Saturday, September 14, 2019

Date Nights For New Parents (The Reality Versus Expectation)

When you’re new to parenthood, and you and your partner are thinking about how you’re going to fit
date nights into this new family life, your expectations may be a little high at first. You may see your
friends dropping the children at the babysitters and rushing off for a nice meal together. But this isn’t
always the case when it comes to date nights as a new parent. So what is different about date nights
after you’ve had children? You may be reading this as an impending parent, I’m thinking “it can’t be
that difficult?”, but depending on your child, it may not be as simple as looking for babysitters and
going out for the evening. And here is why.

Energy levels
Children tend to come with unlimited amounts of energy, is often joked that they drain it directly from
their parents, and this is funny because it’s true. Parents do everything they can to make sure that the
precious children are loved, educated, clean, tidy and well-behaved. And that takes a lot of energy on
its own. Before you add in the extra things such as work, and keeping the home tidy and clean, and
possibly the pets on top of that. So by the time you get a babysitter and a little bit of space to go out,
you may not have the energy at all. The days of all-night partying unnecessarily over, but they aren’t
quite as appealing as they used to be.

This may not be the same for everybody, most people, however, will find that having children bring
some significant financial changes. Whether that’s because one of you has had to take a cut in work
hours, or if it’s because you didn’t realise how much they cost and equipment, and clothing, and
everything else that they bring. Either way, you do have a financial responsibility to the new tiny human.
This means there may be a little less cash available for nights out. So working around this, and coming
up with some different ideas that may cost a bit less, will help you out here. If you used to eat fancy
restaurants, why not try the cinema now. If you do have a little extra for the luxuries, however, you may
find you appreciate them a lot more with your newfound limited time.

Quite often, even though Parenting is quite obviously exhausting, taking time away from them can be a
little bit tricky. Those maternal and paternal instincts kick in, and going out of the house without them can
seem like a bad idea. Depending on the age of your children, of course. But when you’re a new parent
leaving the little baby at home while you go out for a meal, might not feel like a priority. In this case, why
not come up with some ideas that will enable you to be near to the baby, and have quality time with your
partner? Once the baby is in bed, maybe you could have a movie and takeaway night instead? Many
parents admit that this is their ideal date night, and it works for everyone.

Ultimately you know what’s best for your family, and keeping a connection with your partner after having
a baby, can be done with a little imagination, so enjoy your next night out, or a night in together.

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