks to the great folks at Dapple for sponsoring our Baby Shower Bash! To learn more about their awesome products, just click here! 
disclosure: I received a sample product in exchange for this post. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was given.

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  1. Dapple is fabulous! I love that everything is natural and it still gets things clean. My only criticism is that the on the go wipes have a funny smell so I don't like to use them. However, I use everything else and would recommend it in a second!


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