Thursday, October 4, 2018

Baby Items You Can Do Without

Being pregnant is incredibly exciting. Whether you’ve been trying for a baby for a long time, or you’ve
got lucky straight away, it’s fabulous. Your body is changing, and its exceptionally hard work. But,
there’s nothing like it when it comes to excitement.

All pregnancies are different. All expectant mothers have differing experiences. Some have it easy.
Their symptoms are mild, they’re bumps are small, and they glow. Others have a much harder time.
They feel sick all the time. Bits of their bodies swell up. They suffer from heartburn and gas, and their
hormones are all over the place. But, if there is one thing all pregnant women have in common, it’s
their lists.

They have lists of things that they need to learn. They read every book going, talk to other mothers
and learn as much as they can about pregnancy and having a baby. Then, there’s the shopping list.
There are so many baby products on the market. Mom’s will tell you all about the products that they
couldn’t live without. Shops will try to sell you everything, and every baby shop has a list of things that
you need to buy for your new baby. Even looking at this list can hurt your bank balance and
overwhelm your senses. As a pregnant woman, the idea of such massive shopping trips might fill you
with dread.

But, fortunately, you don’t need it all. You definitely need
the complete pregnancy checklist: a month-by-month guide, but there’s a lot of stuff that you
definitely don’t need, and can cross off that giant shopping list.


Babies don’t need shoes. They can’t walk. They spend no time on their feet, and shoes can do more
harm than good. Newborn babies grow very quickly. Their bones are still soft, and they need room to
breathe. Putting tight, restrictive shoes on a baby’s feet can restrict their growth and even hurt their
feet. They might look cute, but they definitely don’t need them. If it’s cold when you take them out,
wrap their legs and feet in blankets, or put in a snowsuit with feet.

In fact, while you are giving your babies feet freedom, they don’t need socks either. They spend most
of their time lying down, so cold feet can easily be wrapped. Or, they can wear all in ones. Socks and
shoes might look cute, but they serve no real purpose.

Countless Blankets

Many families are now using baby sleeping bags at night. These can be a fantastic alternative to
blankets. They can help a baby to feel safe and secure, while still giving them room to move around in
their cots. It’s easy to change a baby in a sleeping bag, and it’s easy to add layers underneath when
it’s cold.

If you are using a sleeping bag, you only really need one blanket for in the pram on cold days. And,
whether you use a sleeping bag or not, you don’t need millions of blankets in the crib.


Newborn babies can’t play with toys. They won’t be interested in anything for the first few weeks, and
even then, their own feet will be much more exciting than any toy that you could buy them. When
they start to move around more, you might want a few toys, but until then, there’s no need and you
certainly shouldn’t waste your money on expensive toys that will never be played with. If you do want
to buy them something special, find a cuddly toy that’s suitable for newborns.

Baby Towels

Baby towels are very popular. They’ve got hoods, and they are smaller than normal towels. But,
they are just normal towels. Your baby doesn’t need a small towel. You can dry them just as well
with your own adult-sized towels.

You might want to buy new towels for them so that they are nice and soft. But, adult towels will last
them years. Whereas baby towels will be too small within a few weeks.

A Baby Bath

Baby baths can be handy. You can use them in the living room or bedroom. They are easy to
move around. But, they are just another thing that your baby will grow out of in no time at all. You
can easily bathe your baby in your own full-sized bath. Just don’t put as much water in it.
A baby seat for your bath can be useful, as it gives you two hands to wash and play with your baby
while holding them safe. But, this isn’t necessary either.

A Baby Hair Brush

Baby hair brushes are made from soft bristles so that they are gentle on your baby’s scalp. But, they
don’t do a great job of getting rid of tangles in an older child, and babies don’t often have enough hair
to need brushing. If you do want to brush your baby’s hair, use your own brush, and just take care
and be gentle.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is one of those things that parents buy because it’s there in the baby section of shops.
Then, it sits in the bathroom cabinet or in the draw with the nappies and never gets used. A few
drops in your own bath might help ease itchy stretch marks. But, your baby’s skin is soft anyway.
It certainly doesn’t need oil. In fact, many parents have no idea what they are meant to use baby
oil for once they’ve bought it.

Baby Powder

It was once popular to put baby powder on after wiping their bums. To keep your babies bottom
feeling dry and soft. But, modern diapers are great at taking moisture away from the skin. Health
visitors and professionals today advise not using baby powder as it increases friction and makes
nappy rash worse.

Crib Bumpers

Crib bumpers are cute. They make the nursery look great. But, they shouldn’t be used inside the crib.
Your baby’s feet and hands can become tangled in them, and if the bumper falls off during the night,
it can create a hazard and make it hard for your baby to breathe.

A Fancy Stroller

When it comes to buying a stroller, there are many options, and it’s definitely worth shopping
around to find one that you want. You’re going to spend a lot of time pushing it around, and it’s
important that you like it, it keeps your baby safe and comfortable, it easily fits in your car, or it’s
easy to get onto the bus, and its wheels perform well on the kind of terrain you walk on regularly.
But, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune getting a brand name with fancy add-ons.
Chances are as soon as your baby can sit up, you’ll swap it for something lightweight and easy to
fold anyway.

A Video Baby Monitor

You’ll want a baby monitor, especially if you live in a bigger house and you might not always be able
to hear your baby cry. But, they are available today with video, heat sensors, movement sensors
and more. Many parents find that this makes them worry more and panic over every movement.
You’ll be checking your baby all of the time anyway. You certainly don’t need to be able to see
them 24/7.

Expensive Clothes

Baby clothes can be super cute, and you’ll want to buy a few nice outfits. But, most of the time
they’ll be in sleepsuits and covered in sick or milk. Buy plenty of cheap clothes so that you don’t
mind them getting dirty.

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