Friday, November 29, 2019

Deciding To Become A Freelancer? It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

There is a possibility that you’re sat at your office desk this moment, reading this and watching the clock
tick down until five o'clock comes around. Or perhaps you’re sat at home after work thinking about the
impending work day ahead and becoming nervous about the amount of work there is to do and how many
reports or feedback your boss wants to see. It doesn’t have to be like this, there is another way to improve
your career for the better and it all starts with you. 

Taking your job to the next level doesn’t have to be difficult - whatever job you do now could be a job that
you could take freelance. From interior designer, clothing maker, digital marketer, or even a lawyer. If you
have the credentials and you know you’re good at what you do, then there’s a chance you become
freelance. Even some doctors goes freelance today and there can be a lot of money to make, without
having to let your boss and the company you work for take all the credit for it. Working for yourself comes
with risk and there is certainly a thought that must go into any decision before you choose to adopt this new
way of life but when you look at the Roving Foleys, you can see that this is an achievable lifestyle. 

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You are going to have to start being your own boss if you’re self employed, which means starting to be
strict with yourself and setting yourself goals, boundaries and ensuring you’re hitting the right amount of
work hours - perhaps these can be less hours but you can work better. Long hours in the office can actually
stop workers from working as efficiently because they often get tired and even bored spending long hours
at a computer screen. It can make your eyes tired and heavy and the work isn't the standard it could be.
Work out your ideal hours a week and if in that time you can achieve the work you need to make a decent
living wage. Work out how much tax you’re likely to pay, how it will affect all aspects of your income including
your rent and your insurances. That way you can start making the decision about taking the next step. What
will you need to buy in order to have your business run from home. If you are a physiotherapist, do you
need any equipment? If you work in the digital world, do you have a good enough laptop that will work well
all year round? Minor things such as this can help you decide the costs of going freelance, but you may be

If you want to travel as you work, there are ways to do this, even with a family, but you must ensure that
you’re making the right decision for yourself at this time. So start making lists of what you want, start
planning where you see yourself in one year, two years and even five years and look at how you can
achieve this. Making the switch over from 9-5 to freelancer life is daunting, but it can be equally as

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