Thursday, November 14, 2019

How Busy Moms Can Stay On Top Of Their Skincare Game!

How Busy Moms Can Stay on Top of Their Skincare Game 

Whether they choose to stay home or juggle work and children, mothers are always busy taking care of others
and rarely find time for themselves. Self-care is sometimes limited to basic human needs, like eating and
sleeping. Yet, every mom should have the luxury to pamper herself for all of the hard work she gets done daily.
Even if there are only five minutes to spare, a little care goes a long way. 

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Coconut oil
Coconut oil is one of those items that every mother should have in their cabinet. Besides being a healthy cooking
oil, this product can be used in a variety of ways outside of the kitchen. Its antibacterial properties make it an
excellent cleanser. Infuse coconut oil in your homemade face wash and body scrubs to get rid of acne breakouts.

Or, create a simple hair mask to get rid of a dry scalp and dandruff. Because coconut oil is made of saturated fats,
it makes for a great moisturizer, too. You can use it by itself to soften dry hands and feet. Or, you can combine it
with essential oils and massage it all over your body. Coconut oil has even been known to reduce the appearance
of stretch marks when used regularly.

Homemade facials
So now that your skin has found that healthy glow, it’s about maintenance. Again, not every mom can just dash out
the door to the spa for regular pampering. 

So, bring the spa home. Whether you can set aside a few hours on a Sunday afternoon or a few minutes at night,
make sure to schedule some time for routine facials. There are plenty of recipes online for homemade face masks
and body scrubs that you can customize to fit your skin needs.

Spa services, but at home
Now, facials are not the only spa service busy moms can indulge in. With the right device, they can also enjoy
spa-level permanent hair removal at home. Removing unwanted hair is something some mothers have to do daily,
which when you think about it, can be quite tedious. Stay on top of your skincare game by using an
at home permanent hair removal system instead. 

The best devices only use FDA-cleared technology, just like in luxurious spas. Also, it is not as time-consuming as it
sounds. In the amount of time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite Netflix show, you can give yourself a
hair removal treatment.

Double-duty make-up
One of the beauty world’s secrets is multi-purpose make-up. Water-based blushes can also be used as lip gloss.
Some companies have marketed the eye, lip and brow pencil combo. And almost all beauty brands have blended
foundation with tinted moisturizer. Your make-up routine just got cut down, but you still look amazing.

If you’re concerned about not having enough time, keep in mind that these simple indulgences can be done when
ever you can sneak in a few minutes to yourself. Being a mother is difficult enough. Don’t make it harder on
yourself by not treating your body right. Enjoy!

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