Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays from Flip Out Mama!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season! I am so thankful for you guys for coming here and making my blog more successful already than I ever thought it would be! I would never have gotten this far if it wasn't for you guys. I really do appreciate you all! 

I have so much in store for 2011, and so much in my head that I hope to be able to make happen! I am very excited to start the New Year and see what is around the corner for us! 

One of the new things we will be doing is trying out a "theme day" kind of thing. I am not sure how this is going to work out, so for now it is just kind of a trial and error type thing. The first feature we will be doing is "Tech Daddy Tuesday". This will be a feature written by none other than my own tech daddy, my sweet hubs. He mostly focuses on gaming and electronics and other man junk. I know this is not a topic that will appeal to all of you, but if you have sons, hubbys, brothers, whatever that you think might enjoy Tech Daddy Tuesday, please send them here! Also, if you are feeling like you love us, go here to my hubs brand new Tech Daddy Blog and follow him. He is just starting out with his blog and needs lots of love lol!

Along with Tech Daddy Tuesdays, I am trying to come up with some other features and themes that I think you guys might like. I would really like to cut my giveaways back to perhaps once a week or so. I feel like I never have time for personal posts anymore, and I miss them! I would like to hear what you guys would like to see more of: do you like the majority of posts being reviews and giveaways, or would you rather have a mix of personal posts, recipes, parenting issues, whatever.... Let me know what you think... 

Thanks again for all of your support this past year as I began my blog journey! I am so blessed to have "met" so many new wonderful bloggy friends along the way. I hope you all have a most wonderful Holiday! 

Dawn :)

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  1. Merry Christmas Dawn!!! You put on whatever you like on here. I've loved everything I've read so far. Personal, giveaways. Love it all. I didn't know how you got time to yourself with all the giveaways either. LOL

    I still don't know how to sign these. Or I should say which 'comment as' to pick LOL
    Annette (nettee1120)


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