Wednesday, April 10, 2019

4 Easy Ways Any Family Can Save Money

Raising a family and balancing a budget don’t have to be mutually exclusive goals. It’s possible to provide the
very best for your children while managing your money as well. Here are four simple ways you can cut down
spending without sacrificing fun with your family.
1. Go to the library more often
It’s easy to forget about the library. As long as you have a phone or tablet, the latest books, movies, albums,
and comics are just a few swipes away. You can download whatever you want to read or watch without ever
leaving your home.
But with each download usually comes a fee. Although a single download is negligible on its own, the price
starts to add up once you count everyone in the family. Soon enough, you can spend a fortune on these
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Luckily, you don’t have to stop reading or watching to save the family budget. You can have the latest book or
movie without the cost simply by visiting the library.
You won’t even have to put down your phone or tablet to take advantage of the library’s catalogue. Check to
see if your branch has partnered with OverDrive, a digital media app that makes it easy to borrow books, audio,
and video online. You’ll be able to read, watch, or listen without leaving your home. Best of all, you’ll avoid late
fees as OverDrive will automatically return your digital copy when it’s due.
2. Know the different lending alternatives
When it comes to your budget, it’s a good idea to be a realist. You can hope for the best with this mindset, but
you’ll be prepared in case things go wrong.
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Part of being prepared is running through possible scenarios. Let’s say your child made several in-app purchases
on your profile the same month they forgot the home Wi-Fi network. The addition of data overage charges and
their shopping spree means you owe more than you can pay on your own.
In the heat of the moment, you might end up taking the first payday loan available to pay off this expense —
and miss out on other options that may be better suited for your financial situation.
By researching lending alternatives proactively, you’ll give yourself some breathing room. You’ll be able to learn
about the differences between installment and payday loans without feeling pressured to find an answer right
It also gives you time to discuss money management and personal loans with your children. Although you don’t
have to include them in all the details of your finances, you can use this as an opportunity to talk about bills,
budgets, and online loans in general.
3. Screen movies in a home theater
Between How to Train Your Dragon, Mary Poppins, and the upcoming Avengers movie, there are a lot of
family-friendly flicks in theaters. Unfortunately, it’s never been more expensive to take your kids to go see a
movie at the cinema. On average, tickets for a family of four add up to more than $35.
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And let’s not forget the tab at concessions because what’s a movie without popcorn and soda? Snacks at a
theater are often more expensive than the tickets. Once you get everyone outfitted with a drink and a treat,
you can drop around $100 on the latest movie.
Rather than purging this fun family tradition altogether, just try moving it to a new location — your home! You
can create a home theater experience by upgrading your streaming membership and stocking up on everyone’s
favorite snacks for a fraction of the price of concessions.
4. Declutter your closets
The decluttering method KonMari is sweeping the nation as millions of Americans get rid of clothes. Under the
guidance of Marie Kondo, a world-famous organizing expert, you and your family can declutter duplicate,
damaged, and unused clothing from all your closets.
This group activity does more than tidy your home. You can earn a lot of money by selling the stuff you don’t
want anymore. Take pictures of any clothes that are still in good shape and post them to any of
these online consignment apps. You might entice a buyer sooner than you realize.
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You’ll also save money when you keep things organized. If you take the KonMari philosophy to heart, you’ll
commit to a more minimalist way of life, so you won’t rush out to the mall to fill your closets back up.
Managing your family budget and raising your kids can feel like you’re working two separate full-time jobs. But
there’s no need to separate them like Church and State. As long as you spend your time together as a family
wisely, you can manage your money wisely, too.

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