Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Shower Bash: Born Free!

Our next Baby Shower Bash sponsor is Born Free! 

Born free makes baby feeding products that combine safe materials and smart innovation, and they are the leader in BPA free baby feeding products!

What a great combination! 

I was so thrilled when they wanted to participate in our Bash! We have been a fan of their products for quite some time and I was very excited to share them with my best friend! 

Here are Born Free's signature glass bottles! They have a special venting system that includes a free flow silicone air valve that helps to only let milk out when your baby sucks, just like breastfeeding. They call this "active flow", and it makes feeding more comfortable and easier for both mom and baby. 

The venting system helps keep the vacuum build up out of bottles to help reduce the occurrence of gas, spit up, and colic. I also love the fact that their bottles are leak proof, and that all of the parts are interchangeable between their cups and bottles! How convenient!
These are the training cups we received, love the pink color!!  I also love the fact that the spout is soft. It is so hard transitioning from bottle to sippy cup because of the change from soft nipple to hard plastic-y spout!This totally helps! 

Bottles and sippy cups are not the only thing that Born Free does well.. Far from it in fact! Take a look at some of my favorite picks from their site: 

Microwave Sterilizer 

Twister Brush for Bottles/Nipples
glass bottles with sleeves 
Gum Brush Teether

I am so happy to be able to share Born Free's wonderful products with my best friend, and with you guys too! 

Thanks a bunch for sponsoring us! 

To check out Born Free's wide variety of baby products, just click here! 

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