Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Shower Bash #3: Bordeaux's Butt Paste!

Today's Baby Shower Bash sponsor is one of those companies that I had never heard of until I became a parent.

And then came the diaper rash.

Not just any diaper rash.

A bleedy, nasty, disgusting diaper rash.

And that's when I found Bordeaux's Butt Paste. 

Of course, I loved the name from the start.

But what I really loved was how it worked.

The next day, the diaper rash was gone. Not even joking.
So far in my parenting career, I have never found anything that works as well as Butt Paste. Yes, the name is silly, but the results are not.

Butt Paste contains 16% zinc oxide along with Peruvian Balsam and it is so soothing to little baby bottoms!

In fact, it was so effective that Blairex Laboratories has expanded their line to include a wide variety of products:
All Natural Butt Paste
All Natural Butt Paste is designed to seal out wetness and protect chafed skin. It is made with Peruvian Balsam and beeswax to help heal.

Rash Protector

Bordeaux's Rash Protector  is made to relieve chapped or cracked skin. It seals out wetness and it is easy to apply. It utilizes bag-in-can technology to dispense at any angle, even upside down.

Baby Butt Smooth
Baby Butt Smooth is for dry skin and can be used daily to keep your baby's skin moisturized. It can also be used to soften baby's skin after bathing.

Butt Bath
Bordeaux's Butt Bath Body Wash & Shampoo is made with a gentle, non irritating formula that protects and moisturizes that sensitive baby skin.

Baby Kisses
Bordeaux's Baby Kisses is probably, next to Butt Paste Original, my favorite product from Blairex. It was formulated especially for babies and kids without any unnecessary additives. It is made to soothe and heal dry, chapped lips and cheeks.

I was very happy to receive all of these wonderful products to give to Crystal as a part of our Baby Shower Bash!

A big thank you to Butt Paste for all of the wonderful gifts!

Disclosure: I received sample products in exchange for this post. Although products were received, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was given.

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