Friday, August 6, 2010

The Awesome & Wonderful Woombie *review*

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I was super excited to receive my Woombie in the mail to review today!

I have wanted one of these forever!

In case you don't know, the Woombie is a baby swaddler. But, it's not just any baby swaddler.
It's the "only baby swaddler that truly mimics the womb."

The Woombie is designed to help babies up to 8 months old sleep better, longer and safer. All of those things sound great to me!

The Woombie is made of a cotton/spandex blend, so it is soft and breathable.

It follows all SIDS and Pediatrician guidelines, and maintains airflow so as not to overheat your baby.
There aren't any loose blankets to worry about with the Woombie, and it prevents babies from scratching their faces at night.

The Woombie is also proven to soothe babies with colic. And that itself makes it worthwhile!

There is nothing at all bad to say about the Woombie. Really.

You put your baby in it, and zip it up. Simple as that.

It zips two ways, so you can still change diapers without taking it all the way off.. These people are genius.

Usually, when I do a review, there is at least one aspect of whatever product that is not the greatest. I usually have to say, "I love this product, but..."

Not with the Woombie. I love it! I put the Bean in the Woombie, and he wasn't sure at first, but he warmed right up to it...

I really love this product, I wish I would have known about them when Tater was born, and I really feel bummed that The Bean is now 2 months old and I am just now figuring this out!~

The Woombie is now my go-to gift for baby showers and new moms!

Thanks Woombie for letting me review this wonderful product!!

To get your own Woombie, go here.

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to review this product. I recieved one Woombie to use
to facilitate my review, and that is all. All opinions expressed are mine only.

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  1. This looks cute and handy to have for babies!


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