Tuesday, April 23, 2019

8 Helpful Tips To Encourage Your Kids To Learn More At Home

Learning is something that we typically associate with schools and educational facilities. However, that
doesn’t mean that the learning process should stop immediately once your child comes home. Most
children are given homework to do but in most cases, these are just repetitive tasks that no one enjoys
doing. Sure, it can help your child study concepts and grow accustomed to what they learn at school,
but it’s also awfully boring and not a fun experience.

So in order to remedy that, it’s important to encourage your kids to learn more at home so that they
associate study with positive things instead of it being a dull and uninteresting way to spend their time.

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1. Give your child control

Let your child pick how they want to learn and also the subjects they want to learn. If there’s anything
children hate, it’s being told what to do all the time especially when it comes to study.

2. Get different learning styles involved

Whether it’s reading a book, listening to an audiobook or learning through a practical experiment,
introduce different learning styles to your child so that they can

3. Learn alongside your child

Learning can be a solitary activity but it’s always more fun when more people are involved. Consider
learning alongside your child to encourage and motivate them along the way.

4. Help your child organize their learning materials

Keep learning materials organized so that your children can access them at any time. This could be
putting together a folder of learning materials or it could be having a neatly-packed bookshelf with all
of their favourite reference materials.

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5. Focus on what’s being studied, not progress

Don’t always chalk up your child’s studies to progress. Don’t ask them how far they’ve read a book;
instead, focus on what they’ve learned up to that point and what they’re about to learn in the next

6. Use technology when appropriate

There are plenty of ways to use technology to study something. Instead of just books, use websites
like https://www.cazoommaths.com/maths-worksheets/equivalent-fractions/ to study more advanced
topics for your child or consider getting programs on smartphones and tablets which can give your
child new and unique ways to studying.

7. Embed learning into everyday activities

Study materials and related technologies can be very expensive. A great way to save money is to
embed learning into your everyday activities with your children, such as explaining how things work
when you’re out for a walk or challenging your kids when you’re shopping at a supermarket.

8. Studying should be fun

Lastly, do keep in mind that studying should always be an enjoyable experience for your children.
Don’t force them to study something that they just don’t enjoy and always find fun ways to explain
concepts so that they’re more engaged.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration on how you can encourage your child to learn
more. As parents, we should be more flexible with how we teach our kids and how we encourage
them to learn so that they’re motivated to do so on their own instead of causing your kids to relate
study with boring school activities.

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