Friday, November 30, 2018

Putting A Bit Of Money Back In The Bank This Christmas

We all know that December is the most expensive time of the year. Not only do you have presents to buy but
the cost of all of the food for the festive feast amounts to a lot too. With that in mind, it is a good idea to try
and look for ways to put some more money back into the bank. Here are some suggestions…

Assess your bills
There is only one place to begin, and this is by assessing how much you pay for your bills at the moment. Could
you move onto a cheaper electricity and gas tariff? Would Sprint phone plans be cheaper for you? Take the
time to get in touch with all of your suppliers and use comparison websites to find out whether any savings
can be made. You will probably be shocked by some of the great deals you get offered.

Matched Betting
This is a great solution for those who are looking to make a bit more money from the comfort of their own
home. The first thing you need to know about matched betting is that you do not need any experience to get
started, which is great news. You don’t need to be into sports nor do you need to be a gambler. By using a
specialist match betting solution, you will have instructions on what to do every time, ensuring you make the
right moves to generate a profit. Despite this, you should never make a bet that you cannot afford. This is a
way to make money betting without risk, but only if you do so correctly. Mistakes can happen, or an unforeseen
incident could occur, for example, you could lose your Internet connection before placing one of your bets. This
is why you should never lump on money that you cannot afford to lose. In addition to this, it is always advisable
to start off small so that you can get to grips with matched betting and fully understand the concept before
going full steam ahead. The first month of matched betting tends to be the most profitable because of all of
the welcome offers, so now is a great time to get started.

Do surveys
Another way to put some money back into your bank account during the Christmas period is to spend
some time taking surveys on the various survey sites that are available. Swagbucks is a great place to start with
this. You simply need to give your opinion on different matters and you will be awarded points, which can then
be converted into cash.

If you are looking to put a bit of money back into your bank throughout the Christmas months, follow the three
suggestions that have been presented above. You will be able to balance out the Christmas outgoings with
these money-making solutions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Chore of Chores: Getting Your Kids To Help Out When They Don't Want To

Getting the kids to complete their chores is an incredibly common argument among families far and
wide. You may ask your children repeatedly to do something on a certain day and at a certain time,
but there’s always a reason why they can’t. They’ll say that they’ll do it later or just flat out refuse,
leaving you struggling to do everything around the house. Instead of accepting the situation the way it
is or nagging your kids until you’re blue in the face, you need to give them some motivation. With that
in mind, here are four ways to get your kids to do their chores.

Give Them A Choice
No one likes being told what to do, but children hate it especially, regardless of their age. For this
reason, you might receive less resistance from your kids if you give them some choice and freedom.
Instead of telling your kids what chores they need to do and when they need to do them, give them
a list of everything that needs to get done and see if they can work it out among themselves. If they
can’t do this fairly, then suggest they pick chores out of a hat instead.

Set Them Time Limits
Of course, even when you let your kids choose for themselves when to work, there are still going to be
times when they don’t want to at all. To remedy this, you should time your children and offer a
punishment if the chore remains uncompleted. For example, if one of your children refuses to take the
garbage out, you could say that it needs to be done in twenty minutes, or they’ll have to go to bed
earlier. This way, they’ll lose something by not working, which they won’t enjoy.

Use A Reward System
Negative reinforcement can convince your children to get their work done, but, more often than not, a
reward works much better. This is because it offers an incentive, which is much more motivational
than a potential punishment. With that in mind, you may want to integrate your childrens’ chores with
some sort of reward system. This could be a chart that you keep on the fridge or an online platform,
like Goalsetter. You choose whether you pay per week or per chore.

Never Punish Using Chores
Although you can punish your children for not completing their chores, you should never use chores
themselves as a punishment for bad behavior. If one of your children does something wrong, you
shouldn’t tell them to clean the car or wash the dishes as a consequence. This shows chores to be
something negative, which will make your children not want to do them. The only time this is
appropriate is when a child is making up for doing something bad to a sibling.

Getting your children to complete chores is a great way to teach responsibility and
improve your work and family life balance. Unfortunately, few children are thrilled about the prospect
of getting their hands dirty. If you’re struggling to get your kids to help out, then consider the advice

Monday, November 19, 2018

Mastering Bedtime: How To Get Your Kids To Sleep Better

Mastering Bedtime: How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Better

Getting children to appreciate just how great sleep is can sometimes be a challenge! However, not only is it
really important for their wellbeing that they get enough sleep, but it can also often be important for your
own sanity as a parent to know you can get them settled and have some quiet time of your own in the evening.
All children and families are different, so finding what works when it comes to the right bedtime and night time
routine for you and your child may take some trial and error. However, here are some tips to help you master

Make Their Bedroom Relaxing

Kids can find it hard to sleep when there are lots of things to distract them in their rooms. If there are lots of
toys and games out or their rooms are overstimulating rather than calming, then they can feel tempted to stay
awake, wanting to play even when they are tired! Make sure their room is as tidy as possible before bedtime
and their bed is comfortable and welcoming. You should also ensure they aren’t too hot or cold at night, as this
can make it hard for anyone to sleep. Look for soft, breathable quilt covers for kids in designs they like, and
consider changing their duvet or sheets for lighter or heavier ones to match the season.

