Thursday, January 2, 2020

Creating Opportunities For An Extended Holiday

How long are your holidays? A weekend? A week? Two weeks at best?

These are common answers because the reality is that we can’t get that much time off work. Sure, we
might be able to take unpaid days off, but that’s not good for our financial situation and we may come
back to find we have considerably less work and also find it difficult to reintegrate. So if you want to take
an extended break from work, it’s vital that you start looking for opportunities to do so.

Save up your money

It goes without saying that you need to save up your funds if you want to take an extended holiday. If
you have to take unpaid days off or if you just want to have lots of cash to spend while you’re away,
make sure you start up a holiday fund and set aside some money for it. If you want to go into more detail,
consider calculating how much you want to spend on holiday and setting yourself a target goal to meet.

Plan accommodation well in advance

You can get fantastic offers on an extended stay hotel if you’re willing to book in advance. Most hotel
rooms cost a lot of money because they’re booked a couple of weeks at best in advance. However, if
you put down a payment months in advance, then you’ve committed to the room and can get some
fantastic savings, especially if it’s rented accommodation instead of a typical hotel. There are plenty of
unique opportunities to save money if you’re taking an extended holiday, so make sure you look around
for deals.

Accumulate your holidays

It’s rather standard to get around 4 weeks worth of holidays in a year. That’s close to a month with more
or less depending on your employment contract. Instead of taking shorter breaks throughout the year,
save up your money and your holiday dates and spend them all at the same time if you want to
experience an extended holiday. It might take longer for you to adjust when you come back to work, but
at least you’ll have enjoyed your time away. This is a lot better than facing short holiday durations.

Take care of other obligations

Whether it’s commitments at work or at home, it’s important that you consider what other obligations you
have before you decide to go on an extended holiday. The last thing you want is to have nowhere for
your dog to stay a few hours before your flight, or leaving your colleague with an incredible amount of
work because you’re taking a break during an important period at work. While
you’re entitled to your holiday whenever you want, you need to think about the effects it will have when
you return home. If others are concerned that you’re taking a break during crunch time on a project, it’s
probably best that you wait it out so you don’t burden your colleagues with more work.

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