Sunday, December 29, 2019

5 Ways To Prepare Your Life For Kids

It might seem like a hazy idea on the horizon that you’d like to have kids someday. But does your heart
skip a beat at the thought of the organization levels involved to prepare your life for a new addition? Try
not to panic, as here are some simple tips for you to sail into parenthood with your sanity (hopefully)

Get The Right Car
The first question is can you drive? If you haven’t experienced the joys of driving, search
'more info on driving test’ to find out about how you can get in the car and get moving. The second
question is whether you have a child-friendly vehicle. It doesn’t have to be a 7-seater kid mobile, but if
you have a flashy two-seater on a lease scheme, it might be time to consider trading it in for a four-door
if you’ve got kids on the horizon.

Rearrange Your Finances
You might think that your finances are in pretty good shape. But remember, your little bundle of joy will be
a massive gain to your life, but might mean a slight hit to your finances. If possible, try to build a cushion
of 3 or so months of expenses to ease the financial stress of a new arrival. At the very least try and
reduce your debts so you’re not adding to the build-up.

Think About Work
It’s inevitable that both you and your partner will spend some time away from work when your new arrival
first arrives. If you’re planning a little way ahead it could be worth reevaluating your career options. Is this
what you really want to do? It might be worth making a career change if you aren’t happy, so you have
enough time to settle into a new role before planning for kids. 

Consider Your Support Network
Many parents might not have the benefit of going down to one salary, and need to rely on close relatives
at least one day a week. Consider your network and who could potentially provide that support for you. If
that’s not an option and you find out you’re expecting, take the time to explore mother and baby classes so
you can spend time with new parents in a similar position to you.

Don’t Overplan
You’ve done everything you can to reduce stress, so now it’s time to live your life without overthinking the
journey to parenthood. Every new parent will find themselves in the same position, wondering what they’re
doing, or if they’re ready. Try to enjoy the journey and don’t let the decision to have kids stop you from
taking risks in your career or making new decisions.

Taking the above steps will reduce the strain on your finances and get you thinking realistically about the
future. Parenthood is meant to be a joy, but can also be a slog (of love, but still). So here’s to the future and
embarking on the fun ride that is having children with as little stress as possible.

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