Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elizabeth Anne Shoes: A Purse For Your Feet!

If there are two things that girls love, it would be shoes and purses. So, when I recently heard about a company that combines both, I was really intrigued... Tell me more! 

Elizabeth Anne Shoes is the first ever company to design a "purse for your feet"! Their signature product is the "Purse 'N Boots! The Purse 'N Boots has hidden pockets on the inside designed to help store your stuff. The idea is that you can go out on the town, shopping, partying, wherever, and not have to lug a giant purse around with you! I absolutely love this idea! 

The pocket functions are amazing! They really have thought of everything! The left boot has a pocket designed specifically to hold an iPhone, Blackberry, etc. The right boot has a little wallet type pocket for cash, credit cards, etc. Love this idea! 

And the best part about these shoes? They are cute!! I couldn't believe that they could make something that was so functional, yet also so cute and appealing! 

Bottom line! What a cute and ingenious idea! I am really excited to hear about these boots and hopefully I will get to try them one day soon! 

Check out Elizabeth Anne Shoes here to see for yourself!

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