Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life Updates :)

Hey everyone. Sorry for no new posts yesterday. This week has been, totally crazy. 
I blogged earlier this week about Tater's preschool screening on Monday, and me starting work on Tuesday.Work went well, pretty much the same as the old days, except definitely more disorganized, and with less of a customer base than before. But hopefully that will change soon. 
I am definitely NOT as young as I used to be, I have been so very very exhausted since starting back. I worked Tuesday night and Wednesday from 11-8, and shew... I really needed this night off. I am so far behind on blogging, housework, everything! 
Tater had his "back to school night" on Tuesday night. And, it being the very first day of work, I had to miss it. I, of course, felt extremely guilty, but apparently I didn't miss much. They sent the babydaddy home with a folder of papers to fill out, and an appointment for today at 3:15 to meet the teacher one on one. 

Wednesday was screwy from the very beginning. I was supposed to work 4-close, but offered to come in earlier since Wednesdays are the only day I can work before 5pm. The phone rang at 9:30 in the morning, asking me to come in at 11. I was still in bed, feeding the Bean, and hadn't even washed my work clothes from the night before. So, Wednesday went completely to hell, I worked til 8, and was super tired when I got home. 

Today was still crazy but much better. Got a little housework done this AM, went to meet the teacher at the school this afternoon. I like her, she is really sweet. Even more than that, she's blunt and to the point, and that's one of my favorite qualities in anyone. I don't like bullshit, and I don't think I'm going to get any from her. So that's a plus. Tater liked his classroom, got to play with firetruck toys, so the classroom gets a thumbs up. 

After that, went to the eye doctor since Tater failed his vision screening at his school physical. Geez. This doctor says no glasses. His eyesight is 20/25, much better than the 20/40 they told us before! So, that was a plus. They said he does have a little bit of astigmatism, but he could very well grow out of it before next year's eye exam. Now he's disappointed he didn't get glasses. WTF? You can't win with this kid! LOL but he was realllly cute when he tried them on.... 

After that, a super stressful trip to the grocery, topped off by coming home to the dog chewing up the baby gate. Ahh, goodtimes. Also note the fact that babydaddy and I have been having issues and he's been sleeping on the couch since Sunday night. ( I think we are okay now though, so that's one less thing on my list...) Shew. I really need a drink. 

But anyways ladies, that's been my week. Tomorrow is the ever popular "all you can eat catfish night" (yup, we're in the country! haha) so I'm sure my night will be, interesting. But now, I have many, many reviews and I think a few giveaways to do for you guys, so I better get to it! xoxox :)

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  1. Once you get a routine down with your work schedule, you'll be great!

    Have a great weekend!


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