Friday, December 17, 2010

Winners O' Plenty

Shew, thought I was never gonna get around to announcing these winners. But here they are: 

Winner of the Maui Toys Giveaway is: 

#31, Betty! 

Betty Said: 
"I miss playing 4 square. It was my fave when I was a kid.
Winner of the Nicobella Truffles Giveaway is: 
#59, Scoop!

Scoop said: 
Winner of the Spoonful Of Comfort giveaway: 
#34, PMJ!

PMJ Said: 
I would send this to my parents.
pjames330 at aol dot com 
Winner of the Pedia Lax Giveaway is: 
#3, Diane!
Diane said: 
Pedia Lax Fiber Gummies are yummy, kids actually like taking them and they get the job done!! 
Winner of the Cystex giveaway is: 
#2, nettee1120

Nettee said: 
I'm hoping this is where I put something I learned for the contest. :0) I went to the Cystex website and read it, learned that women have an increased chance of UTIs during menopause due to lack of estrogen. Tried watching videos. Wouldn't let me. Bummer! And I figured yeast infection would've been #1. LOL
LOL I just entered your Cystex contest. Then I read the rest of the instructions! Sorry. :0) Nettee1120
The winner of the Certain Dri Giveaway is; 
#3, Kimberly: 
Kimberly said: 
I learned that they have giveaways exclusively for their Facebook fans. I like the addition of the Certain Dri AM. I have used Certain Dri in the past, but quit because I would forget to put it on at night like they recommend. I would then worry during the day. :) kirbycolby at gmail dot com 
Winner of the Rohto Eyedrops giveaway is: 
#1, lilshuga2001!
LilShuga2001 said: 
I can buy this at my local safeway! Yay! lOVE TO TRY! :) 
I have emailed all of you lovely winners, so check your inbox! 
Love You Guys!

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