Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mama's Gotta Keep the Heat On.

So you wanna know what Mama's doin' today? 

Blogging? Nope. 

Cleaning house? Nope.

Workin' my waitress charm? Not even close. 

Today, I am paying $600.00 to have my heat fixed. 

Party On! 

So, excuse the lack of emails, posts, updates and all that jazz. 

It's freakin cold in here. 

I can not believe my heat has chosen to die. 

Not fun. 

Thank goodness it's tax time, or we would totally not have the money to fix it right now!

Hopefully, this unexpected turn of events doesn't mean that we won't be able to redo our floors. They need it reallyyyy bad. 


I won't really know the full extent of the damage to my wallet until the guy gets done. 

And done he is not. 

So, we wait. 

And freeze. 


Good times.

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