Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thinking About A Family Vacation To LA?

Any experienced travel agent will tell you that Los Angeles has long been a popular tourist
destination. The home of Hollywood is bound to keep attracting tourists for many, many years
to come. And why wouldn’t it? L.A. has so much to offer. From the funky Eastside area to the
glamour of Hollywood to Wilshire’s history and architecture to the trendy bars and restaurants
Downtown; Los Angeles has a little bit of everything. In fact, that is what makes it such a
fantastic destination for family vacations, in particular. And that is without even mentioning
the beautiful weather! From May to October, you can expect sunshine and very little rain.
During the summer the temperatures reach daytime highs of 81F. Prepare to get a tan!

As mentioned; Los Angeles is such a great place for family vacations. One of the reasons
why this is the case is because there is a wealth of amazing tourist attractions which have
proved to be enjoyable for all ages. Let’s delve a little bit deeper into some of the best…

  • California Science Center & IMAX Theater – This is undoubtedly one of the most
  • popular museums in California itself. From blockbuster movies to science exhibits; you
  • definitely won’t be short of things to keep you entertained.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood – You simply cannot go to Hollywood without visiting
  • the Universal Studios. The Studio Tour has achieved legendary status, but it is the
  • theme park aspect your children will love the most. The movie-themed rides and
  • attractions have proved to be a massive hit.

  • Aquarium on the Pacific – From the Shark Lagoon to the Lorikeet Forest; this
  • aquarium is truly one of a kind. With over 11,000 ocean animals to witness, this is an
  • experience you will never forget.

There are also a lot of great restaurants in Los Angeles. We have picked ten of the best
kid-friendly restaurant for you to enjoy:

Encounter Restaurant – Californian cuisine at its very best! 

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill – Paradise for any barbecue or seafood fans

The Slaw Dogs – Hot dog innovation at its very finest.

Michael’s Pizzeria – Pizza that tastes like it has come straight from Napoli

The Oinkster – From scrummy Belgian fries to delicious pastrami sandwiches

Home – It’s in the name; comfort food

Border Grill – Colourful d├ęcor and colourful Latin American food

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie – This old-fashioned and casual dining room pizza place is one of a kind

Les Sisters Southern Kitchen – Southern food; from jambalaya to cornmeal-crusted catfish!

Big Mama’s Rib Shack – Need I say more?

The final piece of the puzzle is to find accommodation and book your flights. When it comes
to hotels you want to make sure you are staying in somewhere enjoyable for the children.
Some of the most popular options are Hotel Casa Del Mar, Loews Santa Monica Beach
Hotel and Terranea Resort.

You may also want to consider incorporating some other destinations into your trip. After all,
if you are going to make the journey all the way to LA, you may as well see some of the rest
of America, right? From New York to Miami, a travel agent will be able to help you book a
multi-city trip, which is undoubtedly the best value for money.

New York will certainly be high up on people’s list when it comes to an all-America trip.
From the shows on Broadway to the famous attractions like The Empire State Building,
it is not hard to see why. You can see a show like Anastasia, head to the Natural History
Museum… the options are endless! Plus, a lot of people go to NYC purely for the shopping.
Of course, there are other places you can incorporate too, such as Florida and Alaska.

So there you have it: your complete guide to a family vacation in LA. As you can see, there is
so much for people to do and see while they are in Los Angeles, and so it is not hard to see
why this has become a prime location for families. However, if you really want to make the
most of your trip to America, a multi-city package holiday is definitely worth considering. This
is the best way to get value for money and to truly make the most of what America has to

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