Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Room Rehab: Bricor Shower Heads

While I wouldn't say that my family is "green" by any stretch of the word, we are always trying to find ways to save money and energy. One way that we have been trying to do this lately is by saving water. 

We recently got to review a great low flow shower head from Bricor. Bricor is in the business of creating high quality, low flow showerheads. I was a little hesitant at first.. I mean could a low flow shower head really provide me with the level of water pressure that I was used to? I was worried about what my showers would be like after installing the new shower head. 

After I researched Bricor a little bit, I realized that I had nothing to worry about. Bricor has a
patented Vacuum Flow Venturi Physics system that not only aerates the water flow but also pressurizes it which makes for a great flow rate. I found it really interesting that Bricor makes shower heads for hotels as well. I love hotel showers!

This is the shower head that we received:

Isn't it pretty? We received the Low Flow Hand Held Shower Head. It is so nice! 

It is plastic but looks like chrome, and it is really wonderful! First of all, I love the wand that it comes with. That is so much easier to bathe the babies and the dog with! This shower head is adjustable, and you can switch it between a massaging high pressure shower or a light sprinkle, like a rain storm. It is just so nice! I love the fact that we can enjoy such a nice shower head and still save water! At $89.95, I will say that this shower head is a great investment! 

If you would like to buy this, or another great low flow shower head, just click here! 

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