Stick To A Routine

Kids tend to respond well to routines, so establishing one that they can go through each evening to prepare
them for bed can allow them to feel like they know what to expect each night. This can stop them trying to
push things when it comes to staying up later, and also means it is clear to them that it is a special occasion
if you do let them stay up later sometimes, for example, at weekends, rather than a new precedent! A good
routine for younger kids could be getting them washed and into their pyjamas after dinner, then allowing a f
ixed amount of time for things like TV or reading before it is time for bed. Having an actual ‘tucking in’ routine
every night can also help kids form good sleeping habits.

Avoid Too Much Excitement in the Evening!

The last hour or two before you want your children to go to bed is best spent doing calming things that can help
them begin to relax ready for sleep. Exciting activities that get them hyped up, such as sports or playing
particularly thrilling video games, are best done earlier in the evening so your child isn’t expected to switch
gear from running around or being excited to falling asleep in an instant! Reading, watching a familiar film or
cartoon, or playing calmly can all help your child begin to feel ready for bed.

Comfortable Sleepwear

Another good way to help children to sleep better is to make sure they have sleepwear that they love and find
comfortable. Some kids find a nightshirt or nightdress more comfortable than pyjamas. Most kids, however,
are much happier about getting ready for bed when they find their sleep clothes appealing, for instance, items
with their favourite characters on them. As with bedding, it is important to make sure they have nightwear
that is suitable for the temperature in their room.
Try different relaxing things to do in the evenings, until you can develop a routine that your child enjoys. By
making bedtime comfortable, predictable, and calming, your child should soon begin to resist less when it is
time for them to go to sleep!

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Most Family Friendly Travel Destinations In Asia

Asia is a magnificent part of the world that should definitely be part of your family bucket list. It offers
unique experiences, plenty of paradise locations, and fun for the whole family too. Most families are a
little bit cautious about traveling to this part of the world as it’s usually very far away, and they’re
scared that it’s not family-friendly.

On the contrary, there are loads of really family-friendly places to visit in Asia. So, here’s a list of the
best places you and your family should think about traveling to for your next big holiday:

Supertrees in Singapore. Source


If you’re looking for a safe place to travel with your kids, then Singapore is your best pick. The crime
rates here are extremely low, and it’s just the ideal place to take your family. They’ve got a public
transport system that’s very easy to use, as well as being incredibly clean. It’s a country that never
makes you feel on edge, and there are also plenty of things to grab the whole family’s attention too.
If I had to recommend one place to visit, it would be the Gardens by the Bay. This is a magical place
that’s home to some supertrees - which are basically futuristic looking trees that’ll leave your kids
staring open-eyed in awe! Another great thing about Singapore is that it has loads of high-quality
family hotels to stay in. Pretty much all of them have indoor/outdoor pools, and if you really want
to splash the cash, there are some with infinity pools on the top floor too.

Penang, Malaysia. Source


Malaysia is one of the most paradisal places in Asia. I’m not sure that’s actually a word, but you get
the idea; it’s a pure paradise! This country is very safe, and there are loads of accommodation options
if you want to stay in apartments or rent out a condo for a week or so. Admittedly, it doesn’t offer much
by way of mainland attractions, but all the joy lies on the coast and off-shore. One of the best places
to go is up north in a city called Kota Kinabalu. It has a nature park, aquariums, and plenty of
family-friendly beaches. This is the perfect place to spend a few days if you want a little fun with your
kids. Or, for a more relaxed holiday, head to Penang. Here, you get a very authentic Asian experience,
in a city that’s nice and peaceful, without the buzz you usually get in Southeast Asian countries that
are overrun by tourists.
Hong Kong
Some of you may already know why I’ve picked Hong Kong as a family-friendly travel destination,
but for those that don’t, I’ll give you a clue; a famous mouse and his friends live there. If you still
don’t get what I’m trying to say, there’s a Disneyland in Hong Kong! Not only that, but it’s one of the
best ones in the world. Right away, you’ve got days of family fun rolled into one package. You can
stay in Disneyland Hong Kong, or you can set up camp in an apartment or hotel in the central city
areas. I think the second option is the best, purely as it lets you see other parts of the country and
explore the fantastic shopping districts as well! You can always go on day trips to Disneyland, so your
kids will be thoroughly entertained. Much like Singapore, it’s a place that’s very easy to get around
with a family, which is always a massive bonus. Plus, the food here is incredible, and there will always
be something that your kids enjoy.


