Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Part Of The Parental Journey: The Big Hurdles In Life That Improve Our Mommy Skills

As if it doesn't need saying, starting a family is one of the big journeys in life. Not just because we are
bringing a child into the world, but we learn so much about who we really are. You may have gone
through life without a sense of focus or purpose, and now everything becomes crystal clear. During
our parenting journeys, we will hit big hurdles, and while they can feel difficult to overcome, we can
take solace in the fact that they will improve our parenting skills infinitely. Here are some of the big
hurdles we all experience…
Losing Our Temper For The First Time
It may have been a bad day, and your little one constantly pushing your buttons may have sent you
over the edge. If you’ve never shouted at them before, this can be difficult to deal with. And while you
struggled to keep a lid on it, now you know where your upper limits lie. But you also need to know the
best coping skills. If you really can't put up with it, remove yourself from the situation.
Seeing Our Parents Age
There is nothing more sobering than seeing the people that raised you getting older and weaker. It
puts a lot of pressure on our parental abilities, especially if we are doing our utmost to look after our
parents and children at the same time, as well as balance other aspects of our lives. Maybe you're
struggling to find the right retirement community for seniors, or you are bombarded with questions by
your siblings because you're the one who decided to take the initiative, and, even though after all
of these issues get fixed, we still have to deal with our parents getting older and succumbing to the
inevitable... Throughout all of this, our children are going to have so many questions that can be very
upsetting for us. And throughout this, we need to learn how best to communicate the facts to them.
Sugar coating doesn't particularly help, but we need to find the best way to describe what's going on,
and if this is your child's first brush with mortality, it's confusing for them to understand. Simplicity is the
key during these circumstances.
We all have creeping doubts, maybe we're not good enough, or we fixate on one little thing that we
mistakenly did. But life is all about learning, and if we don't have faith in our own abilities as a parent,
how can we expect to have our children believe in us? Doubt comes across everybody's mind on
occasion, but it's about learning how to deal with it. Belief in yourself is the best approach to tackle
these feelings. Sometimes an incident can cause us to feel that we are failing as a parent, but if you
feel like this, clearly you care enough to want to improve yourself!
There are major hurdles in life, emotional and physical, and it is all part of the parental journey. But
every one of these metaphorical brick walls will not hinder your ability, but will improve it.

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