Monday, February 20, 2012

Okay, nobody likes taxes. 

But, really, I hate them. 

It seems like every single year, taxes get harder, more complicated, and there are more issues. 

For example, this year, my refund is going to be almost a month later than I was promised. 

That is not cool, when you have already figured out exactly what to spend your money on, what bills to pay, etc. 

I really don't think it matters whether you are filing a Kentucky tax return like me, a Florida tax return, heck, any state at all. 

Every single person knows that taxes suck. 

Whether you get audited, have your refund delayed, or whatever, there is always something to worry about.

You guys may not know this, but there are actually quite a few free resources online to help you do your taxes correctly and stay out of trouble with the IRS. The IRS website actually has a good bit of information at to help people get their taxes taken care of at . The best part is there’s actually a free tax filing option if you meet their requirements. Apparently name brand tax software companies actually offer free tax preparation for certain people.

If you need any other info about taxes and how to get them taken care of I would suggest as a fairly good resource for a guide. There’s tons of info for basically any situation you might be in.

What about you guys? 

Are you having any tax issues this year? 

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