A country with a very deep and meaningful history, Vietnam has evolved into one of the world’s best
travel destinations. It’s a country of choice for many individuals going on a gap year, but it’s also one
of the top places to take your family in Southeast Asia. Why? Because it’s full of some really great
family-friendly attractions that will keep everyone entertained throughout your vacation. There are
islands like Phu Quoc that provide endless quiet beaches that your family can relax on, along with
loads of other amazing things like nature parks and so on. There’s even a safari and theme park that
lets your kids get up close with nature while also getting to experience a thrill on some brilliant rides.
Then, from your perspective, you get to explore a beautiful country that you’ve probably heard so
much about in history lessons throughout your school years. It’s a fascinating place, and it’s well
worth checking out some museums and tours to do with the Vietnam War while you’re there.

Disneyland in Shanghai. Source


A lot of people worry that China isn’t a fun place to go on holiday, but it really depends on where
you go. For me, Shanghai is an excellent family holiday destination as it has so much to offer.
Compared to other cities in the country, it’s very modern and packed full of home comforts that’ll
make you feel at ease. There’s a zoo, water park, museums (including a wax museum), safaris,
and plenty of brilliant parks as well. Then, you have the main focus of your attention;
another Disneyland! Again, this is one of the biggest and best versions out there, with so many rides,
endless characters, and plenty of things for you to enjoy along with your kids. So, if you’ve always
wanted to visit China, but have been worried about taking your children, then choose Shanghai as
your vacation destination.


Along with China, Japan is one of the most well-known countries in this area of the world. People
don’t often look at it as a holiday place, but there’s actually lots to do here. Tokyo is a very busy city
with a brilliant public transport system that makes it easy to get around. It’s also home to loads of
cool technology, which means staying in your hotel an experience in its own right! Plus, what a lot of
people don’t realize is that there are so many theme parks in this city alone. It’s got more than enough
to keep your children entertained, and you could even travel to another city to get an experience of
the legendary bullet trains.

You can travel to the top of the Tapei 101 skyscraper for amazing views. Source


Lastly, we have a country that hardly anyone talks about when it comes to Southeast Asian vacations.
Even individuals make the mistake of missing it out, but Taiwan has so much to offer. The main source
of your attractions is Tapei; the capital city. Here, you have an abundance of things to whet your
appetite for fun. You’ve got beautiful temples, a massive skyscraper with incredible views, and even
an amusement park for kids. Then, there’s the wildlife - which is an absolute beauty to behold. Get up
close to some pandas and see so many other animals that you’ll never see over here. It’s the type of
place you leave feeling like you’ve gained a lot from the experience, while also having loads of fun too.
For me, it’s the hidden gem on this list.

If you’re planning a family vacation for next year - or even further in the future - then Asia is a great
place to consider. As you can see, there are plenty of family-friendly destinations for you to enjoy
with the kids. Naturally, you have other things to think about when planning your trip, such as
vaccinations and other issues like that. So, I strongly advise you read up on Southeast Asian travel
before you go, just to be on the safe side!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Part Of The Parental Journey: The Big Hurdles In Life That Improve Our Mommy Skills

As if it doesn't need saying, starting a family is one of the big journeys in life. Not just because we are
bringing a child into the world, but we learn so much about who we really are. You may have gone
through life without a sense of focus or purpose, and now everything becomes crystal clear. During
our parenting journeys, we will hit big hurdles, and while they can feel difficult to overcome, we can
take solace in the fact that they will improve our parenting skills infinitely. Here are some of the big
hurdles we all experience…
Losing Our Temper For The First Time
It may have been a bad day, and your little one constantly pushing your buttons may have sent you
over the edge. If you’ve never shouted at them before, this can be difficult to deal with. And while you
struggled to keep a lid on it, now you know where your upper limits lie. But you also need to know the
best coping skills. If you really can't put up with it, remove yourself from the situation.
Seeing Our Parents Age
There is nothing more sobering than seeing the people that raised you getting older and weaker. It
puts a lot of pressure on our parental abilities, especially if we are doing our utmost to look after our
parents and children at the same time, as well as balance other aspects of our lives. Maybe you're
struggling to find the right retirement community for seniors, or you are bombarded with questions by
your siblings because you're the one who decided to take the initiative, and, even though after all
of these issues get fixed, we still have to deal with our parents getting older and succumbing to the
inevitable... Throughout all of this, our children are going to have so many questions that can be very
upsetting for us. And throughout this, we need to learn how best to communicate the facts to them.
Sugar coating doesn't particularly help, but we need to find the best way to describe what's going on,
and if this is your child's first brush with mortality, it's confusing for them to understand. Simplicity is the
key during these circumstances.
We all have creeping doubts, maybe we're not good enough, or we fixate on one little thing that we
mistakenly did. But life is all about learning, and if we don't have faith in our own abilities as a parent,
how can we expect to have our children believe in us? Doubt comes across everybody's mind on
occasion, but it's about learning how to deal with it. Belief in yourself is the best approach to tackle
these feelings. Sometimes an incident can cause us to feel that we are failing as a parent, but if you
feel like this, clearly you care enough to want to improve yourself!
There are major hurdles in life, emotional and physical, and it is all part of the parental journey. But
every one of these metaphorical brick walls will not hinder your ability, but will improve it.


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