Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Sour Jacks Candy: Perfect Stocking Stuffer! #Review #Candy #StockingStuffer

No stockings would be completely "stuffed" without candy, right? You can't forget the candy! And in our house, sour candy is king! When it comes to sour, Sour Jacks has got it figured out! Sour Jacks is an extreme sour candy that kids love. They come in four different flavors: Watermelon, Wildberry, Lemonade and Green Apple. They are super mouth puckering little wedges, and my kids are absolutely crazy about them! They had never tried sour jacks before, and now they are "officially" (according to them!) their fave candy!

I highly recommend you check out Sour Jacks today! You can visit their website HERE to find a store near you that carries this delicious treat!

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