Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Sad Day Here At The Ranch.

Today was a very special day at Preschool. 

There are only four days of school left, so each day is a special one this week. 

Today was Cowboy Day. 

Complete with wagon rides, farm animals, stick horse races and a picnic outside. 

This is what left my house this morning: 

And this, my dear friends, is what I have now: 

My poor, sweet cowboy had to leave school 45 minutes after he got there. He threw up. Twice. In the cafeteria, in front of everyone. Ohhh, how my heart hurts for him. 

He still doesn't feel good, but the worst part for him was being embarrassed and then having to miss Cowboy Day. He is so depressed now. 

I feel so bad for the little guy. 

Now I am trying to plan an "At Home Cowboy Day" for next week to make it up to him. The only things I know so far is that we are going to have to wear our cowboy clothes, and eat apples. (Duh, cowboys eat apples, don't you know this? It's okay, I didn't know this until last week either. But I have been schooled.) 

Any body have any tips or ideas on how I can do a great Cowboy Day to make up for this horrible day that my guy has had? Please help!

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  1. Are you anywhere near a stable where he could go ride a real horse? That would be pretty spectacular. I hope he is feeling well soon :)


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