Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Now At Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores: Pick Your Own Smart Phone Plan With Zact! #Zact #BestBuy #Cellphones #Review

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 Okay, complete honesty. I HATE having a land line phone. We live way out in the country, so it's a must have for our internet service, but if I had a choice, we would have cut out our home phone a long time ago. One thing that would really keep me from making the leap is the cost of a monthly smartphone bill. Most of the times that I have looked into it, the bill would be completely outrageous, and just something that we would not be willing to pay. However, when I recently heard about Zact, I began to give it a second thought. Maybe there is an option for us after all! 

What's Zact?? Glad you asked! Zact is an awesome no contract cellular service that runs off of the Sprint network. That means you get Sprint quality coverage at a no-contract price! How awesome is that! The thing that I really like about Zact, besides the fact that it's no contract, is the fact that you can pick your talk, text and data plans specifically to suit you, and you can manage all of those services right from your phone. 

Another GREAT aspect of Zact is, what else, the price! The price is simply amazing, with the average monthly phone bill only being around $22! That is a HUGE savings!  With Zact, you only pay for what you use, and you get MONEY BACK towards the next month's bill if you don't use all of your service. 

Plus, get this! Any Zact plan is SHAREABLE! Yes, that's right. You can share your text minutes, your data minutes and your talk minutes with your family and you won't be faced with any crazy extra line fees. I love this for when my boys get a little older! Zact has already thought about the whole family aspect too! They have options available to allow you to set allowances on the amount of talk, text and data, set curfews, set allowed or blocked contacts, and control which apps your child has access to. How great is that to give mom or dad a little peace of mind! 

So, how can you get in on this awesome deal? Well, now it's easier than ever! Zact used to be only available online on the Zact website, but now, they have teamed up with Best Buy Mobile Specialty stores so you can check out the phones in person, and talk to a rep about how to choose the best plan for you! Never heard of Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores? Well, there are 414 of them across the country, and they are mostly located in malls or shopping centers. They focus solely on mobile products and accessories, and the staff there is super knowledgeable and helpful, and can help you every step of the way! To find out more about these great Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores, visit 

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