Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#HolidayGiftGuide: Fiskars PowerGear2 Lopper! #Review #Tools #Fiskars #ManLife

You guys, I am about to share a product with y'all that has been LIFE CHANGING for us in our home improvement journey! As some of you know, we recently paid off our little fixer upper house out in the sticks, and while we are pretty sure we are going to be upgrading houses in the future, we are for sure going to be on this little spot of land for the rest of forever. That being said, we have SO much work to do around here. Probably the biggest hurdle that we have to tackle is our overgrown fence line. There are random overgrown trees EVERYWHERE, taking over our property and just making things look super gross. We have probably 100 feet of fence line to tackle and get ahold of, so we were very nervous as to whether or not we could handle the job! 

We recently got the chance to review the Fiskars PowerGear2 Lopper, and I am in love. This one little product has made our yard work SO much easier. I am a lopping pro at this point, and I am going to tell you guys everything I love about this product! First of all, these products from Fiskars have revolutionary PowerGear technology, which helps to maximize leverage and more than 3x the cutting power with every single cut. We have several pair of old junky loppers around the house that we had been trying to use to clear out our fence line, but after I got my hands on these bad boys from Fiskars, I really can tell the difference. These loppers can cut through things that our other ones can't even touch! 

I'm telling you guys, I have cut through probably hundreds of branches with these loppers so far, and our blades are still sharp, and everything is working just as well as it did on day one! We have a ton of pine trees as well that we are cutting down, and the protective coating on these loppers have helped to repel the yucky sap and keep them from gumming up. 
I'm telling you guys, these are just a super cool product, and I know that we are going to get years and years of use out of them. I'm a girl, and not a very strong one, and I am really able to kick ass with these! I am not getting tired, I'm not wearing myself out, and I don't even have any blisters! 
Seriously, you guys, look at this branch. It's like 2 and a half inches thick, and I am cutting ones just like this all day long with no issues. I love these things, and I am so impressed with the job they have been doing. Some reviews that I have read have had some complaints about having to have the handles pulled all the way apart in order to chop big branches, but we haven't run into this problem at all. These loppers have done an amazing job with any task that we have challenged them with! 

As you can see, the loppers make a very smooth cut, every time, which is great! I am really impressed with their ability to stand up to any test that we have put them through. I am sure that there are bigger products like this on the market, but for what we are doing around the house, these are completely perfect for us, and at $48.99, the price is right! 
We still have so much work to do around the house, but these loppers from Fiskars are really making it a much easier task than we originally thought it would be. Make sure to follow Fiskars on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to stay updated with their latest products, tips and tools to help you with any job! If you want to order a pair of the Fiskars PowerGear2 Loppers for yourself, click here to do that! 

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