Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Shower Bash: Baby Be Mine Maternity!

If you are a mommy, you know about those dreadful hospital gowns. And if you're not a mommy, well, here's a sneak peek: 

Excuse the crappy quality, and giant swollen feet, but I wanted you guys to see how fashionable I looked during my labor with The Bean! 

Anyways, the gowns are horrible. Just horrible. Old, nasty, sometimes ripped or torn.. Sea Foam green. (That should be enough to have them outlawed right there!) A thousand sizes too big, falling off, and gaping holes everywhere so you get the joy of showing everyone your business in the middle of one of the most stressful and craziest times of your life. Party! 

Well. Problem, solved! 

Enter Baby Be Mine Maternity and their awesome Gownies. 

I have never in my life seen anything so cool! 

Check out this YouTube Video for a quick education on Gownies: 

I mean really- designer delivery gowns? What girl wouldn't want one?!? 

Gownies are all made of 100% cotton, and are machine washable. They snap all the way down the back, ensuring that you are totally covered up. No wardrobe malfunctions here! They have snap down flaps in the front for easy access for medical exams as well as breastfeeding.Great idea right?!

I really wish I would have discovered Gownies when I was pregnant with my boys. It is such a special day, why should you look like everyone else? With your own special delivery gown, you can be unique, stylish and comfortable. And when those millions of friends and family pour in after your baby is born, and all you want to do is go to sleep, and they won't leave, at least you will look awesome and picture ready in your Gownie! :) 

Baby Be Mine was kind enough to send this Molly Gownie for our Baby Shower Bash! This is perfect for the birth of a sweet baby girl! 

Look at all these awesome designs that Baby Be Mine has: 

The Sophie
The Ella
The Phoebe 
The Julia
Are you sold on Gownies yet? 

And if it's not quite time for your little one to get here yet, Baby Be Mine has a ton of Maternity Belly Bands too: 

Again, WHY didn't I know about these things when I was pregnant? Sigh. 

Well, at least I suffered so you guys won't have to. Now you know about all these wonderful things and no one will ever have to be tacky and pregnant again! 

Just click here to check out Baby Be Mine for yourself!

disclosure: i received a sample product in exchange for this post.although a sample was received, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received. now stop reading this stupid disclosure! 


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  1. What a major improvement over what the hospitals give!!!


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