Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Have I Been?

You wanna know where I been?

I been at WORK baby!

That's right, mama went back to work yesterday!

I am at my same old waitress job, at my same old diner, where I've been since I was 16.

Finally, someone is re-opening the place!

I am very excited, I hope it is very busy and I make lots of $$$!

It's really been great to be home with my babies for this long, but I am so tired of being broke, it's time for a change!

I am working nights so my babys' daddy can still work days, and the boys won't have to go to daycare.
Also, I will be able to put Tater on the school bus and get him back off...

So, I don't know. I am exhausted.

It's hard going back to work after a really long vacation lol!

But, anyways, lots of blogging stuff to do, including a review for the wonderful, beautiful, love of my life, The Woombie, but...

It will have to wait til tommorow.

Damn, mama's tired. :)


  1. Hope you rake in the tips like a madwoman!!

  2. Funny how that works with coming back from vacation and being tired! Thanks for linking up with Momma Told Me!

  3. Congrats on going back to work. I hope it works out for you. Money is always a positive side effect to a job LOL.

    Me, I would love to take that vacation you were on, but without the side effect of no money.

    I'm following you now, thanks for stopping by.


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